Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 4: Black Betrayal
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: April 10, 2004

Summary: The unthinkable has happened, and the team must deal with the blackest of betrayals. Will they be able to overcome the heartache?

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers.

"So dear I love him that with him, all deaths I could endure. Without him, live no life." ~~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


September 16, 2004
11:15 A.M.

"What the hell?" Hayley screeched as the alarm started blaring in the basement. Everyone but Kira, Trent, Rocky, Aisha, Adam, Conner and Kimberly were present and soon huddled around the console where the red-haired genius sat.

"What is it, Hayley?" Anton asked as he sat down in Tommy's chair. He'd learned the computer system alongside Kimberly over the summer, which made him pretty adept at helping the team with Tommy still missing.

"Attack at the Harbor. Seems Elsa and Scorpina are trying to draw the team out," Hayley informed the team. The rest of the team came down just then, all with wary expressions on their faces.

"Let's get going," Conner murmured. "Jason, Andros, could you please have your teams on standby, just in case we need them?"

The two former Red Rangers nodded as Dino Thunder prepared to morph. "Ready?"


"Dino Thunder, Power Up!"

"White Ranger, Dino Power!"

"Pink Ranger, Dino Power!"

As the teens moved toward their vehicles, Hayley called out to Kimberly. "Kim! Your ATV is ready!"

The Pink Ranger saluted and hopped onto the newly minted pink ATV, before following the others out of the lair.


11:25 A.M.

The harbor area was deathly silent as the five Rangers arrived. "I don't like this," Kira muttered. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing straight up and she could feel a weird sort of vibe coming from her Dino Gem.

"Something's up," Trent replied, nodding to Kimberly's unnaturally still form. "Kim?"

"Welcome, Rangers." The voice was familiar, the stance was familiar; hell the suit was familiar! Kira, Trent and Ethan felt their jaws drop inside their helmets as Conner took a step back in momentary surprise. A tiny gasp was heard from Kimberly, but was soon forgotten as the black suited Ranger advanced on them. "Are you prepared for your destruction?"

"NO WAY!" Ethan gasped, feeling his Dino Gem give off a wave of power. Kira collapsed to her knees where she stood next to Trent, who had also experienced the momentary punch of power.

"Dr. O?" Conner asked, cocking his head to the side in an attempt to make sense of the situation. Like the others, he felt his Dino Gem flare before the brief feeling passed. 'Wouldn't Kim have known if he...?' the Red Ranger asked himself.

"Tommy." Kim's soft whisper brought reality crashing in on the Rangers. Memories bombarded her; memories that felt like they'd taken place a lifetime before. She'd been there, done this, already... and had prayed with all her might that the man she loved would never have to be put through this again, let alone her and her teammates have to go through it once more. She knew it had been a blow for Tommy to have to go through it from the flipside of the coin, when she and Trent had been against them, but for him to go through it himself again was a blow to his already fragile state of mind, let alone hers.

The laughter of two female voices soon filled the area as two familiar figures came out of no where, standing on either side of the Black Ranger. "Like our improvement of the Black Ranger?" Elsa asked in a sickingly-sweet voice. She and Scorpina sidled up to Tommy, each of them wrapping an arm around him and leaning on his shoulder as he stood with his arms crossed over his chest.

Conner shook his head to clear it. They had to do something; otherwise they’d get their butts kicked. He looked over at Trent helping Kira to her feet, the pair joining Ethan before he turned to stare at their other mentor. Kimberly had sunk to her knees, her shoulders slumped and her head bowed. ‘Kim is obviously not gonna be able to help us in this fight’ Conner thought as he blew out a breath, mentally and physically preparing.

“How about you let him go so we can undo whatever it was you did, and then we’ll see about kicking your butts,” Conner remarked, primed for this fight. Soon, three bodies had joined him, Ethan and Kira flanking him with Trent to Kira’s other side. “Keep them away from Kimberly until she gets herself together. Got it?”

The other three Rangers nodded then the four struck their battle poses. “You’re going down, Rangers, make no mistake about it!” Scorpina taunted.

“You two take the teenagers, the pink one is mine,” Tommy commanded of the two women with him, who nodded and engaged the teens.

