Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Epilogue: Calling All Rangers
By Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: June 16, 2004
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Rated: PG 13
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: Arrivals, Introductions, and finding out about the bad guy are the menu of the day

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers, Saban and Disney do. Please don't sue, I'm a poor college student.

Author's Note: This is it, peeps. The end of Ranger Games. Thanks to everyone who reviewed or emailed, it's been cool.

Be on the look out for other works by me, including the all new saga, The Return Of The Great Power, which should be hitting the net by the end of the summer, real life permitting.


"We were right about here," Trent spoke as the six Rangers stood in the crumbling room where the battle had taken place nearly a week past. The wall that had separated the room from the one Kimberly had emerged from had been blown away by the blast. There was an imprint on the far wall where the Ninjetti powers had slammed Mesogog into the brick. Trent looked around and felt his stomach turn. He and his father had forced the Rangers to do this, and four of them had nearly died because of it. 'Hell, Kim's still fighting for her life as it is!' he scolded himself.

"What are we looking for?" Wes questioned as the group fanned out around the room.

"The band that contains Kim's Dino Gem and Morpher," Carter explained as Trent held his out for them to see. "Start looking."

A half hour later, Alyssa cried out in triumph. "Found it!" The five guys moved to gather around the White Wild Force Ranger who was holding the wristband with the pale pink Dino Gem on it.

"Lets get this back to Kim," Lucas spoke as the six made their way back into the hall and down to where the invisi-portal had been left open for them by Hayley and Anton.


"We found it!" Alyssa called out as the six dashed down the hallway toward Kim's room at the hospital. All of the others, with the exception of Tommy, Jason, Zack, Billy and Trini were waiting for them as they slid to a stop. Silently, Alyssa handed Aisha the band and stepped back, watching as Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya and Justin rushed into Kim's room.


"All right, Beautiful," Tommy whispered. "I'm gonna catch a nap. The others went back to my house and Anton's for the night. We're all still here when you're ready to wake up." That said, Tommy drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, just as the sun was rising, bathing the room in bright light, Tommy felt a gentle caress on his cheek. Pulling himself from dreams of Kimberly, chocolate brown opened and met chocolate brown. "Kim?" Tommy croaked.

Kim stood awkwardly in her hospital gown, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, and a very confused look on her face. "Tommy, where am I?"

Kim blinked in surprise as Tommy jumped up, wrapping his arms around her. "Kim?" he whimpered as he crushed her to him, heedless of her injuries.

"Tommy, what happened? Where am I?" Kim frantically asked while he nestled her head under his chin.

"You don't remember what happened?"

Kim sighed. "The last thing I remember is the fight with that walking tin can at the High School."

Tommy winced. Kim had lost nearly a week's worth of memories, and to make matters worse, she's been in a coma for nearly a week and a half. "Kim, do you remember becoming the Pink Dino Thunder Ranger? Don't you remember Tanya and Justin trying to save you?" Tommy carefully asked, pulling back to look at her face as she thought about what he was saying.

Kim looked up at him, her eyes welling. "Oh GOD!" she cried softly, watching Tommy's eyes mist over in tears. Silently, Tommy pulled her close and held her while the floodgates opened. Suddenly, everything that had happened to her while she was under Mesogog's control came rushing back in a torrent that had her reeling as she attempted to sort out the memories.

An indefinite time later, Tommy sat back down in his chair, with Kim sitting on his lap, tucked safely in his arms. Her body wracking sobs had quieted down to sniffles. "Everyone's okay, aren't they?" she asked when Tommy pecked a kiss to her temple.

"Yeah. Trent, Anton and I healed pretty fast. Jason's ankle is pretty much back to normal and everyone else survived with a few scrapes and bruises."

Kim nodded and snuggled back under his chin. "Tommy, I'm so sorry. I always seem to put you through so much!" she cried softly.

Tommy rocked her back and forth, attempting to calm her down. "I'm only so thankful you're ok." The tremor in his voice made Kim's heart throb in anguish. "God, Kim, I was so scared I was gonna loose you!"

"Tommy, I'm sorry."

"DON'T APOLOGIZE!" Tommy commanded, then toned down his voice when he saw her wincing from the harsh sound. "It's not like you did it on purpose. Besides, you tried saving all of us, just like you always do," Tommy reminded her.

Kim's mind still felt the punch of power that she and Katherine had summoned. It had been that last minute addition that had helped the others turn Mesogog back into Anton Mercer.

The knock on the door startled the pair out of their world for two. "Come in!" Tommy called.

Jason's head poked in. "Hey Tommy...KIM!"

Kim's face broke out into a huge grin when Jason shot into the room, followed by Trini, Zack and Billy.

"Hey guys!" Kim laughed when the three boys wrapped her in happy hugs.

