Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 12: Sacrifices
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: October 21, 2005

Summary: As the final assaults rage on, it’s the original Rangers that must face the greatest battle and a face to face confrontation with their foe leads one of their own to make the ultimate sacrifice.
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AN2: There was going to be a sequel to this one, but with the destruction Dino Thunder’s powers on the show, and what I have planned for this chapter, all you may get from the Ranger Games universe from here on out is going to be one shots. There will be a few of those coming, but that will be after New Year’s.

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AN4: I do apologize if I get the weapons call phrases wrong, but I couldn’t find the correct way to call some of these, so I improvised!

“Anything’s possible.” –- Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie –-

“May The Power Protect You.” –- Zordon of Eltar in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Seasons 1-3, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo –-

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” –- Confucius --


September 21, 2004
8:25 P.M.
Downtown Reefside

David found himself fighting a path through the multiple troops of Tyranodrones that had appeared seconds after Kira and Ethan had been ejected from their MegaZord. The rookie Ranger growled in the back of his throat, using every martial arts technique he could remember to get to the two teenagers who were just now conscious enough to push themselves to their hands and knees, only to be kicked and beaten back down.

Despair grew quickly in the Green Ranger as he saw Kira and Ethan now lying lifeless on the ground, their powers having disbursed. A look over his shoulder showed both Conner and Trent’s MegaZords had taken direct hits and were falling to the ground; the two Rangers being thrown form the cockpits.

A hazy memory made its way to the forefront of David’s thoughts. ‘Will it work for me though?’ he thought for a spilt second before he tightened his hands into fists and decided to go for broke.



Same Time
Dino Thunder Command Center

“The kids are in trouble!” Anton called out, startling the battered Rangers inside the Dino Thunder Command Center.

“We’ve got to get out there and help!” Cole told the others, who looked at one another.

Ryan, taking on the unofficial leader role, nodded. He looked to the Red Rangers and decided that most of them were a little too out of it to help lead at the moment. “Shane and Carter need medical attention. Dana, Mike, stay here with them. Anton’s gonna need computer help. Cam, Kai and Kendrix, stay here and help him until Hayley gets back. The rest of you, let’s go help those kids.”

The teams grouped together, each looking to Ryan in this moment for guidance. “Let’s do it!” Ryan called out.






Anton blinked in shock when sixteen Rangers suddenly called out their morphing phrases and powered up into their Ranger forms, or in Dustin’s case powered up his Ninja Powers. “Am I glad I never had to face them all at once,” he muttered, making Cam, Kai and Kendrix smile before the four turned back to the computers.

“MOVE OUT!” The Titanium Ranger commanded, the large team racing out the forest entrance of the lair and heading for the battle between the Dino Thunder team and the Tyranodrones and monsters.


Mesogog’s Island Fortress
The Same Time

Not a soul moved after Kimberly had thrown her opponent into the wall with a force blast so powerful that it had rocked the walls around them. The Rangers who were under Sarah’s command were momentarily stunned and laying on the ground in various heaps, including Tommy. Goldar, Scorpina, Elsa and Zeltrax had disappeared seconds after Billy had heard from Jason, leaving Sarah to face the Rangers alone.

Jason, Trini, Tori and Justin slid to a stop at the door, looking in at the mess before them. “Holy shit!” Jason muttered, stepping over the debris in the doorway.

Wes and Merrick stood together, just feet from where Taylor and Eric lay on the floor, their breathing their only movement. Cassie and Ashley had sought out Andros, T.J., Carlos and Karone, who were standing in a semi-circle around Zhane’s prone form.

Adam was holding onto Tanya and Zack was standing with Kat, the pair leaning on one another. Billy, Aisha and Rocky stood together, back near where Hunter and Blake lay.

And then there was Kim, not standing but floating about three feet off the floor, pink power haloed around her, small tendrils reaching out slowly to the five innocent Rangers who’d been pulled into this mess.

“BLAKE!” Tori cried, breaking the silence as she rushed forward to join the other three Ninjas.

“Tor?” Blake gasped, struggling to push himself up when Tori threw her arms around him. The pink of Kim’s power that had surrounded him started to fade. “Bro, you ok?”

