Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 6: Revelations of Evil
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: May 24, 2004

Summary: While the Dino Thunder Rangers deal with the fallout of their latest battle, the group receives some startling news about their enemies. And what’s this...a chink in the armor of the possessed Black Ranger?

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers.

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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~~ William Morrow


September 17, 2004
11:35 P.M.

Jason sighed, wandering out of the house and onto the front porch. It seemed the atmosphere of his surroundings was becoming too oppressive for him to stand any longer. After he shut the door, he found David standing in the yard, staring up at the sky. “You ok, Bro?” Jason asked, approaching the newly minted Green Ranger. Jason knew all too well what David was experiencing – he and the other original Rangers had gone through it after their first battle, and he and Kim had talked Tommy through it after his first battle – there was a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, a sense of dread, but most of all there was a feeling in the pit of your stomach that nothing would ever be the same again.

“I’m worried about them, all of them,” David replied honestly, knowing it was of no use to keep his feelings hidden from Jason. Tommy had told him long ago that Jason had been the original Red Ranger as well as original field leader of the team; if there was anyone who could understand his feelings right this instant, it would be Jason.

“I know, because so am I; But pretty much all of us have been through this already; it’s practically second nature to most of us.”

David nodded. “I’m worried about Tommy, because he wasn’t in the best shape when I saw him last; I’m worried about Kimberly, losing the baby on top of losing Tommy has pretty much destroyed her.” Jason shuddered, as did David. The two men knew that it was going to take a miracle to help the Pink Ranger heal. “I’m worried about you guys getting stuck in the crossfire and what all of this is doing to those four kids, who are putting their lives on the line every time they turn around and have nothing but heartache to show for it, and I’m worried about me; I don’t know if I can be a Power Ranger, Jason. That’s always been Tommy’s thing.”

“David, let me tell you something,” Jason started carefully. “Kim told me this a long time ago, and both her and I told this to Tommy whenever he began doubting himself. You wouldn’t be in the position you’re in if you weren’t worthy of the power, and for you, that especially means the power of a Dino Gem. Tommy told the kids that they didn’t choose the gems, the gems chose them. The same can be said of Kimberly, and you. If there wasn’t something already inside of you that the power recognized, then you wouldn’t have the power of the gem.”

Jason moved to face his best friend’s older brother. “None of us are ever given more than we can handle, because every experience we have in our lives shapes us, turns us into the person we’re ultimately meant to be. Being a Power Ranger is part of your destiny, embrace it; don’t run from it. In the end, you’ll be better for facing it head on then hiding.”


Jason nodded, the two of them continuing to stand there for a while, silent.


Time Unknown
Mesogog’s Island Fortress

“My Lord?” Scorpina asked as the being before her paced back and forth.

“I think, Scorpina, it’s time for Dr. Sarah Montgomery to give her heartfelt sympathy to the Pink Ranger on her loss,” the being, who looked suspiciously like Lord Zedd, said, changing form until it looked like Dr. Oliver’s former flame, Sarah Montgomery. “And to let her know that Dr. Oliver has taken the death of their child extremely hard.”

Scorpina smirked and nodded. “What shall Goldar and I do until your return?”

“Gather as much information from Mesogog’s idiots as you can. I want them all out of my way before we face the Rangers, and destroy them.” The being disappeared in a crackle of lightning.

Unbeknownst to Scorpina, a figure hid in the darkness of the room, eyes trained on her form and jaw tightening.


September 18, 2004
8:35 A.M.
Dr. Tommy Oliver’s House

The knock on the door shortly after Anton had returned from driving the kids to school startled the men and women gathered in Tommy’s living room. Anton, closest to the door, carefully opened it, revealing a very familiar face. “Sarah, what a surprise.”

“That should be my line,” the young woman spoke, smiling. “Can I come in?”

“Certainly, but I have some bad news,” Anton told her, letting her enter the house. “Tommy’s not here.”

Sarah found herself staring at the room filled with people. On the outside, she looked surprise, on the inside, she laughed evilly. ‘This is going to be fun’ she thought darkly. “So I heard. I came to give my sympathy.”

Anton frowned, while the others narrowed their gazes to the suit wearing woman. “Sympathy for what?” Jason asked, eyeing the woman dangerously.

Sarah smiled. “For the loss of Tommy and Kimberly’s child, of course. Elsa wasn’t supposed to interfere with the fight; after all, the other Dino Rangers were merely giving Kimberly courage because the spineless twit has none.”

The evil being chuckled as Rocky pulled Anton behind him and each of the former Rangers took defensive poses. “Who the hell are you?” Aisha hissed menacingly.

“I’m surprised Rangers, that you don’t remember me.” The vision of Sarah Montgomery disappeared, revealing Lord Zedd, Emperor of Evil.

