Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Wedding
Chapter 1: Complications
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: November 7, 2004

Summary: Some new complications are coming to life for our heroes, including some things none of the ever expected.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers. I also don't own the handful of songs that are appearing in this. After each song is used, I'll list whom it's by at the end of the chapter.

"Fate brought you back to me, this time I won't let you leave. I'm gonna love you until the end." ~~ Unknown


One very nervous bundle of energy known as the Pink Dino Thunder Ranger sat in her apartment, staring at the cordless telephone that rested next to her in the box-strewn living room. She'd gotten a call from Hayley the previous afternoon, but had heard nothing from the team since. 'Come on guys, give me a sign, some word, before I freak out and come back home early' she thought despairingly. She'd called Tommy's house and the Cyberspace every half hour until she'd deemed it too late to call. She'd gotten no real answers, only that whoever Hayley had left in charge at the café didn't know what was going on, where Hayley was or when she was coming back.

When the phone finally did ring, Kimberly jumped. Snatching the phone off the floor, she answered it. "Hello?"

"Well hello to you too? Expecting an important call?" Jason asked from the other end, making Kim sigh in disbelief. "Kimmie?"

"I'm worried about him, Jason," she started, pausing to wonder just how much she should tell him. She proceeded without fail, telling her big brother the full truth, knowing full well he'd pry it from her someway somehow. "Something happened yesterday, but I haven't gotten a phone call from any of them since Hayley called me to let me know and no one seems to know at the café where Hayley suddenly disappeared to."

Jason sighed. He could hear the anxiety in her voice, but also the frustration that he knew she was feeling at being on the opposite side of the country when her team possibly needed her help. "Have you tried Tommy's?"

"No answer. I've been calling there round the clock."

Now that worried Jason. It wasn't like Tommy to not answer the phone, especially after what had happened at the beginning of the summer. "You want me to go down and check on them?"

Kim blinked back the stress tears she felt welling in her eyes. "No. I'll wait and see if I hear from him tonight. If I don't, I'll give you a call. I'll be on the first available flight to Reefside or Angel Grove."

"Understood. Should I put the others on alert?"

Kim smiled. How nice it was, she thought, to have a virtual army at your fingertips. "No. I don't want to bug the others until I have to. Besides, Ninja Storm isn't that far away. They'll be the first full team that will be able to get there if need be."

"Yes, but they're also powerless, so be careful."

Kim laughed at Jason's tone. He'd been a Ranger team leader, for Pete's sake! Did he underestimate the will of a Ranger team, regardless of their status? "Not quite, Jase, they still have their special ninja abilities, even if they are very different than their Ranger ones. And you know regardless, they'd jump in and help if asked. Now, I'm gonna let you go, you give Kat my love, ok?"

"Check ya later, Terror."

"Love ya Rex!" Kim quipped, shutting the phone off. As soon as her connection with Jason was gone, she suddenly felt the weight of her separation from her friends and family.

She was the last to be returning home to California; the other ten members of the first Earth Ranger teams were all back in the state. Jason and Kat had purchased a house together in Angel Grove, which Kim, Trini, Aisha and Tanya were hoping they'd fill with children in need of spoiling in the next few years. Jason was working with the Angel Grove Police Department's Hostage Negotiations department while Kat was teaching at Angel Grove's International Dance Academy. Kim knew there was a wedding brewing there sometime in the near future, despite the pair's denials.

Rocky and Aisha were sharing an apartment near Rocky's new dojo in San Diego. Kim wasn't as sure where those two stood at the moment, but she knew she'd support any decision they'd make. Adam and Tanya had settled in Los Angeles, where both of them were working at Universal Studios coordinating the stunt shows and producing music for the attractions. Since the team had reunited, the two of them had gotten extremely close again. Kim had spoken with both Kat and Aisha over the summer, the trio speculating the seriousness of the former Black, Green and Yellow Rangers' involvement. They had said they were 'seeing' each other before the incident in June, but how serious that had been and now was had the girls really wondering.

Billy and Trini had, like Jason and Kat, settled back in Angel Grove. Billy had opened his own Computer Research and Development Company, which Trini was helping him with while she still stayed on the peace conference circuit, doing assemblies for junior high and high schools all along the west coast. They were slowly building a relationship after having not seen each other much over the years. Kim snickered at that, thinking how appropriate and right it was, considering she'd known back in high school that they'd had feelings for one another. They too were sharing a home together.

