Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 5: Return of Green
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: May 22, 2004

Summary: With Tommy joining the dark side, and the appearance of a new Dino Gem, the Rangers find themselves welcoming a new friend, one who’s got as big a stake in the fight then any of them, but when have things ever been simple for our heroes? Added to that, the old team has to adjust to a Ranger of a VERY familiar color, and a tragedy that goes beyond their comprehension.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers.

"It's been so long and I'm lost without you, what am I gonna do? I’ve been needin' you, wantin' you, wonderin' if you're the same and who's been with you. Is your heart still mine? I wanna cry sometimes ... I miss you." Aaliyah


September 17, 2004
5:30 P.M.

“We can worry about the family tradition later; right now, we’ve got a planet to protect!” Conner barked out as he, Kira, Ethan and Trent jumped up and rushed to Kim’s side. Kimberly nodded and turned to Hayley.

“Hook him up as fast as you can, then send him to join us when he’s ready. For now, let’s go make sure our Black Ranger doesn’t decimate the city. You guys ready?” Kim asked the teens, who nodded and pulled the wrists up.





5:45 P.M.

“You really think this will work?” Zeltrax asked Scorpina as they hid not far from where the Black Ranger was firing off attacks from his Brachio staff. Elsa and Goldar were just opposite of them on the other side of Tommy, waiting to ambush the Rangers when they arrived.

“Kimberly and Tommy have always done everything in their power to save one another, now is no different,” Scorpina hissed.

While the pair was conversing, the Rangers were atop a building overlooking where Tommy was. “I see some unwelcome friends playing hide and go seek,” Conner muttered. The others nodded, seeing the four top generals. “Kim?”

Kimberly shook her head. “You guys take them out; I’ll see if I can get through to Tommy. As it is, we need to hang on until Hayley can get David’s powers up and running. As far as fighting goes, other than Jason, Adam and Rocky, David’s the only person I know who can come close to besting Tommy. Come on, let’s go.” The five henchmen were startled when the Rangers appeared suddenly, seeming to know that there had been a trap set for them. “Unsportsmanlike conduct, Tommy,” Kimberly growled softly, her anger at him rising slightly before she pushed it away. She knew this wasn’t the man she loved; it may be his body but it certainly wasn’t his heart and soul.

“Well, Pink Ranger, how about we go another round then?”

Kim swallowed. “Sure, let’s go. I owe you one anyways. By the way, the baby’s just fine, in case you care. The doctor said my hip caught the brunt of your attack.”

The four teenage Rangers gasped in shock at the unexpected verbal strike Kimberly made toward the Black Ranger, but that wasn’t all that had them in shock. Tommy’s body suddenly went rigid at the comment Kim tossed at him. “I’ll bet a hundred bucks Dr. O. isn’t completely under their spell,” Ethan muttered.

“Then let’s not jinx Kim having the upper hand,” Trent stated, receiving nods from the others. “Conner?”

The Red Ranger nodded. “Kira, Elsa is yours. Ethan, take Goldar, and Trent will take Scorpina. Zeltrax is mine.”

Ethan and Trent had already moved to take on their opponents, while Kira hung back by Conner. “Be careful, please,” she murmured before she turned to face Elsa. Conner was tripped up slightly by her words – she’d never told him, specifically, to be careful before. ‘Hurry up Hayley!’ Conner thought as he and Zeltrax started going head to head.


6:00 P.M.

“Hayley, Billy! Hurry! They’re there!” Trini called from the computer. The two geniuses were making a few minor adjustments to the spare morpher Hayley and Tommy had left sitting around.

“Alright David, let’s try it,” Hayley announced as she took her spot at the computers and the others backed away from the new Dino Thunder Ranger.

“I have no clue what to do,” David admitted, embarrassed slightly. This was the first time he’d ever been thrust into the superhero arena; that was usually Tommy’s area of expertise.

“Just say ‘Green Ranger Dino Power’,” Hayley assured him as she turned back to the console.

‘Here goes’ David thought, taking a deep breath. “GREEN RANGER DINO POWER!”

The others smiled as David disappeared, then reappeared as the Green Dino Thunder Ranger; his suit was nearly identical to Tommy’s, except for the helmet which held no dinosaur affiliation.

“Because we don’t know if there are more dinozord eggs out there, you don’t have a specific zord right now. I’ve programmed your powers to be in sync with each of the auxiliary zords,” Hayley told him as she turned around. “That means you’ve got command of the Ankylo, Dimetro, and Parasaur Zords. They’re able to join with the kids’ MegaZord, or Kimberly’s Seizmo MegaZord. Take Tommy’s ATV and get going!”

The new Green Ranger turned and ran to the black ATV and then raced out the forest entrance toward the battle ensuing at the harbor.


6:15 P.M.

Kira was angry, tired, and just plain pissed off. The THING before her, it seemed, had more lives and fought twice as hard as a cat. Kira flinched as the bad pun crossed her mind. ‘Better not let Katherine hear you say that’ Kira thought to herself, dodging Elsa’s sword and a swift right cross.