Kim was painfully making down the stairs for breakfast when she heard the startled cries of her friends and saw each of them in battle ready stances facing one of her worst nightmares come true. “WHAT THE HELL?” Kim cried out, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Awwww, the Pink Ranger’s come to play,” the being taunted. “Allow me to start the Games.”

Kim glared. “What’s going on?”

“Zedd, alias Sarah Montgomery, has come to offer sympathy to you, Kim,” Trini growled.

The Rangers watched Kimberly’s body begin to glow an unearthly pinkish-white color, her eyes started flaming and changing from their normal brown to an electric pink, her hair started rising up from her shoulders and then her body began to lift off the stairs. “What’s up with Kim?” Justin muttered in horror.

“Oh man, I thought she was cured of that?” Jason muttered. There hadn’t been any word from Tommy or Kim about her power problems since earlier that summer, when they’d faced off with Mesogog for what they’d thought was the last time.

The being that now looked like Lord Zedd, which talked like Lord Zedd, and acted like Lord Zedd but obviously could really be the Emperor of Evil in the minds of the former Rangers, stared curiously at Kimberly’s power surrounded body. ‘This is interesting’ the being thought. “Why Kimberly, I didn’t know you packed this much power, or had control over your powers.”

Kimberly said nothing, simply reaching down into herself and grasping the power that had been awakened in her years before, letting it wrap itself around, and flow through, her body, mind, and soul. “You have a choice, you give Tommy back to us and get off our planet, or you can be defeated by a power you’ll never understand and never grasp.”

“I don’t think so, Pink Ranger. You wouldn’t dare go against Zordon’s rules about abusing your powers.”

“Zordon’s not here anymore and we’re no longer playing by those rules,” Kimberly muttered darkly. For the first time since Maligore, Kimberly embraced the darker side of herself; she had been stretched to her limit in the last week, pushed passed all realms of what she was and wasn’t supposed to do, in accordance with the rules Zordon had once laid out for the Rangers many years ago. The one who was her life had been taken and turned against her; the miracle that had been created out of love with the man she loved, and nestled safely in her body, had been taken from her without her consent; her entire world had been flipped upside down and turned inside out.

Once the words had been said, the former Rangers, Hayley, and Anton felt their hope shatter and shock spread through them. Kimberly was in a state that they’d never seen before – save for in those they had always stood against.

Jason closed his eyes and concentrated on summoning the power inside of him, pushing it outward in hopes of calming his little sister. “Kim.”

No response.

“Kimberly Ann Hart Scott Oliver, this is not the way.”

Again, no response. Jason sighed heavily, striding toward the stairs. “Pink Ranger, stand down!” Jason barked the command in his best leader voice. Lord Zedd seemed to be surprised when Kimberly’s body came down from its floating position, her eyes going to Jason’s face, which held a hard expression.

“You will pay for letting me live!” Zedd laughed at them, throwing his hands into the air, pushing the pulsing power in his body at them.

The former heroes, current heroes and innocent bystanders began to scream in pain as the power sliced through the air and shot through their bodies. “DIE RANGERS!”

Gasps and shouts filled the air as the fourteen adults were flung in all directions around Tommy’s living room. Surprisingly, Kimberly was the first to recover, despite her physical condition. “STOP THIS!”

The Pink Ranger’s power expanded away from her body at her call, catching her friends even as they were flung into the walls, furniture, and down the hallway. Unconsciously, she set them down and flung her power at Zedd all at once.

Laughing, Zedd directed his own power at the Pink Ranger, forcing her to take a step back before she pushed harder with her own power. “Another time, perhaps, Pink Ranger.” With the blink of an eye, Zedd disappeared and the group fell into unconsciousness.


12:15 P.M.

Conner had the sinking feeling as he moved from his locker to the cafeteria that something had happened or was going to happen. “CONNER!” Trent shouted, using his Ranger skills to sprint across the campus.

“What’s wrong?” Conner asked, worried by the look on Trent’s face.

“I just got off the phone with my dad!” the White Ranger gasped. “The others had a problem this morning. Seems our adversary made itself known.”


“Sarah, Dr. O’s ex. She’s really Lord Zedd. She showed up at the house and trashed the others. Zack broke his arm, Adam and Kat have concussions, and the others got pretty beat up. And Kim’s power problems are back.”

Conner nodded. “Go grab Ethan, I’ll get Kira, and we’ll decide what we’re gonna do.”

Trent shook his head. “Dad said Jason ordered us to stay put. We won’t be of any use to them right now.”

Conner frowned and grimaced. He could disobey Jason’s order, but knew it wasn’t wise to go against the seasoned Ranger. If Jason had thought they’d do the elder Rangers some good, he’d have had Anton come and get the four teens. Obviously, there was nothing they could do but wait until school was out to go and make sure their friends are ok. “Let Ethan know during fifth period what’s going on. I’ll tell Kira during lunch.”

