Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Chapter 8: Secrets Of The past
By Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: June 16, 2004
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> Rated: PG 13
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: Can the gang save Kim, or is it too late?

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Author's Note: Thanks to Lessa and Jang for joining me on this wild ride that was Ranger Games. Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews or emails or whatever!


The group of six friends stared at the Pink Ranger in shock. None of them had had the opportunity yet to see what Mesogog had done to their friend, but now the results were staring them in the face. Kim was back in uniform, but this time she was on Mesogog's side. "Kim?" Aisha sputtered as she stared at her best friend in shock. She could see, even through the tint of the visor, that it was indeed Kimberly in that suit.

"Welcome Rangers," the Pink Ranger spoke, her voice devoid of emotion. Kat shook her head, lowering her gaze to the floor as angry tears burned her eyes, her thoughts on how this shouldn't have ever happened to Kim after Murianthias. Rocky pinched the bridge of his nose with his right thumb and forefinger, hoping to ward of the inevitable headache. Adam's lips were pursed, his eyes wide, and his voice silent, wondering exactly how they were going to save their friend. Billy's mouth hung open; the former Blue Ranger couldn't quite grasp the fact that one of his best friends was now working for the enemy. And of all of them, it was Tommy who stood there, his face shining. He didn't care that Kim was against them at the moment; all he cared about was that she was safe, alive, and not laying in some chamber around here, dead.

"Beautiful," Tommy's voice was soft, tender, and full of love. Mesogog and the White Ranger stood off to the side and laughed as Tommy attempted to connect with the Pink Ranger. "Oh God, Beautiful," Tommy murmured. His eyes were soft and slightly pleading as he gazed down into the visor of the Pink Dino Thunder Ranger.

Mesogog's next roar of laughter brought the others out of their stupor. "You're wasting your breath, Dr. Oliver!" the prehistoric villain laughed. "She is under my control. Nothing you say or do will break that. Once she and my White Ranger have taken care of the six of you, she will take her rightful place at my side, as my queen, when I begin my domination of this world."

Tommy blocked everything but the steady rhythm of Kim's heartbeat and breathing out of his mind. Slowly, so as not to scare her, Tommy took baby steps toward her. "Beautiful," he spoke her nickname again, hoping beyond hope to jar her from Mesogog's control. "It's me, Beautiful, it's me Tommy, your White Knight," he whispered as he finally stopped just inches in front of her.

Kimberly's gaze shifted upward, so she could still look into his face. Her hands were at her sides, clenching and unclenching, the only sign that she was even listening to what Tommy was saying.

The White Ranger laughed. "Face it, Black Ranger," the white clad man laughed. "Not even your tender words and familiar voice can break Mesogog's hold on her."

The team watched on as Tommy continued to ignore everything and everyone but Kim. "Come on Beautiful," Tommy murmured to her. "It's time to go home. Come with me, Kim, come home with me."

It was a Mexican standoff as far as Aisha could tell. No matter how much Tommy spoke to her, Kim just wasn't budging from her spot. However, Aisha did notice something. Kim's stance in front of Tommy was not like the White Ranger or Mesogog's, it was almost as if the Pink Ranger was trying to hide something from them all, something only Tommy seemed to understand. "I don't get it," Kat muttered. Aisha did though. She saw the way Kim slowly nodded her head, the movement so minimal that not even Mesogog or the White Ranger, let alone the others on the team, would notice, but Tommy, like Aisha, had noticed it. Realization caused a bright smile to spread across Aisha's face.

"Look, let's just get this over with, shall we?" Aisha muttered as Mesogog and the White Ranger laughed.

"Eager to die, my dear Aisha?" Mesogog asked as the group suddenly took defensive stances.

Aisha smirked at him. "Nope, I'm eager to get my best friend out of here and back home where she belongs." Rocky, Kat, Adam, and Billy all looked to Aisha like she'd lost her mind, but followed her none the less, as it was perfectly clear that Tommy was too out of it with Kim, to lead them.


The Pink Ranger hadn't anticipated the force that hit her when she'd merged the two pieces of the Pink Dino Gem. Nor had she thought that the full power of the Pink Gem would amplify the control Mesogog had exerted over her or over the gem itself.

But that's exactly what happened.

Kimberly was waging an internal war with herself in the aftermath of making the Pink Gem whole. In her mind, there were two Kimberly's. One wore a pair of black jeans and a pink tank top while the other was decked out in white short shorts and a pink tee shirt. Each represented a side of the first generation Power Ranger.

"Give it up, Pinkie," the Kim in black sneered as the one in white looked at her. "You think you can beat Lord Mesogog? Think again."

