The Dino Thunder team has had a few
months to deal with the events that
started their summer, and now they're
preparing for the big Ranger Wedding.
However, they'll find themselves facing
old enemies, new enemies, new
challenges, old insecurities, and a few
unexpected surprises. Will they be able to
find a way to overcome it all, or will they
crumble under the pressure? And will
Tommy and Kim finally get the happy
ending that they should have had the
first time around?

Setting: Post RG:ADTR

Rated: M / MA for sexual scenes, violence

Characters: Most of the cast from RGADTR

Genre: Romance/Action/Angst
The Girls' Brides Maid, Maid Of Honor, and Kim's Wedding Dresses
Kim ||  Trini ||  Aisha ||  Katherine ||  Tanya ||  Kira ||  Hayley