Trent nodded. He knew Conner had thought briefly about disobeying Jason’s orders, but apparently the current Red Ranger saw the first Red Ranger’s reasoning.

“See you in sixth period,” Trent told his red dressed friend before he rushed off to find Ethan.


Same Time
Mesogog’s Island Fortress

“Black Ranger?” Elsa asked as she entered the quarters that had been designated for the use of the Black Ranger. “Tommy?”

The man in the black and gold suit growled as he heard and saw the woman who’d taken the defeat of the Pink Ranger right out of his hands. “State your reason for your visit, Elsa, I have no patience or time for games.”

Elsa raised an eyebrow at that, wondering what had put him in such a cranky mood. “Lord Zedd has returned and he and Lord Mesogog request your presence in the throne room.”

“Next time, send one of the others to get me. I don’t want to look at you or be in your presence more than is absolutely necessary.” With that the Black Ranger strolled out through the door and down the hall, leaving Elsa in his wake.

“Arrogant Ranger, you will die before this war is over!” Elsa hissed and followed him. ‘At least I have some comfort knowing I rid the world of a future Power Brat.’


3:45 P.M.

Hayley smiled when the thunderous sound of footsteps on the stairs was heard as she sat at the computer with Tanya, Billy, and Trini. She knew that the kids would be worried about their mentors and fellow Rangers. “What happened?” Conner demanded to know once the kids were at the platform where the computers were set up.

“We got the crap kicked out of us,” Tanya told him, turning from where she was staring at the scanners. Her right arm was in a sling, the wrist wrapped in an ace bandage. Billy’s left eye was sporting a giant bruise and his cheeks were scratched. The right side of Trini’s face had several band-aids going across it, but they did little to hide the long scratches that could be seen. And then there was the fact that Hayley was wearing a white tank top and her shoulder was bandaged.

“What about the others?” Ethan asked.

“Jason took Zack, Adam and Kat to the hospital to get checked out. Zack’s going to be sporting a cast for a few weeks, and I think both Kat and Adam’s heads are going to be heavily bandaged,” Hayley told them. “Other than that, we were lucky. Mostly the team sustained scratches, bumps and bruises, and Kimberly’s experiencing severe exhaustion, but that’s to expected after her little display earlier, plus what happened yesterday.”

The kids nodded but couldn’t speak; each of them was lost in their own thoughts on the situation.


5:00 P.M.

Kimberly stood under the scalding hot spray of the shower, trying to burn away the darkness surrounding her. She shook her head, the shower water mixing with her salty tears, thinking how far she’d gone in betraying Zordon’s memory with what she’d done earlier in the day. ‘He’d be so disappointed in me’ she thought, painfully aware of the others’ thoughts about her actions. Her friends were scared for her, but what hurt her the most was that they were actually scared of her. Truthfully, she was scared of herself as well.

“Kim?” Kira’s soft call startled the Pink Ranger.

“What?” Kim asked as the bathroom door opened.

“Are you ok?” Kira asked, her worry evident in her tone. Kim smiled sadly and shut the water off. Reaching to the towel rack, she grabbed her robe, pulling it into the shower with her and slipping it on before she climbed out. Kira stood in the doorway, hazel eyes filled with questions and worry.

“Kira, honey, I’m fine. A little tired and achy but otherwise, I’m good. Are you four ok?”

Kira smirked slight and nodded. “We weren’t the ones who got knocked around like a bunch of rag dolls.”

Kimberly nodded. “Are Jason and the others back yet?”

The Yellow Ranger could do nothing but nod. “Yeah, they are. Adam seems better than Kat or Zack.”

The Pink Ranger frowned as she moved to her and Tommy’s room, Kira following. “Kira, I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you telling anyone else.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“It wasn’t Zedd we faced,” Kim told her seriously. “Zedd was turned human when Zordon died. The powers that that thing was displaying...let’s just say Zedd and I wouldn’t have gone head to head. He’s always had a thing for me...he’d have killed Tommy and taken me instead of kidnapping Tommy and fighting me.”

Kira blinked her eyes a few times, digesting the information. “So who do you think it was?”

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out. Go get David, Conner, Ethan and Trent, and come back here.”

The Yellow Ranger sprang up from the bed and dashed down the stairs, leaving Kimberly to herself. The Pink Ranger stood and quickly donned a pair of gray and light pink sweats and a light pink tank top. After she had dressed, Kim braided her hair and moved to sit on the floor in the middle of her and Tommy’s bedroom.

Though the knocking on the door was soft, Kim heard it just the same. “Come in.”

The door opened and her five teammates came in. “You wanted to see us?” Conner asked, unsure of what to make of the situation.

