Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 10: Island Invasion
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: August 5, 2005

Summary: It’s an invasion as the Zedd wannabe tastes the first flickers of the wrath and power of the Power Rangers.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." ~~ J.R.R. Tolkien


September 21, 2004
8:00 P.M.
Mesogog’s Island Fortress

She felt like she was floating. That is, until she realized she was suspended from the ceiling by her arms, which coincidentally were starting to hurt like hell. Opening her eyes, she took in the room around her. ‘Mesogog’s Lab’ she thought as memories from months before began assaulting her; four of them had nearly not made it out of this place with their lives in tact.

When the doors opened, and five Rangers walked in, her heart soared. It dropped out on her seconds later when she saw they were dragging other Rangers with them, and the memory of how she got to this place settled back into her consciousness.

Carter, Kelsey, Joel, Chad and Dana of Lightspeed and Andros, T.J., and Carlos of Space were tethered to a chain held by Space’s Silver Ranger, Zhane while Karone, Mike, Leo, Damon, and Maya of Lost Galaxy and Alyssa, Cole, Danny and Max of Wild Force were at the mercy of the Yellow Wild Force Ranger, Taylor.

When the final captives came into view, her heart simply stopped. Shane of Ninja Storm was being helped in by teammates Dustin and Cam while Tanya and Zack were coming in just behind them. That group seemed to be controlled by Time Force’s Quantum Ranger, Eric.

And then, in came her worst nightmare to date. In walked the Zedd wannabe, with Elsa, Zeltrax, Scorpina and Goldar flanking him. They were followed by the Thunder Rangers, who walked on either side of Tommy.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Welcome Pink Zeo Ranger, to your reconditioning party.”


Kat watched the Zedd persona melt away to leave Tommy’s ex, Sarah, standing before her. The former Pink Zeo Ranger merely glared.

“Soon, Katherine Hillard, your soul shall cease to exist, and your body will be mine. When that’s accomplished, the Black Ranger and I will wed, and rule this universe; I will bear his children, using your D.N.A.” Kat shuddered at the thought. It wasn’t like she hadn’t ever thought of Tommy like that, but that had been a hell of a long time ago, and she had Jason now. Not to mention, Tommy’s heart and soul were bound to Kimberly’s in ways no one but those closest to them knew.

“Between the two of us, we will create the perfect army of assassins. They’ll be made from the two most powerful Rangers – both former evil slaves of Rita Repulsa and the Rangers with the most incarnations of power.”

Kat blinked in shock. ‘That isn’t completely true. I never had full control of the Crane Ninja Powers.’

“Obviously, you haven’t done your homework!” Kat hissed at her captor.

“How so, pesky Ranger?”

“I’m not the most powerful female Ranger.”

The evil blonde glared at Kat. “Oh really? Enlighten me then, who is the most powerful female Ranger?”

The former Pink Ranger grinned from ear to ear. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Tanya and Zack snickered in the background until Eric pulled the chains that bound them, silencing them.

“Don’t toy with me, Pink Zeo Ranger, when your friends’ lives hang in the balance. Now, tell me.”

“Ask Tommy. He knows, deep down, who his match is among the female Rangers. Ask him who the most powerful female Ranger is.”

Eyes turned to Tommy, who stood motionless and quiet. “I don’t know who she’s talking about.”

Andros, Carter, Leo, Cole, and Shane shared glances with one another before looking to Kat and simultaneously thinking one name.



Hayley found it extremely nerve wracking and disheartening to be looking out the tinted visor of Katherine’s uniform. Jason and Trini were in front of her, leading them while Tori and Justin were behind her. They’d broken off from the other two groups ten minutes ago and were making their way to the compound’s computer center.

“You ok Hayley?” Trini asked, looking back over her shoulder at the rookie Ranger.

“Am I supposed to be this nervous?”

Trini chuckled. “Look at it this way – you’ve got four veteran Rangers with you. When Jason and I started, we were Earth’s first. No experience, no other teams to look up to.”

Hayley’s back immediately straightened; Trini had a point. She was safe; she had four experienced Rangers with her, so even if she couldn’t really fight, she had help. And Hayley had to admit, she’d always wondered what it would be like to be a Ranger.

