Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 9: Battle Plans
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: August 5, 2005

Summary: Battle plans are made by the Rangers while on the Island Fortress plans are made in regards to two of the most powerful Rangers, which could divide the team in ways they never imagined.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers

"You know, things happen to you, and sometimes you don't realize why it happened until much later. But eventually it all makes sense." ~~ Unknown


September 21, 2004
2:00 P.M.
Mesogog’s Island Fortress

“My Lord?” Scorpina grumbled, entering the chamber.

“It’s time, Scorpina. My hold on the Black Ranger is nearly complete.”

Scorpina gasped when Zedd’s form dissipated, revealing a slender woman with golden hair. This was a side Scorpina rarely saw of her new master.

“How do you plan to break the Pink Ranger’s hold on him?”

“He’ll do that on his own. Our first order of business is to get rid of Mesogog; his usefulness has come to an end. Bring me the Thunder, Quantum, Silver Space, and Yellow Wild Force Rangers.”

“As you wish.”


5:00 P.M.
Oliver-Hart Household

“What’s their status?”

“Tanya, Zack and Kat’s energy signatures have disappeared. Jason’s less than a mile from here, and Rocky and Justin are coming in now.”

“Which means what?” Kim asked Hayley, trying to get a clear understanding of what was happening. Her head had been spinning since the others had arrived and notified her and the kids that most every Ranger or former Ranger of Earth was now.

“Which means we’d better get busy on the plan,” Rocky growled, thundering down the stairs, Justin close behind him. The two former Rangers looked banged up, having a few rips here and there in their clothes, and Rocky was sporting a gash on his forehead that was covered in dry blood. Justin was pretty dirty and dusty, but didn’t seem to be displaying any visible injuries.

“What about Adam?” Aisha asked, worried for her childhood friend, even as she moved toward Rocky to hug him and checked Justin over.

“I’m still getting a faint signal from Adam, but it’s not strong enough for me to use to pinpoint his location.”

“I’m right here.” All eyes turned to the forest entrance as it opened, revealing Adam, who was stumbling in. The former Black and Green Ranger was covered head to toe in dirt, grim and dried blood.

Rocky and Aisha lunged forward to catch him. “What happened, Adam?” Aisha questioned, rubbing her hand down his back, hoping to soothe. She could feel the anger, the pain, and the worry for Tanya radiating off of him.

“Hunter, Blake, Zhane, Taylor and Eric attacked us, and took Tanya.”

Cassie, Ashley, Merrick, Kim, Wes and Tori shared a look between them that said it all. “That was who took Zack.”

“And Kat.”

Again, the Rangers swung around, eyes taking in a battered and bruised Jason, coming down the stairs. Kim, Trini, and Billy shuddered at the look on his face, having seen the look in his eyes only a handful of times before; Jason was pissed.

“I have Tanya’s Zeonizers.”

“And I have Kat’s.”

Kim nodded, and strode over to the hidden safe. Hayley entered the code into the computer and popped the lock for her friend. Kim reached in and pulled out Tommy’s Zeonizers, turned, and handed them to Jason.

“Take them, and when this is all over with, you can give them back to him. Adam, give Tanya’s to Trini. Rocky, give yours to Justin.”

The two men did as asked, never once stopping to question Kim’s command. Since Tommy had disappeared, it seemed Kimberly had taken over the duties as overall leader. “What about mine and Kat’s?” Adam called over to Kim, even as he placed Tanya’s zeonizers in Trini’s hands.

“Adam, give yours to Tori and Jason, give Kat’s to Hayley.”

Eyes widened in shock as Jason placed the Pink Ranger zeonizers in Hayley’s outstretched and shaking hands.

“Kim?” Hayley’s voice wavered, her eyes suddenly full of unease and uncertainty.

Kimberly smiled slightly, hoping to calm Tommy’s friend down. “I trust you won’t back down from the challenge if the need to use them arises.”

“Won’t Kat need these?”

“Not until we free her. My guess is that the others have been turned, just like Tommy.”

“How do I use these?” Tori asked, each hand holding a piece of the green zeonizers.

Adam smiled and spoke up. “Hayley will be Zeo Ranger I, Pink. Trini will be Zeo Ranger II, Yellow. Justin’s got Rocky’s powers, which makes him Zeo Ranger III, Blue. You, Tori, have my powers - Zeo Ranger IV, Green. And Jason…”

“I’m Zeo Ranger V, Red.”

“Informative, but that still doesn’t explain how we morph,” Trini pointed out. Conner, Kira and Trent snickered and nudged Ethan; Trini’s comment sounded like something he would say.