“Yeah. David, lock the door and all of you come and sit around me in a circle.”

The four teens did as told, for once not asking any questions. “Kimberly?” David softly asked as he and the kids settled into a circle around their pink teammate.

“Concentrate on your Dino Powers. I need you to help power me for what I’m about to do,” Kim told them.

“I don’t know what you mean!” Conner whined. He and Kim were facing one another. Kira was on his right and Ethan was on his left. Trent sat on Ethan’s other side and David sat directly behind Kim, between Kira and Trent.

“Conner, concentrate on someone important to you,” Kim murmured her command.

The Red Ranger did as told, focusing his thoughts on the woman between him and David – Kira.

Kim closed her eyes and gasped suddenly; she felt the punch of power from Ethan, Trent and David, but Conner and Kira’s powers hit her the hardest. Focusing her own powers, Kim reached out to the other half of her soul – Tommy.


The Black Ranger stood in Mesogog’s communications room, monitoring the city, when he felt the tug on his soul. Closing his eyes, he pushed on the tug, hoping to get it to go away. It didn’t.


The Black Ranger spun around and saw a petite brunette in a pair of gray and pink sweats, a pink tank top, braided hair and bare feet standing before him.

“Who are you? Are you the one who keeps calling me?” he demanded.

The woman smiled sadly. “I’m not the only one calling you. Can’t you feel all of them? Some are probably stronger than others, but can’t you feel the pterodactyl, the triceratops, the tyrannosaurs, the drego, the bear, the frog, the ape, the wolf, let alone the others?”

He shook his head. “I feel them.”

“What about your brother?”

“What’s your point?”

Kimberly sighed, stepping closer to him. “My point is, don’t you think if you can feel them, hear them, then you should know you don’t belong here. They’re your strength, Tommy, them and those that came before them.”

He pulled away from her, moving to the monitor. “There’s another I feel.”


“The Seizmosaurs, faintly backed by a Pink Crane. When I see the Seizmosaurs, it’s always with my Brachiosaurs.”

“There’s a reason for that.”

“Why would my dinosaur be with the Pink Ranger’s?”

Kim bit her tongue, knowing that she didn’t need to have him riled up. “What about the Crane?” she asked, changing the subject.

“Always flying along side a White Falcon.”

“Do you know why?”

The Black Ranger shook his head. “No.”

“Because the Crane is the Falcon’s other half, his heart and soul, just as he’s hers; they’re soulmates. They’ve been through much together, so no matter what happens to them, they’ll always soar with each other. That’s a fact Mesogog and whoever else is in on this with him can’t change. The Falcon is another representation of you, of your heart and soul.”

“You are the Crane, aren’t you?”

“What does your heart tell you?” Kim asked him, watching the tension in his shoulders ease for a moment.

“It should be telling him that you’re the enemy!” Elsa hissed, lunging forward. There was one thing Mesogog’s top lackey didn’t know – Kimberly wasn’t there in body, merely in spirit. There was nothing Elsa could do to her physically. Tommy, on the other hand, could use his Ninja powers to hurt her if he was so inclined. Fortunately for Kimberly, he was merely standing there staring at Elsa, who was panting, before he turned his gaze to where Kimberly was standing, staring at him sadly. “She’s the Pink Ranger! Attack her!”

Tommy was momentarily paralyzed as Elsa’s words washed over him. “Tommy, come home to me. You promised me forever, don’t tell me you don’t remember that, or that you aren’t going to keep your promise. We’ve been through too much to not get our happy ending.”

Kimberly nearly cried out when her projected self started disappearing. She couldn’t keep drawing power from the others to do this, not without hurting them or herself, or even Tommy, who she’d anchored herself to.



5:30 P.M.

Jason and Zack shouldered the door open when the screams alerted them to something going on up in Kim’s room. What the elder Rangers found scared them. Kira, Ethan and Trent were unconscious and glowing their signature colors, while David was nearly there and glowing green. What scared them even more was that Conner was holding Kimberly by the forearms, both glowing with power, and Kim was unconscious.

“CONNER!” Jason called, catching the young Red Ranger when he finally had to let go of Kimberly, his body tumbling backwards.

Zack and Billy dove for David, who’d caught the falling Kimberly, the duo catching the new Green Ranger before the weight of Kimberly pushed him to the floor.

“What the hell did they do?” Rocky demanded, eyes going to Hayley’s as she shook her head.

“I don’t know. Anton and I will go get the scanners.” The two scientists rushed out of the room and down to the lair, returning a few minutes later with the portable scanners.

The conscious Rangers gasped when a ghostly image appeared before them. It was Kimberly, and yet it wasn’t. “It’s ok, guys,” she whispered, sitting down in front of her body and laying back, the apparition disappearing and Kim’s eyes opening.

“What did you do?”

“I went to Tommy.”