“The computer room is up ahead,” Jason called out to the group.

“Let’s go.”


Wes, Cassie, Ashley and Merrick were creeping further and further into the fortress, following Merrick’s connection to his teammates and Ashley’s obvious link with Andros.

“I don’t like this, its way too quiet,” Cassie muttered.

“We don’t have much of a choice,” Merrick grumbled back.

“SCATTER!” Wes cried out in alarm, causing the four Rangers to break apart.

“DAMN! Don’t let any of them get away! If they do, we’re screwed!” Ashley hollered as the four engaged the troop of Tyranodrones.


She tried to keep her breathing even, but it just wasn’t working. The closer they got to Mesogog’s lab, the faster her breathing got, almost like something big was about to happen and her body was trying to warn her.

“Kim?” Aisha softly asked her pink counterpart as the crouched next to the wall at a crossroads in the hallways.

“Something’s happening. Can’t you feel the charge in the air?”

The other ninjas stopped and focused their senses. “I can,” Adam commented.

“Better yet, I hear Kat!” Rocky howled, the five moving as one down the hall.


“Let us start,” the villainess commanded of her troops.

Kat struggled against the ropes as the other Rangers attempted to break free. ‘KIM!’ she focused her thoughts on her friend and predecessor.

‘Invoke the power of the Crane, Kat! It’s the only think that’ll save you!’ Kim thought to her friend.

“NINJETTI! THE CRANE!” Kat commanded before ‘Sarah’ could touch her. The Pink Ninja suit appeared out of thin air, the power giving Kat a boost of strength.

Carter, Andros, T.J., Dustin, Carlos, Leo, Mike and Damon broke free all at once and began fighting the evil Rangers. Tanya bolted forward to give Kat a hand while Zack tried to help the other captive Rangers.


8:05 P.M.

“It sounds like all hell is breaking loose in there!” Rocky shouted to his friends as they tore down the corridor.

“That’s because it is!” Kim shot back. “I told Kat to call on the Crane Powers!” Kim shuddered as part of her power was ripped from her to aide Kat in her fight. “Billy, contact Wes! The others are with Kat!”

The Blue Ninja pulled up his communicator, not even thinking to question how Kim knew what was going on, and prayed the adjustments he, Trini, Hayley, Ethan and Justin had made to it would hold out with all the interference on the island. “Wes! This is Billy! Head for the lab! Kim says everyone’s there!”

“Acknowledged! As soon as we get rid of these dino creeps, we’ll join you!”

“Drones,” Aisha grumbled, the five sliding to a stop at the door to the lab. The girls screamed and the boys gasped when Zack was tossed out the door, hitting the wall with a thud.

“ZACK!” Kim shouted, crouching next to him.

“Nice timing,” he muttered, cracking his eyes open to look at his friend. She always had looked good in pink, Zack admitted to himself, but the Ninja suit made her look fierce.

“We’ve got tied up Rangers, possessed Rangers, and a bitchy villainess bent on turning Kat’s body into her personal sexual playground. She wants to get rid of Kat’s soul, and in her words, use Kat’s body to bear Tommy’s heirs!”

The groups’ gazes went to Kim’s face, which they could tell was going pale from what little they could see through her hood.

“She thinks Kat’s the most powerful female Ranger, but in Kat’s opinion, she isn’t.”

Looks were sent Billy’s way as he pondered that comment. “Kat is correct,” he started. “At this current time, Kimberly is the most powerful female Ranger. She not only possesses the Pink Dino powers, but she managed to retain a portion of her morphin’ energy and she has complete control of her ninja powers.”

“Why use Kat though?” Rocky was clearly confused now.

“Because Tommy was in love with her while they were dating. Notice a pattern? This thing took hold of Sarah, Tommy’s ex, and now it wants Kat, again, Tommy’s ex.”

“Why did it almost seem to hate you then?” Zack asked.

“Because Kim’s the one person who could break any spell over Tommy,” Aisha smiled. “She’s afraid of what you and Tommy share.”

“Yeah, well, let’s just go say hello.”

Helping Zack to his feet, the five readied to enter the fray. “Wait for us!” Wes called, the four new arrivals sliding to a stop near their friends.

Kim grinned evilly. “Let’s go kick some ass.”