A groan came from the Crimson Ninja, who was slowly struggling to his own hands and knees before Aisha and Rocky surged forward to help him up. “If you call having a massive, skull splitting headache ok, then yeah,” Hunter grumbled, the haze of pink finally moving away from him.

Blake, Tori, Billy, Aisha and Rocky chuckled at his comment, noting how he sounded a little too much like Dustin for his own good.

“Taylor?” Merrick called out, diving to his knees to help his fallen teammate as she struggled to gain her bearings once both she and Eric were free of Kim’s power.

“Wes?” The Red Time Force Ranger was crouching next to his best friend in an instant.

“I’m here, Eric. You alright?”


“She’s fine, Merrick’s with her,” Wes reassured his friend, helping the Asian man to sit up so he could see Merrick cradling Taylor who was moaning.

The Yellow Wild Force Ranger pushed Merrick’s hands away from her as she sat up on her own. “Damn it all, Merrick, I’m not a baby!” she hissed in annoyance, causing Merrick, Wes, and Eric to smile.


Most everyone’s eyes took in Karone throwing herself into the Silver Space Ranger’s arms, her quiet sobs filtering to all of their ears. Andros and T.J. moved to help their teammate sit up, while Cassie, Ashley and Carlos ringed around them, keeping watch.

“Jason, look!” Trini hissed in his ear, her voice carrying to the others. The sight before them broke many of their hearts.

Tommy was helping Sarah to her feet, the pair standing up in front of Kimberly. The former Pink Ranger didn’t seem to notice what was happening around her, her body still except for her breathing. Her doe brown eyes were now a brilliant pink and her auburn colored hair was flying every which way, a haze of pink combining with the strands.

It was Kat who spoke up next, her connection with the Pink Crane Ninja powers enabling her to tell the others what was happening. “She’s trying to communicate with the Falcon,” she breathed, sagging against Zack for a moment. “She’s trying to chip through the wall of power Sarah’s thrown up around Tommy, but she’s having a tough time doing it.”

“Wes,” Jason called. “Get the others out of here.”

The Red Time Force Ranger didn’t argue. He helped Eric up and then the two of them moved to help Hunter, Blake and Tori. “Tori, give Zack the Zeonizers.”

Tori nodded, powered down, and then tossed Adam’s Zeonizers to Zack, who caught them expertly. He quickly slid them on his wrists and then moved back to help support Kat. “Tanya, catch!” Jason called out.

The former Yellow Ranger looked down at the zeonizers she’d just caught, knowing they were Kat’s. “I guess there’s always a first time for everything!” she quipped to Adam who grinned and nodded. “Ready Zack?”

Zack nodded.


Zack had heard all about Adam’s role as the Green Zeo Ranger, so he was primed and ready for this. “ZEO RANGER IV, GREEN!”

Once the two new Rangers were powered up, Jason nodded to the others, and the Zeo Rangers moved to shield the retreating members of the teams as they made their way out. “There’s an invisi-portal at the end of this hall, but if it’s closed, call Hayley and tell her to get your butts out of here!”

Wes saluted Jason and then ushered the others out.

“Kat, you ready?” Adam asked. Katherine smiled and nodded.

“Ok Boss-Man, we’re good to go!” Rocky called to Jason, who nodded.


Dino Thunder Command Center
8:45 P.M.


Anton, Kai, Cam and Kendrix turned from the computer screens when the scream ripped through the air. They saw Dana, Mike and a lump of someone or something in a heap in the middle of the room.

“Hayley?” Anton called, jumping from his chair to help the trio on the floor. Once they were untangled, Mike and Dana moved back to take care of Shane and Carter, while Hayley handed Anton the device in her hand.

“We need to hook this up to the generator and computer!” Hayley ordered. “It’s a mobile teleportation device I found. I shut down the invisi-portal network, the only way to get the others off the island is this thing!”

Cam motioned for Kai and Kendrix to stay at the computer as he moved at what seemed like the speed of light to help Hayley and Anton set up the device.

“We’ve got an incoming message from Wes!” Kendrix chirped, bringing the Red Time Force Ranger up on the screen. “Go ahead, Wes, we read you.”

“Any way to get us out of here? We’ve got some semi-injured Rangers that need to be looked at.”