“Kim! Get Up!” Kira hollered as she and Conner started fighting Elsa and Trent and Ethan took on Scorpina. The four teenage Rangers could see Tommy advancing on the downed Pink Ranger.

Something inside of Kimberly seemed to snap, causing her to gasp and throw her head up. She could see Tommy running at her, his Brachio Staff drawn. ‘Oh God, Tommy, what have they done to you?’ she thought as she willed herself to her feet.

“So you have some fight left in you? Allow me to squash it!”

“SEIZMO BOW!” Kimberly called, firing arrow after arrow at her love. She managed to distract him long enough for her to back off a few feet and regain her composure.

“You think that pathetic attempt is going to stop me from killing you? Allow me to prove otherwise!” Tommy laughed at her. “BRACHIO STAFF! WIND STRIKE! FULL POWER!”

Kimberly screeched as she jumped out of the way and skidded across the pavement, momentarily sending up a thank you to the higher power that allowed her suit to protect her body and the innocent child within. “Alright Handsome, if that’s what you want. SEIZMO BOW! ENERGY BLAST! FULL POWER!”

The four teens turned in time to see a blast of pink energy fired from Kimberly’s bow. “I didn’t know she could do that!” Ethan muttered in surprise.

“Neither did I!” Trent responded. “Oh no!”

“KIM!” Kira screamed as Tommy turned and fired at Kimberly again. Fortunately, the Pink Ranger jumped out of the way, the energy orb skidding across the pavement and out over the water. Kimberly landed then sprang into a sprint, rushing headlong toward the Black Ranger.

“What the hell!” the Black Ranger gasped as Kimberly landed a spinning heel kick to his helmet, which sent him flying. As he fell back, his Brachio Staff flew out of his hands and right into Kimberly’s waiting grasp.

‘I am so sorry, Handsome’ Kimberly thought before she took his staff and started an attack. ‘Please work.’ “BRACHIO STAFF! ENERGY ORB! ENGAGE!”

The Black Ranger tried to back peddle out of the path of the attack, but wasn’t fast enough. The orb hit him, causing him to scream in pain. Kimberly winced and dropped to her knees, using his staff had drained her of her powers... their weapons weren’t made to be used by each other.

“Ah!” the teens cried out as Scorpina and Elsa sent them flying.

“Black Ranger, destroy her!” Elsa commanded as the Black Ranger stood up, slumping slightly and staggering over to Kimberly’s fallen form. He wrenched his staff out of her loosened grip then kicked her in the side, causing her to collapse to the pavement on her other side.

“Today, you die Pink Ranger!”

“Tommy, please! Remember! This isn’t you!” Kim cried out, her voice breathy and labored. His kick had hurt, and her fear that any harm had come to their child was blocking out rational thought.

“Afraid not, Beautiful!” he hissed back, laughing. Quickly, he sprang back several feet and then let loose. “BRACHIO STAFF! LIGHTNING STRIKE! FULL POWER!”



2:00 P.M.

“Are you here for Kimberly Hart?” a doctor asked as he stepped into the waiting room at Reefside General Hospital. Gathered were the six Space Rangers, the four Dino Thunder Rangers, Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Katherine, Hayley, Anton and the newly arrived Justin.

“How is she?” Jason asked, bolting from his seat next to Katherine. The gathered teams soon huddled together to hear the doctor.

“She’s in stable condition, for now,” the young doctor spoke, peering into the faces of those closest to Kimberly.

“And the baby?” Trini asked, fear in her voice. If Kim lost the baby on top of losing Tommy, they knew the Pink Ranger may never recover.

“Stable, for now. There was some internal bleeding, which we managed to get under control. Remarkably, her hip caught most of the force from the hit; it’s pretty bruised, so she may have trouble walking for a few days. I’d like to see about keeping her over night, for observation.”

“Thank you doctor,” Katherine murmured as he left Kimberly’s family to regroup.

“I’m gonna kill him with my bare hands when I get a hold of him,” Jason muttered angrily, the team instantly knowing who he was speaking of. “Spell or not, he’s dead meat.”