Zack was bouncing back and forth, between Los Angeles and Angel Grove, and working on anything he could get his hands on, particularly music for non-profit organizations. He talked of occasionally seeing Angela but so far nothing serious. Justin was in school at UCLA, studying Electrical Engineering and Computers. Kim knew the former blue genius would be taking after Billy before long.

Though the events of the beginning of the summer were long over with, Kimberly still occasionally felt the after-effects of it all. She and Trent spent a great deal of time in each other's company, talking things through about their shared experience, as well as a fair amount of time spent talking to Tommy about his experience with the whole 'Evil Ranger' ordeal.

At least once a month, Kimberly sent out emails to each member of the Ranger family and received replies usually from those who were in the know of each team's goings on. Dana or Carter were the ones from Lightspeed to inform her of their activities, Cassie or T.J. from Turbo 2 and Space usually gave her a reply on not only their team, but the Galaxy Rangers on Mirinoi as well as the Aquitian Rangers on Aquitar. Wes from Time Force was who she almost always heard from on that team, as the other four had returned to the future once more and Eric was, in his opinion, too busy to inform, in his words, 'nosey Pink Rangers' about his status. Alyssa or Max from Wild Force was whom she talked with most often from the Turtle Cove team. And more often than not, it was Cam from Ninja Storm that kept her in the know about their brothers and sister in Blue Bay Harbor.

This was why she had assured Jason of her success at calling for help if need be. The other teams were only a phone call or email away.

The phone rang a second time, jarring Kimberly from her thoughts. It was nearly eight o'clock, who could be calling her this late. "Hello?"


Kim cried out in surprise and relief at the sound of his voice. She'd never been happier to hear it. "Where in Zordon's name have you been? I've called several dozen times since Hayley called me yesterday."

Tommy swallowed hard on his end. He knew just by the tone of her voice that he was in hot water. "Dino Zord Egg situation," he started. "But there's more."

Kim stopped ranting at him to listen. "What kind of more?"

"Putties. Zedd's putties to be correct." Tommy sighed in misery when he heard Kimberly drop the phone to her lap. He knew that was one thing she hadn't wanted to face ever again.

"Are you sure?" she asked, picking the phone up and swallowing the feelings raging inside of her.

"More than sure, I'm positive. I fought them myself. There's more, Kim."

"What's worse than that?"

"Goldar's back, and he's working with Elsa." Tommy knew all the color had probably drained out of Kimberly's face. "Beautiful?"

"I'll be home in three days. I'll call you with my flight information. Until then, stay out of trouble. Do you understand me?"

"Kim, you don't..." he never got to finish.

"Don't you dare tell me I don't have to rush home! Goldar and Elsa are back, which means the team will be dealing with the possibility of more of Zedd's goons, not to mention whatever was left from the Mesogog incident. My apartment is damn near packed; I'll ship everything tomorrow. I will be home on the first flight out after that, do I make myself clear? I am a member of that team, I will be there to help take out the bad guys."

Tommy smiled; feeling like a hundred pound weight had been lifted off his chest. She'd be home soon and they'd be able to deal with this new turn of events together. "Call me."

"You bet. I'm going to go finish packing, take a shower and get some rest. I love you."

"I love you too."


From: whiteknights_pinkprincess@earthlink.net

To: Lightning_Space@aol.com, Firefighter_In_Red@earthlink.net, Honorable_Tiger@TCuni.edu, Samurai_Green@UCLA.edu, RedTimeWatcher@silverguardians.com, Redleader_Goldpyramid@aol.com, Tigertooth_peacekeeper@crasnton.org, YellowBear@redninjama.org, Desert_Frog@unistudios.com, Mountain_Blue@yahoo.com

Date: September 7, 2004

Subject: Special News Bulletin

Hey guys! Don't freak, that's not my intention with this email. I just wanted to let all of you know what's up. Jase, Tri, Sha, Ads, could you guys let Kat, Billy, Rocko, and Tanya know what's up seeing as you see them more frequently than they check emails??

Ok, you're probably wondering why I sent this and titled it the way I did. I'm sending this because right now, Tommy and the Kids are a little in over their heads and probably won't think to keep you updated. Reefside is in major trouble. Again. Apparently, everyone's favorite Biker Chick is still alive. Big surprise there, right? NOT. That's not all.