“We’re trying, give me five minutes. Where are the others?” Hayley demanded to know.

“Having a face off with Sarah and Tommy.”

Every person in the Command Center winced at the sound of that.


Downtown Reefside
Same Time

Conner and Trent were back to back, having both called on Super Dino Mode like David, and were vainly trying to make their way to their friends and teammates. “THIS ISN’T WORKING!” Trent hollered to Conner before a Tyranodrones sliced into his sword arm, making him yell in pain.

“I KNOW THAT!” Conner yelled back, and then was thrown a few feet away.


Trent, Conner and David snapped their attention to the new voices, and found sixteen multi-hued warriors standing together. Sighing in relief, the three let their guards down a little as the sixteen new arrivals waded into the battle.

David and Trent continued to fight off the Tyranodrones while Conner bent down to see to Ethan and Kira. The Blue Ranger was pushing himself up off the ground and waved Conner away, so the Red Ranger moved to the still Yellow Ranger. “Kira?”

Fear gripping his insides, Conner bent down and hoisted her into his arms, cradling her body against him. “Kira, honey, wake up,” he whispered, moving his hand up to cradle her head. When he finally got a good look at her, Conner gasped. Her face was bruised and blood was everywhere.

“Is she ok?” Ethan quietly asked, wheezing as his ribs throbbed.

“There’s so much blood, Ethan,” Conner told him seriously, his eyes closing beneath his helmet as the sight of the bloodied Kira was too much.

Both teens gasped softly when Kira moaned and turned her face into Conner’s chest, her hands coming up to grasp his. “Conner?”

“I’m right here, you’re alright,” Conner whispered, smiling for her when she finally opened her eyes to look up at him.


“He’s fine, Kira, you both are,” Conner reassured her, smiling when Ethan reached over and grasped Kira’s hand to let her know he was right there.

“DAVID!” Trent hollered to the elder Ranger, who was blown back by a sudden blast of power.

Twenty heads snapped to where the blast had come from, all eyes on the four members of the appropriately nicknamed “Goon Squad” who were standing there smirking.

“Are you Rangers ready to rumble?” Scorpina hissed.

Ethan and Kira nodded to one another, and with Conner’s help, stood up. Trent and David, who the White Ranger had quickly helped up, joined them, as did the other teams, all twenty one of them making a straight line.

“Ready?” Ethan grinned.



Elsa and Scorpina raised their eyebrows while Goldar and Zeltrax laughed manically. “What are you pathetic Rangers gonna do, try to beat us?” Elsa teased. “Newsflash, you’re not going to win this fight.”

“We’ll just see about that!” Conner called, nodding to the others.



“...TIME FORCE...”

“...WILD FORCE...”





Island Fortress
Same Time

Kimberly’s perception was dwindled down to one sole point – Sarah and Tommy. That wasn’t to say she hadn’t been aware when the room had decreased in occupants, right down to those who had served with her, or immediately after her. She was well aware that Wes had led the remaining Rangers not teleported out by Hayley to a safer location for transport. She knew that both Tanya and Zack were suited up. And she knew that Kat was poking around her in head. Normally, that would have upset her, but she needed the other Pink Ranger’s help to pull off what she had in mind.



‘I need your help, more than ever, sister of my spirit’ she spoke softly, her mind to Katherine’s.

‘Tell me what I need to do’ Kat responded, closing her eyes as she stood several feet away from Kimberly.

‘I need you and the others to power up. I need the Zeo Rangers to keep her busy until we can free Tommy, it’s our only chance. We can’t destroy her while she still has a grip on his mind. Can you hear the Falcon? He calls for help, but I haven’t figured out what else to do.’

‘I hear him, Kim, I hear him. Give the word, Kimberly, and it will be done.’

Katherine’s eyes snapped open at the same moment Kim’s head moved just enough for the others to see her nod. Both girls began to glow their signature pink. “Zeo Rangers listen,” Katherine murmured, slipping out of Zack’s arms. “Keep her busy while the Ninjetti free the Falcon.”

Tanya, Trini, Zack and Justin looked to Jason, who nodded, the five of them moving slowly to surround Tommy, Sarah and Kim.