The four teenagers shrank back, not use to hearing such words out of Jason’s mouth. However, the adults understood, and some were use to his anger by now. “Let’s head back to Tommy’s and regroup,” Billy suggested. “Trini, Aisha, why don’t you stay here and let Kim know what’s going on? Zack and I can come get you later, after she’s resting.”

The two former Yellow Rangers nodded and waved as the others left the hospital.


3:30 P.M.

“Hayley, what’s that beeping noise?” Kira asked as the teens, Billy, Hayley and Anton walked down the stairs into the lair.

“The alarms,” Hayley muttered, rushing to the console, typing in a series of commands. “It can’t be!”

“What?” Anton asked, sitting next to her.

“It’s another Dino Gem.”


"Why are you in here with the lights out?" Elsa asked as she entered the Black Ranger's quarters.

"Because I like it pitch black, that's why," came the sarcastic reply.

Elsa rolled her eyes at him. “Mesogog and Lord Zedd wish to see you, immediately.”

The figure in black and gold nodded before striding out of the room. Elsa shook her head. ‘This is a bad idea’ she thought as she too made for the throne room.


4:00 P.M.

“You’re kidding right?” Kimberly asked once she was awake. Hayley had patched a signal through to Kim’s bracelet-morpher so that she, Trini and Aisha could stay informed.

“I wish I was. I’ve sent Conner, Kira, Ethan and Trent after it. It’s not far from the harbor, where you guys had your last battle. All the energy that you and Tommy were throwing around could have very well have awakened it.”

“Did Tommy ever give any indication that there were more gems out there then the ones that have been found?” Trini asked.

“Actually, the black, white and pink gems were complete surprises to us. Tommy had the red, yellow and blue ones since grad school. I don’t think he or I ever thought of the possibility of other gems.”

Kim shook her head. “Hayley, since I’m awake, the doctor is talking about letting me out of here this evening. I want you to keep me informed.”

“You go it. Talk to you later.”

Trini stood next to Kim’s bed and Aisha sat curled in one of the hospital chairs, all three women contemplating the situation. “You’re going to have to pick a candidate for the gem,” Aisha spoke. “We can’t leave a power source like that lying around without an owner.”

“Yeah, but who?” Trini asked.

“Adam, Jason, Billy, Zack, Rocky, Katherine, Tanya, or one of you two. I won’t put Justin through this again. And if the gem won’t bond with one of you guys, we’ll think of something,” Kimberly said softly, her hands rubbing over her still sore stomach. 'Tommy should be deciding who the Gem goes to, not me!' she thought angrily, tears blurring her vision. Trini and Aisha quickly climbed onto the bed with her, the trio cuddling together, hoping to ward off the pain of not having their fearless leader with them and the uncertainty of the situation.


6:30 P.M.

Jason was heading toward the bathroom when Tommy and Kim’s phone rang. Quickly, he headed for the charger and picked up the cordless. “Oliver residence, Jason speaking.”

“Since when did you change your last name, Bro?”

Jason laughed at the familiar voice. “Hey David. What’s up?”

“What are you doing answer Tommy’s phone?”

“Um, well, that’s a long story.” Jason winced. He knew David would quickly figure out what he meant by that.

On the other end, David felt his stomach drop. ‘Something’s happened’ he thought, swallowing hard. “Where is he, Jase?”

“Mesogog’s Island Fortress,” Jason spoke slowly. “He’s been turned against us.”

“Where’s Kim?” David frantically asked, knowing his brother’s fiancée was back from Florida and very pregnant.

“Hospital. The Pink Ranger and the new evil Black Ranger had a confrontation; he kicked the shit out of her before he fried her with lightning.”

“Oh God…tell me you guys have a plan.”

Jason sighed. “We’re working on it. Hayley, Billy and Anton are in the lair, the Space Rangers are on their ship working on locating him, the rest of us are watching over the kids, and Trini and Aisha are with Kim at the hospital.”

"Next time you talk to Kim, tell her to call me. If you need me, I'll drop what I'm doing and come down."

Jason smiled and shook his head. David wasn't like most of them - he wasn't a former Power Ranger - but he was still willing to help wherever he could, especially where Tommy was concerned. "You got it, Bro. Talk to you later."