Trini finally pushed them all aside before she proceeded to smother her best friend in a bone-crushing hug. "When did you wake up?"

Kim smiled again. "About an hour ago. Tommy still hasn't called to tell the doctors I'm up."

Zack laughed. "Gosh Kimmie!" When Kim's attention was on her black and white dressed friend, he continued. "You sure know how to get into all sorts of trouble, with or without a power coin, huh?"

The group collectively rolled their eyes at him. "How do you feel?" Billy asked softly, receiving a brilliant smile from his pink friend.

"Other than feeling extremely guilty about putting you all through hell yet again, I'm just peachy."

Ignoring her comment, Jason spoke. "We should tell the others, and call the doctor." Jason received eye rolls and groans from his friends at his suggestion.


"Boy, are we glad you're awake!" Aisha gushed as she, Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya and Justin visited with Kim later that afternoon. They had brought magazines, c.d.s, balloons, cards, board games, the works to keep her entertained during her waking hours.

"Me too. Thanks for saving me ass, yet again," Kim laughed. The others shrugged it off and smiled. A knock at the door shifted all of their attention to Jason.

With a guilty grin, Jason spoke. "The others would like to come in and visit."

Kim nodded. "Guess that's our cue to split," Rocky laughed as he bent down and gave Kim a hug, Tanya, Kat, and Justin following suit.

Adam looked at Kim seriously after he pulled back from giving her a hug. "You are going to make the goodbye party at Anton's, right?"

Kim smiled at him after giving Aisha a hug. "You know I wouldn't miss that for the world. See you guys later!"


"What's going on?" Kim asked a few days later as Tommy and the others wheeled her into the arena.

"It's the goodbye party for all of the Rangers," Anton spoke, watching as Kim flinched slightly. He knew she still wasn't use to him being what you would call 'normal'. "It's the least I could do after everything I put you all through. The others should be here soon."

Kim looked up at Tommy in confusion. "Others?"

Tommy smiled and nodded. "The other teams are coming to pick up their missing Rangers. We're going to get to meet everyone." Almost as soon as the words left Tommy's mouth, a rumbling could be heard as the top of the arena opened and three ships set down on the field. Once the noise from the ships had ceased, a yellow hummer, a red jeep, and a white van could be seen entering the arena through a bay door at the end opposite where the Rangers stood.

Zordon's original Rangers watched on as every one of their Earthling successors walked off or out of the vehicles they'd arrived in. Slowly, each pair of Rangers who'd been kidnapped made their ways back to their teams and then stood before the original twelve. "Tommy, Jason," the young man in gray and red spoke as he strode forward.

"Andros," the two older men addressed him.

"Can I have everyone's attention?" Tommy called over the hum of side conversations and reunions. "I'm sure you're missing Rangers will fill you in on what happened to them, but I'd like to introduce everyone if that's ok."

Each group of Rangers nodded their agreement. "My name is Tommy. I'm the original Green and White Morphin' Rangers, the Red Zeo Ranger, the first Red Turbo Ranger, and currently the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. And these are my teams," Tommy motioned to the group of fifteen Rangers standing, or in Kim's case sitting, behind him. "This is Jason, original Red Morphin and the second Gold Zeo; Trini, original Yellow Morphin'; Zack, Black Morphin' 1; Billy, Blue Morphin'." Tommy introduced most of the original team, winking at Kim when she pouted at being forgotten.

"This is Aisha, Yellow Morphin' 2; Rocky, Red Morphin' 2 and Blue Zeo; Katherine, Pink Morphin' 2, Pink Zeo, and Pink Turbo 1; Tanya, Yellow Zeo and Turbo 1; Justin, Blue Turbo; Adam, Black Morphin' 2, Green Zeo and Turbo 1; Kira, Dino Thunder Yellow; Ethan, Dino Thunder Blue; Conner, Red Dino Thunder; Trent, White Dino Thunder, and Kimberly, Original Pink Morphin' and Pink Dino Thunder."

The other teams looked on in awe. Standing before them were the original twelve Rangers as well as the newest. "We're the Turbo 2 and Space Rangers team," Carlos laughed. "I'm Carlos, Green Turbo 2 and Black Space. This is T.J. - Red Turbo 2 and Blue Space; Cassie - Pink Turbo 2 and Space; Ashley - Yellow Turbo 2 and Space; Andros - Red Space; and Zhane - Silver Space."

"I'm Leo, Red Galaxy. This is Kai - Blue, Damon - Green, Maya - Yellow, Kendrix - Pink, and Magma Defender, Mike." The others nodded and watched as Carter strode forward.

"I'm Carter, Red Ranger, Lightspeed Rescue. This is Dana - Pink, Kelsey - Yellow, Chad - Blue, Joel - Green, and the Titanium Ranger, Ryan."