Rocky, Adam, Aisha and Billy moved to stand with Kat, who slowly sank to one knee, gesturing for them to follow. “What’s the plan, Girlfriend?” Aisha whispered.

“When Kim gives the signal, power up and direct all thoughts of Tommy, and all your power to Kim, she’ll be able to do the rest.”

“You pathetic Rangers think you can kill me when I have the legendary one by my side? Think again!” Sarah cackled, her body mutating until she was indescribable, and glowing with black power.

“NOW!” Kim’s voice screeched through the air.

The Zeo Rangers lunged forward, knocking Tommy away from Sarah while they focused their physical attack on her. Behind them, the Ninjetti powered up.






When the six lit up with their power, Kimberly lowered to the ground and took a step forward, extending one hand, palm toward Tommy. “WE CALL TO THE FALCON, JUST AND ABLE! RETURN TO US!”


The Dino Thunder Lair
9:15 P.M.

“Almost got it!” Hayley called to Kai and Kendrix, who were manning the computer still. They had the screens split between Wes and his team, and monitoring the battle raging in Reefside.

“Alright, I’ve got the wires connected!” Cam told Hayley, who nodded, then looked over at Anton.

“Throw the switch!” Hayley responded, Anton flipping the switch that she’d told him to. The machine instantly hummed to life. Hayley quickly took Ethan’s laptop and plugged it into the teleporter, mentally crossing her fingers as she did. She was thankful Ethan had a great laptop, otherwise she’d never be able to pull off what she was about to.

“Hayley?” Kendrix called out.

“Tell Wes and the others to hang on, the ride could get bumpy!” Hayley called, her fingers flying over the keyboard, inputting coordinates for the Rangers. She sighed when Kai bounded over with a piece of paper, on it readings from the main computer with the calculations she’d need to input. “Thanks Kai.”

“No worries.”

“Incoming!” Hayley’s voice lifted, seconds before there was a whirling sound and then a collective gasp as a massive heap of fourteen Rangers landed in the middle of the lair.

“GUYS!” Dana exclaimed, rushing toward them.

Those not injured rebounded pretty quickly. Merrick and Wes pulled Taylor and Eric to one side, while Andros, Ashley, and Karone pulled Zhane to another area and T.J. and Carlos helped Tori move Hunter and Blake so that Dana had room to work.

Mike and Kendrix moved to help the Pink Lightspeed Ranger, who was checking over the Rangers who had been under Sarah’s control. Dana was amazed at how well, even only a half hour after release, the five were doing. The resident Ranger doctor attributed it to the presence of their teammates, and in Blake, Eric, Taylor and Zhane’s cases, their significant others being with them.

“GUYS!” Kai yelled from the computer where he, Anton, and Hayley were.

“What’s wrong?” Wes asked, leaving Eric to the care of Merrick and Taylor.

“They’re getting their butts kicked, and the goon patrol has showed up, not to mention we’ve got three monsters thrashing downtown Reefside.”

Wes turned to Andros, whose eyes were narrowed. “We need to do something, to give the Dino Rangers time to destroy those monsters.”

Andros nodded, and looked at Zhane, who was holding onto Karone. “T.J., Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, Merrick, Kai, Kendrix, and Mike, you’re coming with Wes and me.”

“I’m game,” Carter said, standing from his spot out of the way near Shane. “I’m fine, just a few scratches.”

Andros sought Dana’s face, and saw the resigned look in the Pink Lightspeed Ranger’s eyes. “If Dana says yes, then you can come.”

Dana merely nodded.

“We’re not being left behind,” Eric and Taylor spoke in unison, fierce expressions on their faces as Merrick moved to let them up.

Andros and Wes shared a look before turning to look at Dana again. “They’re not physically injured, just rocked a little mentally. I think they’ll be fine. Besides,” Dana grinned. “I can’t help Shane if those two are blowing fuses because they can’t go into battle.”

“Hunter, Blake, Zhane, you three coming?” Wes asked, already knowing the answer.

The two Thunder Ninjas and the Silver Space Ranger nodded. “You know it,” Hunter grinned.

“Then let’s get out there before it’s too late.”

Tori looked torn between going, and staying with her teammate. “Shane?”

The Red Wind Ninja looked up and smiled. “Tori.”