Jason assumed the familiar stance, Justin by his side in a flash. “ZEO RANGER III, BLUE!” Justin called out the morph just as Rocky had taught him in June.

“ZEO RANGER V, RED!” Jason’s voice filled the room seconds later, calling out Tommy’s morphing phrase.

“Oh wow,” Trini murmured when the group took a look at the two morphed Rangers.

“Why don’t you three try it out now, just in case there are any problems we need to take care of before we get knee deep in trouble,” Kim told the girls, motioning for Billy to near the computer.

The three women stood together, both Tori and Hayley deferring to Trini as she was the senior member of their group.

“Go ahead, Hayley,” Trini told the red haired genius. They would go in order, just like Jason and Justin had.

Taking a deep breath, Hayley brought her arms up like Jason and Justin had.




The other Rangers laughed when the three women were morphed into the Zeo uniforms. “Tori! What the hell did you do to my suit?” Adam griped and whined.

The new green Zeo Ranger had a skirt, instead of pants. “I didn’t do it, Frog Boy,” Tori teased, using Adam’s spirit animal against him. “Blame your powers.”

“Hayley, you look pretty good in spandex,” David teased, nearing the pink clad woman.

The computer genius blushed under her helmet, infinitely glad her face couldn’t be seen. “Gee, thanks.” Inside, she was quaking a bit, and it wasn’t from being filled with the power – it was from the look on David’s face as he stared at her. ‘I can’t believe I’m thinking about him like that at a time like this!’ she chided herself, blushing even more.

“Man, Tri, I never thought we’d get you back in uniform.”

The Yellow Zeo Ranger inclined her head in Jason’s direction, letting the Red Ranger know she was glaring at him. “Ha ha, Jase, funny.”

“Alright you five, power down. Let’s get to work on this plan,” Kim commanded, laughing as Jason and Trini teased each other, Adam was tormented by Tori and Rocky, and David gently teased Hayley. ‘That’s something worth looking into’ Kim shook her head, turning to talk with the other Rangers.


7:45 P.M.
Mesogog’s Island Fortress

“My Lord, you summoned me?” the Black Ranger asked, striding into the room.

“Yes. I’d like you to be present as I take over your former teammate’s body and turn her into my slave.”

Beneath his helmet, Tommy’s eyebrows drew together in confusion; and then he saw her.

She was tied to a table, long blonde hair covering her face, but he knew who it was. A heart shaped face that was committed to memory, pink tinted eyelids that hid luminous blue eyes that could bore into his soul, and a body that he’d drooled over plenty of times in the past.

“Can you see yourself, ruling beside her? Can you see her bearing your heirs?” the slender woman hissed in Tommy’s ear as she stood behind him, watching him watch the woman tied to the table. “I know you’ve dreamt about her. I know you’ve wanted her, wanted to seduce and bed her for more years than you can count. I can make it happen, but I need your help, and I want you to watch.”

Though he tried to stop himself, the Black Ranger nodded.

“Good. Once the transfer is complete, she will belong to you, just like you’ve always wanted.”

A hand unconsciously rose to rub over Tommy’s heart. Inside, the Black Ranger felt something die at the thought of mating with the lovely, sleeping blonde. In the back of his mind, a screeching cry was admitted, it’s tone laced with betrayal, and a mournful cry was heard, it’s tone a mass of confusion.


Same Time
Oliver-Hart Household

“So we’re set?” Wes asked as the Rangers gathered in the Dino Thunder team’s command center. Each Ranger had paired off with the others who they would be sharing their mission with.

“Anton and Ethan are going to remain here and man the computer; Dino Thunder is going to remain in Reefside because right now, they’re the only ones of us with functional Zords,” Billy started.

“Wes, you, Cassie, Ashley and Merrick are to get in, find the others, and get out. Don’t wait for the rest of us,” Jason told his fellow Red Ranger, who nodded.

“Jason, you and the other temporary Zeo Rangers are to get to the main invisi-portal network and let Hayley work her magic on the computers. Get the portals open and then come back here, the kids and David may need your help,” Kim started.

The Zeo Rangers nodded, each of the veteran Rangers mentally going over their battle plans while Hayley went over how she was going to go about cracking Mesogog’s computers.

“Ryan, Kendrix, and Kai, I want you to stay and help the kids. Kai, Kendrix, if Ethan gets called out with the others to use the Zords, I want one of you to stay here and help Anton with the computer.”

The two Galaxy Rangers and the Lightspeed Ranger nodded in agreement, sharing a look and smile with each other.

