Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 11: Let’s Rumble
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: September 5, 2005

Summary: The Final battles begin, can the Rangers make it through this most important challenge with flying colors?
Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers

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“Don't hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.” -- Leo Buscaglia --

“Character isn't inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains.” -- Helen Douglas --

“How much more grevious are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.” -- Marcus Aurelius --


September 21, 2004
8:05 P.M.
Downtown Reefside

“Tyranno Zord!”

“Ptera Zord!”

“Tricera Zord!”

“Drego Zord!”

David watched his teammates call their main zords to them. He felt slightly useless, as he was still very new at all of this. “David, are you ready?” Anton’s voice came over the Green Ranger’s communicator.

“Yeah, I’ve never had to do this before,” David told Tommy’s mentor and friend. “I don’t even remember a darn thing Hayley told me.”

Anton chuckled from the other end. “You’ve got control of four of the auxiliary zords – the Parasaur, Ankylo, Dimetro, and Cephala Zords. Give the kids a few minutes to break out the new hardware Hayley’s been training them to use.”

David watched in curiosity as the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers formed the Thundersaurus Mega Zord. Then Trent caught his attention. Turning, he saw the Drego Zord and what, upon more focused inspection was the Stego Zord, come together and form the Dino Stego Zord.

Once that was done, David watched as Conner emerged from the cockpit of the Mega Zord and joined him.

“You ready?”

“For what?” David asked, slightly shocked by Conner’s cocky tone.

“Well, I’m about to go Triassic on this monster, care to join me?”



David watched, open mouthed, as Conner pulled the Shield of Triumph out and used it to transform into a new form – that of the Triassic Ranger. “We’ve been working on it in secret for weeks. Everyone’s added their power, except you. Care to give it a whirl.”

The Green Ranger nodded and extended the hand which held his morpher and Dino Gem. Closing his eyes, David meditated to a state that allowed him to will the Green Gem’s power to Conner and the Shield. “Okay, now time to give this guy the what for.”

David felt weak, but held himself up all the same. Suddenly, there was a rumbling, and both the Red and Green Rangers turned, seeing a new zord. “That’s the Triassic Mega Rover. You ready?”

The man in green nodded. Suddenly, both David and Conner were lifted off their feet and inside the new zords. “Shield of Triumph, Full Power!”

Looking around in wonder, David had no chance to ask Conner what was going on. “Hayley gave you command of the Auxiliary Zords, we need them now. Think you can handle calling them?”

Smiling under his helmet, the Green Ranger nodded. “PARASAUR ZORD! ANKYLO ZORD! DIMETRO ZORD! CEPHALA ZORD! FULL POWER!”

Conner smiled when the four Zords came barreling out of their hiding places. “Alright, let’s do this!”

“Thundersaurus Mega Zord, is ready,” Ethan called over their communications channel.

“Dino Stego Zord, online and waiting for instructions,” Trent responded.

“Triceramax Mega Zord, ready to roll.”

David smiled brighter as each passing moment brought more confidence to the rookie Ranger. It seemed as if he quickly got the hang of how to work in tandem with Conner inside their large vehicle, and he even noticed how well he and Conner seemed to interact with the other two giant robots.

“God, it’s hard to believe Tommy was sixteen when he started this,” David murmured, causing Conner to chuckle.

“And just think, Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy and Kim were fifteen when they first got their powers. That’s nearly three years younger than most of the current team.”

“KIRA!” Trent’s voice ripped through the communications console when the Thundersaurus took a direct hit and the three zords that made it up were separated.


“Trent give them some cover fire!” Conner ordered as he turned to David, who was already moving to get out of the Zords to go down and help their teammates. “David’s heading down to help them, Trent, let’s finish this robotic pain in the ass off, now!”


Mesogog’s Island Fortress
Same Time

Kat and Tanya were fending off Elsa and Scorpina while the other Rangers took care of their possessed teammates, Goldar, and Zeltrax, and in the midst of it all, Sarah stood watching them, not once joining the fight, and occasionally looked to Tommy, Hunter and Blake.

“Holy mother of…” Rocky muttered as the ten Rangers struggled to enter the fray.

“There are way too may of us to fight in here!” Adam gasped as Zack was knocked back into him.