The two were drawn together, hands clasping as Tori knelt before Shane. Together, they concentrated on Shane’s wounds, and drew power from Dustin, Cam, Hunter and Blake as well. The others watched in shock as Tori and Shane began to radiate with blue and red power, and then a hazy aura of golden yellow light surrounded them, followed by Crimson, Navy and Green. Cam, Hunter and Blake also began to glow, a sign that they were lending the Wind Ninjas their power.

When the glowing stopped, Shane stood on his own and stretched, grinning wildly. “Let’s rock.”


The Island Fortress
Same Time

Sarah gasped when the five Zeo Rangers bombarded her with their attacks, as she hadn’t been expecting the physical blows. She could feel the Ninjetti pushing their powers toward Tommy, but she was so distracted by what was going on around her that she couldn’t pull herself back enough to protect both herself and him.

“DAMN YOU!” she screeched, thrusting her arms up and her power out toward the Zeo Rangers, knocking the backwards. She was breathing shallowly when she saw the five Rangers jump right back to their feet. “You’re more persistent than I thought you would be.”

“Yeah, well, newsflash lady, we haven’t lost a battle yet!” Jason growled, nodding. The gesture was barely perceptible, but the others understood none the less. It didn’t matter that not all of them had served under Jason’s leadership, or that some of them had only served along side him, Jason’s command was nearly identical to Tommy’s, and the former Rangers were so use to battle commands that they didn’t give it a second thought, they merely rushed at Sarah at different intervals, keeping her off guard and unsuspecting of the next attack.

On the other side of the room, the power the Ninjetti had pushed into Kimberly and that she had directed to Tommy had suspended the legendary Ranger in mid air, a haze of power surrounding him – blue, black, yellow, red, green, pink and white. His Dino Thunder suit dissolved, leaving him in his civilian clothes, which had definitely seen better days.

His eyes were open and trained on Kimberly, as though he was seeing her for the very first time in a long time. The cloud of power that had surrounded his mind and heart was starting to disperse, leaving him confused and hurting.

“Tommy, come back to me,” Kimberly whispered, looking at him as he was sat down on his feet, his legs trembling. “Don’t let her control you, not like Rita and Zedd and Mondo did. Don’t let her do that to you any longer, my love.”

“Love?” he whispered, clearly confused.

“Come back to us, Tommy,” Katherine’s soft Australian lilt called out.

“Come on, oh fearless leader,” Rocky joked, though his voice was choked with emotion.

“Come back, Tommy, please,” Aisha begged, her eyes full of tears.

“Come on Tommy, you’re stronger than this, stronger than her,” Billy told him, his hazel eyes seeking Tommy’s chocolate ones.

“We need you, White Falcon. For us to be whole, and for the Falcon and Crane to fly again, we need you,” Adam urged.


Kimberly fought back the urge to run to him and pushed back the tears. There was no place for such things, not now when she was so close to freeing him from his prison. “She’s filled your head with lies, Tommy Oliver, don’t you dare listen to her!” Kim growled through her emotion-filled voice. “Don’t you dare leave me! Damn it! You promised me forever Thomas James!”

“Who are you?” Tommy asked so softly, the others didn’t hear, but his words broke what was left of Kimberly’s heart.

“Oh Handsome!” she finally cried, collapsing to her knees. Had it all been for naught? Had this entire battle to free him been for nothing?

“The Crane...my Crane...Kimberly...”

Kim was crying so hard, she didn’t hear the others gasp when Tommy walked forward and knelt in front of her shaking form.


Her heart lurched into her throat as she threw her head back and looked at him with wild eyes, having thought she’d never hear that beloved nickname from his lips ever again.


“My Crane, my Kimberly, my beautiful,” he whispered, reaching out to wipe the tears from her cheeks. “Thank you.”

“Oh Tommy!” she cried out, throwing herself into his arms, her own tightening around him. When she felt him nuzzle the side of her neck, she cried even harder. She had thought she’d never again feel whole, and now...

“LOOK OUT!” Jason’s voice resonated through the air, a second too late. The others screamed in horror when Sarah’s powerful blast of energy slammed into Tommy and Kimberly, throwing them back into a wall.

“GUYS!” Kat screamed.