This won't mean much to most of you, but to some it will. Apparently, while on a Dino Egg expedition, the team encountered, how shall I put this......Goldar, with Elsa, and a pack of Zedd's putties. For those of you who know exactly what I'm talking about, you know how bad things have just gotten. I'm leaving in two days, like a week ahead of schedule. I have no clue what I'm going to find when I get home. IF things are as bad as the tone of Tommy's voice led me to believe, we may need you guys to come back. I'll try to keep you posted on the situation.

Barring any unforeseen events, and this is me praying that things aren't as bad as I think they're going to be, I shall see you all the weekend of October 16. :)

May the power protect you.

Always and forever,


"Flight 1016 from Miami has arrived!" an employee at the gate called out. A group of people stood, gathered together inside the terminal at Reefside Airport, waiting on someone special to disembark from the plane.

"I still can't believe he's not here to greet her," Conner mumbled as the others nodded. Standing with him were Trent, Kira, and Ethan, and farther back were Anton and Hayley. Tommy was nowhere in sight.

Ethan and Trent adjusted the huge welcome home banner they'd made for Kimberly as Kira checked her grip on the balloons. "Well, he couldn't very well tell his newly arrived friend that he had to bail on her five minutes into their conversation."

Trent shook his head. "If I was him, I would have. Kimberly's more important then some old girlfriend of his that wants to reminisce."

Ethan, who was more sober than was usual for him, nodded. "No doubt. I just hope Kim's not too terribly hurt by it."

"Hurt by what?" a voice asked, startling the four teenagers. Standing before them was a short brunette, dressed in a pair of black Levi's and a pink halter top, which a black over shirt.

"KIM!" Kimberly laughed as Conner and Kira pulled her into hugs, before Trent and Ethan leaned forward to do the same.

"I see Anton and Hayley, but where's Tommy?" The veteran Ranger saw the looks on their faces at her question, and automatically knew something was wrong. "Guys?"

"Look, there's no easy way to tell you this," Conner started, watching Kim's eyes suddenly tear up. "He's having lunch with a former girlfriend of his."

"Smooth move, McKnight," Hayley growled as she stepped in front of the kids to look at Kimberly. "He couldn't weasel his way out of it."

Numbly, Kimberly nodded. "Who is it?" she asked softly. Jason, Rocky, and Adam had pretty much filled her in on Tommy's dating habits after Kat, as had Hayley.

"Dr. Sarah Montgomery, PhD in Paleontology." Kim's eyes flew to Anton's face. Tommy was out to lunch with the woman Anton had introduced to him some years before, a woman he had dated, had been serious enough with to ask her to marry him, a woman who had turned him down, instead of being at the airport to pick his fiancée up.

"I see." Swallowing her hurt, Kimberly's eyes went to Hayley's. "Can I stay with you, at least until I call Jason to come and get me and my stuff?"

Hayley grimaced, knowing that the Black Ranger had just dug himself a hole so deep he'd need all his Ranger abilities to get out of. "Of course, but don't you want to talk to Tommy about this first?"

Kimberly shook her head. "It'd be best if I got all of my stuff out of the lair and to Jason's before too long." At the thought of moving to Jason and Kat's, Kim's eyes flew to the sparkling pink diamond on her left ring finger. She'd have to give it back to Tommy if things were as bad as they seemed.

"Let's go. I'm sure Kim's tired and hungry," Anton started, sighing. He knew the group of young teenagers were blowing the situation with Tommy out of proportion, he only hoped his long time friend could mend the heartbreak flashing in Kimberly's eyes before it was too late.


"So you're teaching High School Science? How did that happen?" Sarah questioned as she and Tommy sat across from each other in the lounge area of the café.

"Long story. Needless to say, after everything that's happened to me over the years, I felt it was time to give back, and this was the best way to do it."

It had been years since they'd seen each other. Sarah had been a research assistant to Anton during the year they'd spent on the island. It amazed her that she and Tommy could reconnect like this so quickly, but then, she mused, they'd had something serious when they'd been together; so serious, in fact, that Tommy had proposed to her, only to have her leave him, and the island, weeks before it exploded. "So, how about dinner and then showing me around?"

Tommy frowned. "I can't. I'm going to have to do damage control in about ten minutes as it is."

Sarah frowned. "Damage control?"

Tommy nodded. "I was supposed to be heading to the airport to pick someone up when you and I ran into each other. Trust me, I'm going to be buying flowers for the next six months to make up for not showing."

"I don't get it?"