“Would you just die already!” Kira screamed, unintentionally letting loose her Ptera Scream. The Yellow Ranger stumbled back in shock as Elsa flew through the air, slamming into the building several yards away.

Momentarily stunned, it took Elsa a matter of seconds to get back up and start attacking the Yellow Ranger. “You will die, brat!”


Ethan was huffing and puffing as he faced off with the gold-winged goon named Goldar. The Blue Ranger was suddenly finding his armored skin an ability he was immensely glad to have. Every time Goldar managed to get a hit in, his sword merely bounced off of Ethan’s body, doing little to no damage to the Tricera Ranger.

“You are nothing without Tommy!” Goldar spewed, along with a slew of insults and just some plain blabbering, hoping to throw Ethan off balance.

“Whatever,” Ethan muttered, ducking Goldar’s fist and ramming into the golden monkey as hard as he could.


Trent was actually having fun during the battle. Scorpina seemed to be thrown off guard every time he whizzed past her and then fired his Drego Arrows at her. “Stand still, damn you!” Scorpina hissed.

“Not on your life, lady!” Trent shot back, zipping past her again. Only this time, Scorpina was a second faster, and caught the White Ranger by the arm as he moved next to her. Trent yelped in pain as the Scorpion woman jerked his arm hard enough to pull it from his socket.

“Guess who’s in charge now!”


As Conner skidded to a halt, he suddenly realized why he was thankful Zeltrax had, more often than not, been too engrossed in destroying Dr. Oliver to mess with the younger Rangers – the cyborg was a big pain in the ass. ‘Conner, think. You’re smarter than he is’ he told himself, slowing his breathing while he and Zeltrax turned in circles around one another. The Red Ranger suddenly became aware of his heightened senses as far as his teammates were concerned; he could hear the blows of Goldar’s sword bouncing off of Ethan’s body, he heard Trent’s arm snap and crack as Scorpina wrenched the White Ranger round in circles, he could sense Kira’s disbelief at having flung Elsa away from her on accident, and most importantly, he could sense Kimberly’s desperation and determination in her fight against Tommy, which seemed to be the worst of the five battles. Just when he was ready to dismiss what was happening, Conner felt David rush onto the scene, causing all hell to break loose.

“Who is that?” Zeltrax demanded as all eyes turned to the Green Ranger.

“A new friend.”


6:30 P.M.

David watched in slow motion as his soon to be sister-in-law and his brother’s students were locked in fierce battles with their opponents. ‘Zordon, give me strength to get through this’ the new Green Ranger thought, focusing on the wise sage who he’d briefly met years ago, the man who was the mentor and true leader of the Power Rangers.

“You know, Tommy, it’s not nice to hit girls,” David commented as he came to Kimberly’s aide, the Pink Ranger slumped on the ground from the Black Ranger’s latest attack.

“What is this, Pink Ranger? A new friend?”

Kim didn’t even find the comment worth acknowledging, knowing it’d just get him started taunting her again. She nodded to David as the Green Ranger stood before his brother. “Be careful.”

The Pink Ranger hated more than anything, having to step back from her fight against Tommy, but she was drained beyond belief and she had an innocent life nestled in her womb that she had to think about. It was the first, and last, time she’d be selfish during a fight.

While the Green and Black Rangers circled one another, the other fights that had been going on stopped, the combatants grouping behind their respective fighters. The Yellow and Red Rangers helped support the Pink Ranger while the Blue Ranger quietly checked the arm of the White Ranger.

Elsa and Scorpina were slumped in the arms of Goldar and Zeltrax, breathing heavily as they watched their Black Ranger fight the new arrival. “Who is he?” Elsa hissed.

“He fights unlike any former Ranger I have ever faced, and obviously neither of you has seen him either,” Scorpina growled.

“FINISH HIM BLACK RANGER!” Goldar roared at Tommy, the Black Ranger never acknowledging the Titan’s command.

“This ends here, Green Ranger!” the Black Ranger hissed. “BRACHIO STAFF! LIGHTNING STRIKE! FULL POWER!”

“DAVID!” Kimberly screamed in horror.

The Black Ranger’s Lightning attack never impacted its intended target, because the Green Ranger had suddenly thrown up an energy shield around himself and his team. The shield glowed green and hissed as the black lightning struck it.

“Guys, a little help here,” David muttered as he collapsed to the ground, though the shield stayed intact. The team of five rushed forward, Ethan and Trent checking the Green Ranger.

“He’s fine, awake, but tired,” Ethan whispered. Kimberly nodded and sighed, grateful that David hadn’t been hurt. “What’s the plan Kim?”


Conner, Kira, Ethan and Trent watched as Kimberly’s indecision made its presence known in her stance. She was at a loss for words as to what to do.

“I’ll make you a deal, Pink Ranger,” Tommy taunted from where he stood with the goon squad. Kimberly turned her eyes from David to Tommy. “You and me, one on one in a fight, no help from the others.”