Downtown Reefside
9:20 P.M.

“What do we do?” Conner asked Ryan as the Rangers found themselves backed into a circle. Ethan and Kira were both limping from their fall earlier, David and Trent were breathing heavily, and the elder Rangers, including Dustin, seemed to be doing the same, though they’d been holding their own a little better than the newest team.


Looking up to the silo of the water treatment plant that was behind them, the tired Rangers saw a line of newly arrived warriors.

“More Rangers?” Elsa hissed, wondering just what was happening back on the Island for all these Rangers to be here.

“You know it!” The Quantum Ranger called back.

“RANGERS...GO!” The Red Space Ranger called. In a domino effect, each of the others jumped from the silo and landed before the massive battle scene.

“SPACE RANGERS!” Andros, T.J., Cassie, Ashley, Zhane and Carlos struck their team posed.

“LOST GALAXY!” Kai, Kendrix and Mike struck a pose.

Carter and Dana went next. “LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!”

Wes and Eric grinned at one another before shouting, “TIME FORCE!”

“WILD FORCE!” Taylor and Merrick hollered.

“NINJA STORM!” Tori, Blake, Hunter, and Shane yelled.

“Talk about perfect timing,” Ethan quipped, causing the others to chuckle.

“ATTACK!” Elsa commanded of the troops, who surged forward to face the newly arrived Rangers or resumed battle with the others.

“RANGERS! NOW!” Andros’ voice lifted, like a general commanding his army. The teams spread out and regrouped, and then the fighting began.

Wes and Eric maneuvered so that they were near Conner and the Dino Rangers. “Conner! There are three monsters attacking downtown!” Wes shouted.

“And what do you suppose we do about it?” Conner griped, ducking an incoming attack and dishing out his own.

“Yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re a little busy!” Ethan punctuated his remark with a lethal blow to the shoulder blades of the Tyranodrone he was fighting.

“Dino Thunder! GO! We’ll take out these guys!” Andros commanded.

It was a little too late for one of the Dino Thunder Rangers, as Kira was currently engaged in battle with Elsa, the youngest Yellow Ranger finally having had enough. “Conner! Go! You, Ethan and Trent can handle the Zords! David and I’ll stay here!”

Conner shot her a look and blew out a frustrated breath. She was right, of course, the three of them could call the MegaZords without all of them present. “BE CAREFUL!” Conner called to her, watching her incline her head to him before countering Elsa’s sword strike.

“Go! I’ll watch her!” David told Conner, the younger Ranger entrusting the care of his female teammate to the newest member of their team.

“ETHAN! TRENT! HAUL ASS!” Conner demanded of the Blue and White Dino Thunder Rangers.

In a matter of seconds, the three Rangers were calling their zords and forming the three MegaZords. With them gone, the others began to focus on Goldar, Scorpina and Zeltrax while Kira and Elsa continued to duke it out.

“You’re going down, Zeltrax,” Andros barked at Zeltrax, who tried to blast the Red Space Ranger, but only succeeded in making it easier for the other Space Rangers to group around him.







The five Space Rangers called their weapon and combined it, aiming it at Zeltrax who was back tracking even as Andros locked onto him.


One tight beam of focused energy shot out, connecting with Mesogog’s head goon, and in an instant, he was gone, the only thing left was his lasting shout of horror.

The Space Rangers lowered their weapons just in time to see the next set of fireworks begin.

“LIGHTS OF ORION...ACTIVATE!” The Lost Galaxy Rangers’ voices lifted together, activating their special weapons.

“POWER-UP MODE!” Leo commanded, the team of five rushing forward and becoming a ball of light before they burst forward and went straight through Goldar, who hadn’t been putting up much of fight to begin with.

When the five Lost Galaxy Rangers re-emerged from their attack, Goldar’s body slumped to the ground, and then exploded into a ball of fire. Turning, Lost Galaxy joined the Space, Wild Force, Time Force, and Ninja Storm teams in fighting the dwindling Tyranodrones while Kira and David continued to fight Elsa and Lightspeed prepared to take out Scorpina.

“V-LANCERS!” Carter called out, the team brandishing their weapons. “LOCK ON TARGET!” Doing as they were told, the Lightspeed team moved with a fluid grace that had the others admiring them. “FIRE!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Scorpina roared, seconds before she dissolved into a pile of ash.