“Rocky, Adam, Aisha and Billy, you’re with me. We’re going to find Tommy and knock the Big Bad on her ass.” There was fierce determination in the eyes of the Pink Ninja and Dino Thunder Ranger.

“We’re ready when you are, Kim,” Ethan called from where he and Anton were sitting at the bank of computers. Conner, Kira, Trent and David stood off to his right, sharing a look with Kimberly that told her she could depend on them in her absence.

“Alright.” Kim took a deep breath and signaled Wes’ team to begin.

“LET’S ROCKET!” Cassie and Ashley cried out.

“TIME FOR, TIME FORCE!”” Wes called his morphing phrase.

“WILD ACCESS!” Merrick’s voice lifted.

“It’s Morphin’ Time!” Jason called as the Zeo Rangers stood in a v formation.


“Ninjetti!” five voices cried.


Dino Thunder, Kendrix, Kai, Ryan and Anton watched in shock as the fourteen Rangers appeared.

“Sweet!” Ethan laughed, having turned from the computer.

Anton shook his head, while Conner, Trent and Kira rolled their eyes. David stood in silence, watching his brother’s friends and former teammates power up to go and save him and their other friends.

“Good luck,” Anton told them.

Kim nodded. “May the power protect us all.”

At her words, Ethan opened an invisi-portal, the fourteen Rangers disappearing through it.


Same Time
Mesogog’s Fortress

“It’s only a matter of time before the other Rangers come for their friends,” Mesogog growled and hissed at his partner in crime.

Scorpina, Goldar, Elsa and Zeltrax stood to the sides of the room as their master spoke with the other. Goldar and Scorpina were prepared for what was to come, and knew that Elsa and Zeltrax weren’t, which was another reason they were standing behind their master and no where near their counterparts.

“Yes, and you’ll have the Dino Gems, and I’ll have dead Rangers on my hands.”

Mesogog smiled. “Shall we set a trap for them?” Mesogog asked, eyeing Lord Zedd. The creature was putting off some interesting vibes as far as the dino-menace was concerned.

“We will, but we have something else of greater importance to take care of.”

“And what would that be?”

“THIS!” The creature that looked like Zedd raised its hand, palm facing Mesogog, and released a beam of black energy that tore through Mesogog’s chest before causing him to exploded in a wave of power.

“Let this be your first and last warning, Elsa and Zeltrax. You work for me now, disobey me and I’ll kill you.”

Elsa stood with her mouth wide open in shock, and Zeltrax’s stance said it all for him. “What do you wish of us, My Lord?” Elsa asked finally, falling into line.

“Ready my Rangers, their friends are on the way to save them.” Turning, the Zedd-creature changed forms. “Scorpina, ready the Pink Zeo Ranger.”

The four minions nodded and scattered.


7:59 P.M.
DT Lair

Ethan sat with Anton, monitoring the others’ vital signs and speaking with Billy, Jason and Wes via the communicators that he, Hayley, Trini and Billy had modified before they left.

Trent and David sat on the step just to Ethan’s right, talking quietly about anything that would keep their minds off the mission. Occasionally they said something to the two men sitting at the computers or laughed at something the others said.

Kai, Ryan and Kendrix sat on the stairs, talking about missions they’d gone on as Rangers that had been almost as bad as what they were facing. Kai and Kendrix spoke of the Lost Galaxy Lightspeed team up that Ryan had missed, filling in the holes in his friends’ story.

Conner sat on the workbench, watching Kira stare at the wall, where pictures had been hung. They were fairly recent ones, and Kim had hung them in June, shortly after the massive Ranger Reunion. There was one of each team, wearing their Ranger armor, helmets in their hands. And then in the center, there was one of all of them at the Ranger Games arena, smiling and goofing off.

Slowly, Conner got up from his spot and made his way to Kira, boldly wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder. “You ok?”

“I’m worried about them and about us,” Kira told him softly, sighing. Her stomach was doing flip flops at the proximity of Conner’s body to hers.

“Veterans at this, isn’t that what you told me?”

“Doesn’t mean it stops any of us from worrying.”

Conner chuckles slightly, and leans his head against the side of hers. “Kira...”

Neither could get a word in as the alarms in the lair began to go off.

“Monster attack!” Ethan hollered. Kira, Conner, Trent and David stood behind Ethan’s chair while Ryan, Kendrix and Kai stood behind Anton.

“They didn’t even wait for us to get out there,” Trent pointed out as the team watched the monster grow.

“Then let’s get to work,” Conner commanded. He, Trent, Kira and David jumped away from the computers while Ethan hopped out of his chair, Kai sitting down in his place.