Seconds after the words left Adam’s mouth, most of the civilian Rangers were suddenly transported out of the room. “Is it just me, or were they just teleported out?” Aisha asked Billy as the two stayed with Adam, Zack, and Rocky.

“That’s what it looked like to me, but I can’t be sure...” Billy responded until a voice interrupted him.


“Go ahead Jason!” Billy called over his communicator while the others engaged the arriving Tyranodrones, Goldar, Elsa, Zeltrax, and Scorpina.

“Hayley found a teleportation device! Did it work?”

Billy laughed, the act freeing his heart for a moment. “YEAH! You got everyone but us, Wes’ team, the possessed Rangers, and the others of our team that were taken.”

“Good, tell Kim Hayley’s going back now to help the kids, and I’m bringing Kat’s zeonizers with us! We’re on our way to help!”

“Affirmative.” Billy turned to say something to Kimberly and saw the Pink Ninja making her way across the room to Tommy, Hunter and Blake.


Dino Thunder Lair
8:20 P.M.

“WHOA!” Ryan cried out when a mass of Rangers suddenly appeared in the middle of the Dino Thunder Lair.

“Shane!” Kai called out, rushing forward to help the bleeding Red Wind Ninja Ranger, who was currently being held up by Cam and Dustin.

“Where is everyone else?” Kendrix asked, helping the Lost Galaxy Rangers move away from the middle of the pile. Dana, Kelsey, Chad and Joel scooted back, the four of them huddling around Carter who looked worn out, while Ryan moved toward them to make sure his soon to be brother in law was alright.

Jen, Trip, Lucas and Katie moved to help Cole, Alyssa, Danny and Max while Kendrix had finally moved to Leo, and was surrounded by Maya, Damon, and Mike.

Anton sat at the computer, listening to them and watching out for the Dino Thunder Team.

“They’re still on the Island,” Cam started. “I think Hayley managed to teleport us out. The Space team, Wes, Merrick, Tori and the Ninjetti are still there trying to get Tommy, Hunter, Blake, Eric and Taylor out.”

“Is it bad?” Ryan asked.

Dustin nodded, his face grave. “It’s mondo bad, dude.”


Mesogog’s Island Fortress
Same Time

Kimberly’s sole purpose at the moment was to avoid getting into an altercation before she could prowl her way across the room to where Tommy, Hunter, Blake and the Zedd-wannabe stood.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the little broken crane come to try and win back the mighty falcon.”

Kimberly didn’t waste her breath on a retort, and she wasn’t paying any more attention than she absolutely had to, to this upstart alien who had suddenly developed and interest in her fiancé.


The power of Sarah’s voice resonated in the lab, shaking the Rangers, who all turned to look at her and Kimberly.

It was as if something inside Kim snapped. “You so did not just yell at me,” Kim growled, her eyes flaming pink.

The villainess was taken aback by the sudden flaring of Kimberly’s powers. ‘She does not have power! She is weak! That’s why Zedd and Rita were able to destroy her so easily! She never deserved the power!’ the villainess thought, her heart racing with the start of what felt like fear as Kimberly suddenly switched her direction and was coming directly at her instead of going for Tommy.

“YOU’RE TO BLAME FOR ALL THIS! DAYS OF PAIN! INJURIES MY FRIENDS NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH!” Kimberly shrieked in rage. The others, including the Rangers still under Sarah’s control looked startled by Kimberly’s outburst.


When the corona of pink power exploded out around Kimberly, it harmlessly went through those that were fighting with her, and tossed those who were under Sarah’s control, including Tommy, back against all the walls of Mesogog’s lab.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill you now and spare the universe of your vile presence?” Kim snarled, bringing her hand up like she was going to choke the woman before her. Suddenly, Sarah was lifted off the ground, her hands clawing at her throat as Kimberly’s invisible grip squeezed.

“Because...!” Sarah gasped. “If you...kill me...you kill...them...”

Kim’s eyes darted around, taking in the six Rangers under Sarah’s control. Each of them looked like they were being choked, including Tommy.

“NO!” Kim screamed, and sent Sarah flying backwards into the wall.


Short, I know, but there is only one more chapter and the prologue, I promise, everything will get resolved.