“I hope the others got those monsters!” Alyssa called out, gaining the attention of her fellow Rangers. “It’s down to them and Kira!”

Raising his left arm, Wes called into the communicator there. “Hayley! Any word on the others?”

“We haven’t gotten any transmissions from Zeo or Ninjetti, and Conner, Trent and Ethan are getting ready to take out those three hulking hazards in downtown. I’ll keep you updated!”

“Right! Wes out!”

“KIRA!” Dana’s anguished cry cut through the celebrations that were starting.

Turning, the others saw Elsa laughing madly while Kira was laying on the ground, a large sword protruding from her thigh.


“Conner?” Ethan called through their communications system. “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s wrong with Kira,” Conner muttered, a ball of dread forming in his stomach. “Hayley, is Kira ok?”

“No. She’s taken a nasty blow through the thigh from Elsa,” Hayley told them, not even thinking of lying to Conner.

Conner turned the Mezodon and looked down at the scene near the water treatment plant, which he was closest to. “KIRA!”

“CONNER! WATCH OUT!” Trent called out.

“Guys! Take those monsters out! NOW!” Hayley commanded, knowing that their attentions were wavering as fear for Kira began to spread through them.

“NOW!” Conner yelled. Simultaneously, the three MegaZords launched their attacks, the three monsters blowing up in one big fireball.

“Conner! Go!” Ethan called out to the Red Ranger, who nodded his thanks and jumped from his Mega Zord, running for the downed Kira.

Dana had her flat on her back while the others fought Elsa, who was throwing bursts of energy every which way. “KIRA!” Conner’s voice sounded, catching both Dana and Kira’s attentions.

“Conner, I’m fine,” Kira breathed when he hit his knees next to her and pulled her up into his arms. “Con, we gotta stop her, the others are already too weak from the previous battles.”

The Red Dino Ranger nodded then turned his head. “DAVID! ETHAN! TRENT! GET OVER HERE!” The three Dino Rangers broke off from the fight and joined their Red and Yellow teammates. “Dana, can we take this out of her without doing too much damage to her leg? She needs to be able to stand up.”

Dana shuddered and weighed their options. “If we take this out of her, we need to get her to the hospital immediately afterward, she’s already loosing a lot of blood, anymore and we might not have a Yellow Ranger left.”

“We don’t have a choice,” Kira hissed through clenched teeth.

The Pink Ranger nodded. “David, I’m gonna need your help. Trent, Ethan and Conner, hold her down,” Dana spoke, each of them moving into position. Conner held Kira’s torso while Trent and Ethan each held an arm and Ethan held down her free leg. Dana and David both grabbed the sword with one hand while laying their free hands on Kira’s injured leg. “On three. One...two...three!”

“AAHH!” Kira screamed as the metal was torn from her flesh. She felt Ethan and Trent holding her down, and Conner holding her upright, his body shaking as much as her own. “DAMN! THAT HURTS!”

“Kira?” Ethan prodded.

“Let’s get this over with, please? I’m going to need pain killers, and soon!” the Yellow Dino Ranger hissed as the boys helped her up. Dana had dashed off after knowing Kira was ok to let the others know of their plan.

“Ready?” Conner asked as the five stood together.


The other Ranger teams backed off, leaving Elsa confused until she saw the Dino Thunder team. “What? You five pathetic wimps think you can beat me?”

“We don’t think, we know,” Ethan’s voice dropped to deadly.

“DINO THUNDER! UNIVERSAL DINO POWER!” the five called out, their gems glowing while Elsa began to back up and scream. The five gems’ powers combined into one big ball of light which shot out at the forward movement Conner made with his hands, and slammed directly into Elsa.

An explosion occurred, knocking everyone off their feet and back about ten feet. When they started to recover, they saw Conner holding onto Kira, both of them glowing, their Ranger suits gone. Ethan, Trent and David ringed around them, also glowing, the four males feeding Kira their leftover power.

“Check out Biker Chick,” Dustin gasped, Carter and Leo rushing toward her. Laying there, in normal clothing, was a civilian, and none other than Principal Randall, looking the way she had before Mesogog had gotten a hold of her.