September 17, 2004
11:00 A.M.

Jason and Zack stood on either side of Kimberly as they helped her from the car to the house. Anton had taken the teens to grab supplies and the geniuses were down in the basement working on finding a way to get to Tommy. "Jase, can you have Aisha snag me the phone on her way up to check on me? I want to call David and talk to him."

"Already taken care of; Tanya took the liberty of buying another cordless phone and set it up in your room. You gonna be okay while we head down and help the girls work on the Raptor Cycles?" Zack asked as he and Jason laid Kimberly on the bed, her back against a mound of pillows.

"I'll be fine; I think I just need a few minutes to myself." The two men nodded and left Kimberly alone, shutting the door as they headed down the stairs. Once her big brothers were out of the room, Kimberly shakily reached for the phone, dialing David's number by heart.

"Hello Pink Crane," the familiar, wise-sounding voice greeted.

"Hello Sam. Is David there where I can talk to him?"

"He is. Do not worry, Pink Crane, things may seem bleak now, but the White Falcon will soar freely with you again soon." Sam's words brought a small measure of comfort, along with hot tears, to Kimberly. She wanted nothing more than to wake up from the nightmare she found herself in and find Tommy sleeping peacefully next to her, his arms wrapped tightly around her as was his habit since they'd started sleeping together.

Kim was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't heard Sam transfer the phone to David. "Kimberly?" At the sound of her soon to be brother-in-law's voice, Kimberly finally lost the battle she'd been waging for the benefit of her friends.

"DAVID!" she sobbed into the phone, her pain finally getting the better of her.

David was at a loss for words on how to comfort her. Truthfully, he knew that while he and the others were worried sick about Tommy, his brother's disappearance and betrayal of his team was hurting the short brunette more than anyone. "Kim, Sis, it's going to be ok. You know Tommy; he'll fight this until his last breath. He won't leave you or the life you made between you for long."

"I miss him, I'm worried about him, but most of all I'm hurt. How could he do this to me?" David remained silent, not knowing how to respond to Kim's cries.


5:30 P.M.

Hayley rubbed her eyes slowly, trying to calm herself. She was frustrated and angry in regards to this new Dino Gem. Around her, the teens and Tommy's former teammates sat, staring intently at the clear rock that was sitting on the table in front of her, glowing an eerie green in color. "Green?" Rocky asked as he shook his head in disbelief.

"It figures, seeing as how it, gold, and silver are the only Ranger colors not currently represented." Jason's words earned him a few glares, particularly from those who had served with the original Green Ranger.

"Has Kim decided who's going to get it?" Conner asked, knowing that since Tommy was gone, Kimberly was the one who would make the toughest of the decisions for the Dino Thunder team.

"I've tried Jason, Rocky, Adam, Billy, Zack, Justin, you, Kira, Trent, Ethan, Trini, Kat, Tanya, Aisha, Anton, myself, even Andros and T.J. It's not taking to anyone," Hayley sighed in frustration. "I just don't get it."

"How about me?" a voice suddenly asked. All eyes turned toward the stairs leading to the house, finding Kimberly and a man that remarkably resembled Tommy.

"Who's that?" Trent asked, surprised.

"DAVID!" the older Rangers cried out in surprise and happiness.

"I hope you guys don't mind, I asked David to come when Hayley told me she couldn't find a suitable host for the gem. I don't think there's anyone else, other than those present, who Tommy would have wanted to have command of a gem," Kim murmured, her every word and movement seemingly strained and forced.

Hayley motioned for David to step forward, which he did after handing Kimberly off to Jason and Kat, who cuddled the Pink Ranger close to comfort her. Taking a deep breath, David did as Hayley motioned for - he reached out and touched the rock that encased the Dino Gem. There was a flash of green, followed by the alarms going off in the lair. When Anton shut off the computer, he turned and gasped along with the others. There was David, floating six inches off the group as he clutched the Green Dino Gem.

“Oh. My. God!” Kira muttered.

“What is it with your family, Bro?” Jason asked David jokingly. “Do all of you guys have to start out as Green Rangers?”