Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Prologue: Mercer's Conference
By Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: March 19, 2004
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Rated: R
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: It's the Dino Thunder Season and Tommy's students decide what he needs is a good, old fashioned family reunion, one that they don't realize will bring the good doctor full circle.

Disclaimer: I've been writing fanfics for years, but this is my first Power Ranger fic. Please, be kind.

I don't own Power Rangers or anything associated with them.....though I wouldn't mind knowing JDK a bit more personally ~ _ ^ and anyone who says he doesn't look just as hot with the short spiky hair as he did with the long hair doesn't know a Hottie when they see one!

I haven't watched but five minutes of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, so I'm taking liberties with this story. You will be seeing some very familiar characters here, ones who are much beloved to me, as I can remember watching MMPR from the START. This is my answer to a lot of questions I use to ask during MMPR and through Turbo, when I stopped watching.


He looked at the files spread out before him - some were pictures, some were schematics, some were just type written pages - all of them contained data and information that could ruin the lives of a handful of the world's most powerful people. He felt like GOD himself. 'Or Zordon' he thought with wry humor. It was going to be interesting to see just how far Dr. Thomas Oliver was going to go to save his precious team this time.


She watched him from her perch on the couch. He'd spent the last six hours of such a bright and sunny Saturday bent over his communicator. "Dr O, can I ask you something?"

She heard him grunt at the interruption, before his head came up and he turned those deep brown eyes on her face. "What Kira?"

"How come you don't have any friends?" She blurted out, watching as one of his eyebrows raised in question. "I mean, you're pretty hot for a teacher and all," she started again, a blush rising on her cheeks. "How come you don't have any friends to spend time with outside of school and...well, you know?"

Dr. Oliver sighed and wiped a hand over his face to try and clear his thoughts. 'That is a very good question?' he thought as he looked at her sitting there. How much could he explain to her without looking like an idiot, or worse, a failure. "I have friends Kira, they just don't live around here." Nice one.

"Don't you ever stay in contact with the others?" Her question sent him for a loop. He knew precisely what she meant by 'Others'.

The thought of the others alone seemed to intensify the deep sadness in him, the ache he'd felt the moment he'd first began to lose them all those years ago. Red, Black and Yellow had been the first to leave...then Pink......his heart shuddered at that thought. God alone knew his one deep dark secret where Pink was concerned - his world had never been the same the minute she'd stepped onto that damned plane for Florida. Then to lose Blue...not to mention the second team he'd had...

"Kira here!" the young woman before him quipped, breaking him from his thoughts. Leave the past alone Oliver, he thought to himself as Conner's strained voice floated over Kira's communicator.

"Yeah, got some Drones down in the park, Ethan and I could use some help."

"Dr. O and I are on our way," Kira spoke. Standing, she and Dr. Oliver morphed and then teleported out of the room.


He simply wanted to drop. The battle had been fierce, just as fierce as any other one he'd been through, but Kira's comments still lingered with him as he trudged upstairs to his room. His three charges still sat in the living room, their voices filtering up to him still as he shut his door and walked toward his desk. Taking a deep breath, he reached out for the middle drawer, the one that always remained locked when he wasn't home, and skimmed his fingers over the surface. If he did what his heart was urging him to, he'd be reliving feelings and memories that would never go away. And still, Kira's words haunted him. Reaching above the drawer to the shelf, he reached around the frame of the picture of his parents and older brother and grasped the set of keys behind it.

Selecting the correct one, he inserted it into the lock and then pulled the drawer open. Reaching in, he pulled out a worn, black leather photo album and then walked over to his bed. Carefully, he opened it to the first page, and cursed silently as the tears welled in his eyes at the sight of the picture he found.

They were standing together, all six of them, in what had once been the safest place on Earth, in his opinion. The colors were the same as they'd nearly always been - Red, Blue, Black, Yellow... Pink, and White. Green had long ago been lost. So young then, he thought as he ran a finger tip down her face, so full of hope and love and the meaning of justice.

Turning the page, he laughed through his tears as he caught sight of the two people in the next picture. The young man sitting in the chair had short, cropped brown hair, brown eyes, and the young woman who stood behind him, with her shoulder length caramel colored hair and those doe like eyes that seemed to haunt him no matter what. "Jas, Kim, I miss you so much," he whispered as he turned the next page for the next set of memories.

Other pictures followed, some funny, some goofy, others poignant and sweet. His first date with HER, the first time he and "Jas" had won a competition, sitting at the juice bar during parties, teaching the kids karate, dances, fairs, trying to rebuild the float model for the peace parade. Every picture told a story, every picture held a memory. The faces changed but the feelings stayed the same, they had been a unit, a family, and after everything they'd been through, it had fallen apart. None of them talked with him, in fact the last time he'd seen any of them had been his red predecessor when they'd joined other Red Rangers to scrape Serpentara.