“Lightspeed, get them to the hospital, the rest of us are heading back in case the Ninjetti and Zeo teams need back up!” Andros commanded, the Rangers scattering.


The Island Fortress
Same Time

“You will not take what’s mine!” Sarah howled in outrage.

The smoke from her attack was just starting to clear, giving the Rangers a clear view of their friends. Tommy had somehow managed to cover Kimberly as they were blown back, and now Kim was laying face down on Tommy’s chest.

“TOMMY!” Katherine’s voice ripped through the air.

“KIM!” Jason’s followed a second later, the Rangers rushing toward their friends.

“I don’t think so, pesky Rangers!” Sarah hissed, flinging the Rangers in all directions away from their leader and original Pink Ranger.

While Sarah was occupied with the others, Kim slowly came back to consciousness. She felt a tightness in her chest as she looked down at Tommy and realized he was unconscious for the moment. ‘I’ve got to stop this insanity, NOW! Otherwise, one of the others is gonna get hurt, or worse, killed.’

Pushing to her feet, Kimberly began to calm herself. Zordon had taught her long ago how to pool her power inside herself before releasing it. She had one chance to make this count, and she didn’t need any distractions. Bringing her communicator arm up, she pressed the button. “Hayley, can you hear me?”

“I’m here, Kimberly.”

“Lock onto everyone’s signals, but mine.”

“I can’t, there’s too much interference for me to get a good lock on all of you.”

“Hayley, you’ve got one minute to lock onto them and get them out of here, that’s as long as I’ll be able to keep up what I’m about to,” Kim told her, desperate to get her friends to safety and to end the madness that was Sarah, or the Zedd wannabe, or whoever the hell it really was. All Kim knew was that she had the power and the means to end this fight, but she couldn’t do it knowing the others were in harms way.

“Understood. What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me,” Kim told her, her voice strained. “Are you ready?”

“Say the word.”

Kim closed her eyes, and let her power expand out, so that it was trapping her and Sarah in a bubble, and locking the others out. “NOW HAYLEY!”

At the sound of Kim’s voice, the others’ heads snapped up, Tommy’s included, to see what was happening. They felt the start of the teleportation, and noticed all too late, that Kim wasn’t experiencing the same thing.

“KIMBERLY!” Tommy’s voice called out to her, hoarse and terrified.

“I love you, all of you. Let this be my last gift to you,” Kim’s whisper reached each of them, even over their shouting and Sarah’s screams.

“KIMBERLY!” Tommy screamed again, tears streaming down his face, his heart breaking, just as their friends’ were doing the same, when the eleven of them disappeared, leaving Kim to face Sarah on her own.

“So, it’s just you and me, Kimmy?”

“I know who you are,” Kimberly spoke, her awareness expanding as did her power. “You’re not Sarah, Tommy’s ex-girlfriend. You’re not Zedd, because I know he’s dead. No, you’re Zedd and Rita’s daughter.”

“Took you long enough to figure it out!” Sarah hissed.

“You aren’t going to leave here alive, I promise you I’ll see to that,” Kim told her calmly, reaching deep into herself and grasping onto the mournful cries of the five spirit animals that were representations of her friends and love.

Sarah sneered at her. “The same could be said for you. You never deserved the power, and you never deserved him.”

“You’re right, I didn’t deserve the power, and look what happened to me because of it,” Kim spoke softly. “It nearly killed me. As for not deserving Tommy, I’ve never deserved him, but he loved and still loves me anyway. That’s something that won’t change.”

“Once you’re dead, I’ll make him mine.”

“I don’t think so.”


Sarah started screaming the second the wave of pink power rushed toward her from Kimberly. She screamed as the powers that were behind the Power Rangers burst through her, disintegrating her bones and her flesh. She screamed through it all, realizing one small fact – for being able to truly control such power, for being able to make the ultimate sacrifice, Kimberly truly deserved the power that was hers, and hers alone, to control.

As Sarah and the island began to come apart at the seams, Kimberly’s body fell to the ground, spent. And just as the explosions rocked the uncharted island, a hazy, white-ish pink light surrounded Kim, teleporting her from the room an instant before it was too late.