"He was supposed to pick his fiancée up, but apparently, that rates pretty low on his priorities list." Sarah jumped in shock and Tommy hopped up from his spot, whirling around to face a red faced Kimberly. His heart broke in two when he saw that she was, and had been, crying.


"Oh don't you dare use the b-word with me, Thomas James Oliver," Kimberly warned him. "I came here to inform you that I've spoke to Jason, who at this minute is on his way here with some of the others to get me and my things from your basement. I won't be in your way much longer than necessary, as I can see you've got so much more important things to do." With that, Kimberly spun away from them and followed Conner to his car.

"Oh shit," Tommy murmured, rushing after her, not bothering to greet the others or call out a goodbye to Sarah.

The other doctor of Paleontology looked stricken. "What just happened?"

Kira glared but answered anyway. "Kimberly just told him in no uncertain terms that's she leaving, less than a month before their wedding, thanks to you and Dr. O's stupidity. I hope you're happy." With that, the Yellow Ranger spun on her heel, leaving Sarah to stare at her retreating back. Ethan and Trent shot Sarah looks of apology before traipsing off to find Kira. Hayley and Anton were left to speak with Tommy's former flame.

"Sarah, don't mind the kids," Anton told her, sitting down next to her. "They look to Kimberly as an older sister, and Tommy's hurting her feelings like he did by not picking her up has them a little upset."

"I see that. Had I known he'd had something as important as that to do, I'd have called him later. He never mentioned having something to do."

Hayley nodded. "I believe there's more to Kim's current mood then Tommy not coming to get her from the airport, because I've never known her to get that irrational that fast. I think I'm gonna go round up the kids and find out what's going on." Sarah did not miss the look shared between Anton and Hayley, but the slender woman with burnished gold hair declined to comment.


Conner sat on the lower steps, watching as Kim began going through the boxes in the lair. Jason and some of the others were on their way to pick her up. Even though he'd only known her a short time - only through the summer - he was outraged at the thought of losing her. She'd become more than a mentor, than an idol, she'd become sister, friend, and teammate. 'Way to go, Dr. O! Even I'm not that lame!' Conner thought angrily.

"Conner, out!" Tommy commanded as the Red Ranger stood up, facing his black counter part.

The teenager just shook his head at Tommy. "You'd better find a way to fix this, or else the four of us aren't going to forgive you, but what's more, I don't think we'll ever have any faith in you again." That said, Conner strode up the stairs and left the two adults alone in the lair.

"Kimberly Ann Hart, sit your ass in that chair and don't you dare say anything until I've said my peace!" Tommy's voice boomed throughout the lab. Kimberly was so stunned by his tone and harshness that she sank into the nearest chair and stared at him, tears cascading down her cheeks. Tommy's eyes softened when they got a look at her face. "What's gotten into you? You didn't even let me explain what was going on, you simply flew off the handle."

"I'm sorry!" she sobbed, burying her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking with the force of her muted sobs.

"Beautiful, I was only catching up with an old friend, you didn't need to freak out like that," Tommy chided her, crouching down in front of her chair, his hands resting lightly on her thighs. "I know I should have come to get you myself, but I didn't think you'd freak out like this."

Kim nodded then threw herself into his arms. "I know, I'm sorry."

Tommy held her tightly, confused as hell about her sudden shift in mood. Something was wrong beyond basic jealousy and hurt. "How much did the others tell you about my dating habits?"

"Enough to know you were serious enough about her to ask her to marry you," Kim whimpered, rubbing her face on his chest. 'God, what is wrong with me?' she thought frantically. 'That was then, this is now. I know he loves me, and I know he wants to marry me. What the hell has gotten into me?'

Tommy swore under his breath, held her a little tighter, and started planning Rocky, Jason and Adam's demise. When he was about to say something to Kim, the forest door to the lair opened and five people strode through. Tommy glared at Conner, but the red dressed teenager just pointed to Hayley, who looked sick with worry. "What's wrong?"

"I used my portable scanner on Kimberly," Hayley started, causing the Pink Ranger to raise her eyes to their technical advisor. "There's a reason, a good reason, for you flying off the handle at the café."

Kim sarcastically laughed. "Oh yeah? I'd love to hear it."

"You're hormones levels are higher than normal."

Both Tommy and Kim watched Hayley as she moved to download the scanner's findings into the main computer, still not catching her point. "What's the cause? Her Dino Gem?"

Hayley swallowed. "No."

"Hayley, you're scaring me," Kim whimpered.

"You're pregnant."