"Guys, I miss you," he whispered as he closed the book and lay back on the bed, eyes closing as more tears trickled in a steady stream down his cheeks.


Downstairs, Kira continued to pace the living room. "Kira, sit down!" Conner growled, grabbing her arm and dragging her to sit between him and Ethan on the couch.

"I can't help it," she whispered to him. "I keep thinking that there has to be something we can do to help him."

"Maybe he doesn't want our help?" Ethan interjected.

Conner and Kira both looked at him and shook their heads. "I have an idea!" Kira cried as she stood up and moved to the bookshelf that was on the other side of Ethan. Scanning the selections quickly, she cried out in triumph when she found what she was looking for.

"His high school year books?" Ethan questioned as Kira plopped down with four books in her lap.

Opening the oldest of the four, Kira began leafing through it until she found something that she hadn't expected. "Hey look!" Conner pointed out as he and Ethan bent closer to the picture. Standing there, ready for what looked like a Martial Arts contest was Dr. O and three other guys.

"The caption says that's Dr. O, Jason Scott, Zach Taylor, and Billy Cranston," Kira read the tiny print below the picture. "It also says this was for some charity event held at their high school for sick kids."

Conner sat back, thinking carefully. "Never would have pegged Dr. O as being into that kinda stuff," he said, Ethan nodding his head in agreement.

"LOOK!" Kira commented as she pointed to another picture. This time, it was Dr. O, the three guys from before and two girls.

"What's it say?" Ethan asked as he bent forward. "Billy Cranston, Zach Taylor, Trini Kwan, Kimberly Hart, Tommy Oliver, and Jason Scott decorating for the Christmas Dance." Ethan read the caption.

"You think these are the friends he never mentions?" Kira asked.

"If they were his friends, you'd think he'd mention them more often," Conner quipped.

"Guys, look at that picture and tell me you don't notice something peculiar about the six of them," Ethan pointed out as the others stared at the picture.

"Ethan, have you been smoking something?" Conner questioned. "I don't see what there is to notice in the pictures other than Dr. O and his friends."

"You idiot," Kira mumbled as she caught the meaning of Ethan's question. "Does the color of their clothing give away something?"

Conner looked down at the photo again and blinked in surprise. Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink and Green. "No way."

"Remember, he said he wasn't the first one of us," Kira pointed as they began to leaf through the other three books. "Besides, we all saw the video."

It's funny, Kira thought as she stared at some of the latter pictures in Dr. O's senior yearbook. There's a group of them that consistently always hung out together. Ethan had grabbed a pen and a piece of paper a half hour before and they'd written down the names of the people who'd consistently been in pictures with their teacher.

"Alright, let's take it to the web," Ethan commented as he went over and sat down at the desktop computer Dr. O let them use. Immediately, he started typing in names in the people finder.

"Well?" Conner questioned ten minutes later. Ethan had a list of phone numbers as he turned back to his friends.

"It seems Dr. O kept some interesting friends," Ethan started as Kira and Connor raised their eyebrows in question. "All the names on that list are people that got some pull in the world. We've got a Nobel Peace Prize winner, three Goodwill Peace Ambassadors, two world famous Martial Artists, a famed Julliard dancer, a famous conservationist, one of the hottest singers in America, and the world's latest gymnastics sweetheart."

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope. Each of us is gonna take three or four and start making the calls," Ethan started as soon as he saw the look on Kira's face.


"Long time no see." The voice was familiar, something that in that moment soothed the frazzled nerves of one of the world's most talented athletes more than a long hot bath, a romance novel, and some chocolate ever could.

"Big Brother!" she cried out in shock, hopping off the apparatus she'd been practicing on.

"Little sister," he whispered, pulling her into a tight hug. "The others are on their way. How are you?"


He nodded and watched the worry seep into her eyes. He'd heard it in her voice two days before when she'd called in a freaked out panic about the invitation she'd gotten. "Your hunch was right."

"How many of the others?"

"It seems everyone, all except Tanya and Justin, who I couldn't get in contact with. What do you think it means?"

Shaking her head, she couldn't be sure. "You've heard about what's happening there, haven't you?"

"Yeah. Can't say I'm happy with him for being in the middle of it though," the male started, watching the tears well in her eyes.

"Jas," she whispered. The walls she'd erected around her heart all those years before had started to crack and crumble. "I got a phone call this morning."

"You too?"

"From a girl named Kira," she started, watching his face and the emotions playing across it. "It seems his team is trying to get all of his friends together for a good old fashioned family reunion."

He laughed at her words. "Yeah, I got a call too. And?"

She glared at him. "I'm not ashamed to say that this whole thing scares me beyond belief. First Mercer's invitation, now I'm getting phone calls from a seventeen year old Power Ranger."

He looked at her solemnly, not knowing how to answer her.


He stood looking out over the downtown district of Reefside, smiling. All but two of his invitations had been returned with a positive for attendance. "Not long now, Oliver, and you're world is gonna come crashing down on you."