Wes and Lucas cracked up laughing as they both stepped forward. "I'm Wes, Red Ranger, Time Force. This is Eric, Quantum Ranger, Time Force," Wes introduced his friend and then smiled when Lucas motioned to the others.

"I'm Lucas, Blue Ranger, Time Force. This is Jen - Pink, Katie - Yellow, and Trip - Green."

Alyssa rolled her eyes and pushed Cole forward when she realized he had no clue it was his turn. "I'm Cole, Wild Force Red. This is Taylor - Yellow, Max - Blue, Alyssa - White, Danny - Black, and the Lunar Wolf - Merrick."

Tori and Dustin snickered as Shane made his way toward the center of what had become the circle of Rangers as they introduced themselves. "Shane, Red Ranger, Ninja Storm. This is Tori - Blue, Dustin - Yellow, Cam - Green, Hunter - Crimson, and Blake - Navy."

Slowly, Kimberly stood from her chair and made her way to the center of the circle, her eyes meeting with each pair of Rangers that had been stuck with her and her friends on this wild adventure. "I'm sorry you all got dragged into this, but I think despite all the bad things that happened, this is the best thing that happened; we'd have never gotten to meet each other if all of you who were kidnapped hadn't been. Thank you, for everything."

The Dino Thunder Rangers and the original twelve watched as one by one, each team exited the building. When the others were finally gone, the private goodbyes began. "I'm gonna miss having you guys around," Ethan told them as he shook hands and hugged each of the original twelve, with the exception of Tommy and Kim. "Thanks for coming and saving our butts."

"It's been nice having you all here," Kira started as she gave each of them hugs. "Don't be shy, come back and visit often."

Conner shook hands with the guys, gave the girls hugs, and then took his place with his team again. "It's been fun. Thanks for coming."

Trent swallowed and then strode forward, stopping just in front of the ten that were leaving. "Thank you, for helping my dad, for helping me. It's nice to know that the original Power Rangers approve of us newbies," Trent murmured then turned and joined his friends. At Conner's nod, the four turned and left the arena with Anton.

"Guess this is it, huh?" Justin muttered as the group of twelve gathered together. Hugs were shared, as were words of goodbye.

"Ok, so we're all into this? Next reunion in Angel Grove, right?" Rocky quipped, eliciting smiles and laughter from the others.

"We're in," Zack gave him the double thumbs up.

Billy smiled sadly. "The limos are here."

Another round of quick hugs and Tommy and Kim stood there and watched their friends get into the limos Anton had provided for the journey to the airport. "You ok?" Tommy asked as he helped Kim back into her wheelchair.

Kim sniffled and wiped away the tears that had managed to find a path down her cheeks. "No. I miss them already."

Tommy smiled and watched the bay doors close at the other end of the arena once the limos were gone. "Yeah, me too."


"What a rough couple of weeks," Conner muttered as he, Kira, Ethan and Trent collapsed onto Tommy's couch, propping their feet up on the coffee table despite the looks their teacher was giving them.

"It wasn't that bad, was it?" Trent queried. He hadn't heard about their adventure much more than when he was involved.

"Trent," Kira started. She was sitting between him and Conner, hoping to avoid the bickering she was sure would ensue at any moment. Kim had been kind enough to explain a few things to her over the last couple of days regarding Conner and Trent, and their feelings toward Kira.


Ethan shook his head. "So, Kim, what are you gonna be doing now that you're out of the hospital?" All eyes turned toward the Pink Ranger.

Kim shrugged. "Honestly, I'm not sure. Tommy and I both agreed that I should hang around a while longer until I'm almost a hundred percent better, but I need to get back to Florida, and my training eventually," Kim started, watching four faces fall. She didn't even dare look over at Tommy, who was standing in the archway leading to the kitchen. "Without the threat of Mesogog breathing down your necks, you really don't need me hanging around."

"Don't need but want," Kira informed her, causing Kim to smile. It was nice to feel wanted.

"Besides," Ethan started. "If you leave, Dr. O's gonna go all grumpy teacher on us again."

"HEY!" Tommy protested.

Kim and the others laughed. "We'll see," Kim smiled at the younger Ranger. "It's up to your teacher how long he wants me to stay."

"How does forever sound to you?" Tommy asked. Kim turned to face him, to see if he was just joking or if he was as serious as his voice sounded.

"Are you serious?"

Tommy looked at her, his expression pure steel. "Dead serious."

The four teenagers watched the exchange between their teacher and his girlfriend in silent awe. "I've got a hundred bucks that says we're gonna be helping plan a wedding and Ranger Reunion before summer's out," Trent smirked.

Conner and Ethan laughed while Kira's face went serious. "Sorry, I don't bet when I know I'm gonna loose." Kira's comment had the four teenagers cracking up, all the while Tommy and Kim were oblivious to the conversation.

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