“Kim, don’t!” Kira hissed, seeing Kimberly square her shoulders.

“If you win?” Kimberly asked.

“Then you all hand over your Dino Gems.”

“And if I win?”

“If Kim wins, then you have to come with us, Dr. Oliver,” Trent rasped as his arm got jarred around helping David to his feet.


“Lord Zedd is going to be most displeased,” Scorpina hissed.

“As is Lord Mesogog. You may want to rethink this, Black Ranger,” Elsa commented.

“Shut up, both of you. The Pink Ranger cannot beat me, she has too much of an emotional involvement to be of any use during this fight.”

Kimberly heard his words, closing her eyes briefly. Reaching down inside of herself, she grasped the power she’d all but forgotten about. Taking a deep breath, the Pink Dino Thunder Ranger stepped outside the shield and faced her black counterpart. Her plan was simple – let him think he had the upper hand and unleash on him a part of herself she hadn’t used since the big battle at the beginning of the summer – she was going to throw everything the Spirit of the Crane could give her into drawing out the Falcon that resided within the heart of Tommy Oliver, and prayed that it would be enough to snap him out of whatever was wrong with him.


“As I’ll ever be.”


Four kids and a tired and shocked David watched Kimberly and Tommy go at it, each attacking with a ferocity and strength they had never displayed before. “She’s losing,” Trent gasped, clenching his eyes shut behind his visor.

“Positive thoughts, Trent; all of you, think positive thoughts and direct them through your Dino Gems to Kimberly. It’ll strengthen her resolve if she feels if she isn’t alone in this fight.” David was unsure of where the words came from, but he joined the four teenagers in a line, back away from the fight, and concentrated on his Dino Gem and then on Kimberly.

Across the battlefield, Elsa glared. “What are they doing?”

“It appears that they’re forcing their powers into Kimberly,” Zeltrax commented.

“Then we shall help our Black Ranger,” Elsa growled, pacing forward.

Kimberly knelt on the ground, her body aching almost as much as her heart. It was a stalemate between her and Tommy; neither could seem to get the better of the other. Then she felt them. Positive thoughts, reassurances, love, from not only the five Rangers behind her, but in her mind the call of four distinctive animals echoed – a wolf, an ape, a frog, and a bear.

“YOU CHEAT!” Elsa roared, her arm snapping up, as she fired a blast of energy at the Pink Ranger.

“KIMBERLY!” the Rangers cried out in disbelief, belatedly realizing that in their effort to mentally and emotionally strengthen their mentor, they’d brought Elsa’s evil wrath down on her.

“NO!” Tommy hollered as the energy struck Kimberly, causing her to scream in pain. In his mind and his heart, the Black Ranger heard a screeching cry that tore at his insides, and then felt another, more familiar cry echo and answer the first. Confused, disorientated, and in pain, the Black Ranger collapsed, his body falling forward even as the Pink Ranger’s body was consumed by Elsa’s powers.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Kira’s words went unheard by the others, as all five of them watched both Tommy and Kimberly collapse.

“What happened to Dr. O?” Ethan muttered.

“The Crane and the Falcon,” David voiced softly, having heard the cries of the Spirit Animals, just as everyone else present had, when the pair of veteran Rangers had fallen. “Kimberly and Tommy are connected on deeper levels then you may be aware of. When Elsa attacked Kimberly, I’m willing to bet that cry we heard first was the Crane, Kim’s Ninjetti Spirit Animal, calling out in pain, and the second was Tommy’s Falcon, answering its mate and knowing there was nothing he could do to save her.”

“Get the Black Ranger and let’s go!” Scorpina commanded of Goldar, who strode forward and picked up Tommy’s unconscious form. “Until next time, Rangers.”

The team of five rushed forward, David hoisting Kimberly into his arms before they raced toward their bikes, heading back to base.


8:55 P.M.

Hayley closed the door softly, wiping the tears from her eyes as she could hear the quiet sobbing still coming from the woman she’d just left lying in misery. Walking down the stairs felt like walking to her doom as she faced a group of tense and anxious Rangers and ex-Rangers, all of whom reminded her of a firing squad.

“Hayley?” Trini gasped, seeing the tears trickling down Hayley’s face.

“I’m sorry, you guys, there’s nothing I could do,” she sobbed softly, holding her hands up in confusion. “There was so much bleeding, and it was all from her stomach, and I used the scanners…”

Hayley’s words were cut off as Kira threw her arms around her, hauling the computer genius into a hug that caused Hayley to start sobbing full force. In the amount of time Kimberly had been with Dino Thunder, she and Hayley had become great friends. Kimberly was the first real girl friend that Hayley had had since grade school, and to have just faced what she did with her new friend, had hurt Hayley more than she could say.

Aisha, Katherine, Tanya, and Trini soon joined the hug, the six women standing in the middle of Tommy’s living room, crying and taking comfort in one another, while the boys stood or sat around them, each absorbing the ramifications of Hayley’s words and the effect they knew the past day’s events would take on Kimberly, the team, and Tommy, when they eventually got Tommy back.