The Kim dressed in white shorts shook her head. "You don't get it do you?" the one who represented the real Kim asked. "You may be a part of her, the part that Lord Zedd, Maligore, and Mesogog saw and see, but you're not the real Kim. You aren't the reason Zordon chose her to be a Power Ranger, you aren't the reason the others are friends with her, and you aren't the reason Tommy loves her. I am."

The one who represented Kim's dark side started laughing. "That may be, but thanks to the Dino Gem, I'm the one with the power, the one in control. Let's see how her friends do against a Kim they aren't used to." With that, the one in black disappeared, leaving the other trapped.


"The time has come," Mesogog hissed. "My Rangers, dispose of Dr. Oliver and his friends."

Old instincts kicked in, allowing the group of friends to drop into ready stances behind Tommy, who was still oblivious to the rest of the world. "You will not be able to stop me," the White Ranger laughed at the group.

"We're going to try anyway," Rocky muttered as he settled into the familiar stance. Reaching deep down, each member of the group grasped onto the power that was inside them, the power that had been there even before Zordon had made them Rangers, the power that being Ninjetti had helped them recognize.

"ATTACK!" Mesogog yelled as the White Ranger lunged forward, his first target Tommy.

"NO!" The word ripped from the Pink Ranger's throat just as she struck a hand out, stopping the White Ranger in mid movement. "He's mine." Nodding, the White Ranger moved to face the other five while the Pink Ranger stood in front of Tommy.

The five former Rangers looked at each other in worry. Even with the power of the Ninjetti backing them, the five knew they stood a pretty good chance of losing this fight. "Keep him busy until Tommy gets Kim freed, then we attack with everything we've got," Rocky commanded, taking up his duties as second in command again. Four heads nodded in agreement as the five readied themselves.

"Let's do it!" Adam cried, as each of them began the process of calling the familiar power forth.

"Ninjetti!" the group cried.

"The Frog!"

"The Wolf!"

"The Ape!"

"The Bear!"

"The Crane!" Kat was the last to call on her power, only to have the exact opposite of what she was expecting to happen. "GUYS!" Kat cried out in shock.

Rocky, Adam, Aisha and Billy looked over. Instead of seeing the Pink Ninja, they still saw Kat. "Oh crap!" Aisha muttered. "Kat, try it again!"

"THE CRANE!" Again, when Kat called upon the power of the Pink Crane, it never answered her.

"Kat, get behind us!" Rocky commanded as the four Ninjas strode forward, placing themselves between the White Ranger and the powerless Katherine.

Meanwhile, Mesogog stood on the other side of the room, taking in both battles. The White Ranger faced the five former Rangers while his Pink Ranger stood before Tommy, seemingly ignoring her former lover. "She's mine, Dr. Oliver, and there's nothing you can do to help her."

Tommy heard Mesogog, heard the commotion going on with his friends behind him, but he knew that for them to overcome this challenge, they were going to need Kim's help. "Beautiful," Tommy whispered, hoping the familiar nickname would jar her memory.

"Tommy." His name was whispered so softly, so tenderly, it brought tears to Tommy's eyes. He watched her eyes through the visor, watched as she struggled for control.


"NO!" Mesogog roared, throwing his hand up as if to hurtle a force blast in Kim and Tommy's direction.

At the sound of Mesogog's voice, something inside the White Ranger snapped. Forgetting about his opponents, the White Ranger turned just in time to see Mesogog release a burst of energy at the unsuspecting Tommy and Kim.

His body moved of it's own accord, confusing him even as he felt the searing heat of the power. Tommy stood in stunned shock as the White Ranger collapsed to his knees, his visor turned to look up at him and Kim. "Trent!" Kim cried out as the White suit vanished, leaving the teenager staring up at his teammate. "Oh God, Trent!" Kimberly hit her knees, her arms going around him while Mesogog, Tommy and the others watched on in shock. "WHY?" Kim pleaded with him.

Even as Kim's words penetrated Trent's pain filled thoughts, he could only reply, "For Kira, for you." With that, the White Ranger passed out in Kim's arms.

Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy and Kat looked on in shock, watching as Kim slowly laid Trent's smoking body on the floor. Her eyes were still on her former teammate as she stood, but when her gaze came up, the others watched on in horror as her body, and her eyes, started glowing a hazy pink. "Uh oh," Adam muttered as the group unconsciously nodded.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Kim cried out angrily. "HE'S YOUR SON!" Rocky, Adam, Kat, Billy and Aisha blinked rapidly, wondering exactly what Kim was talking about, while Tommy stood there shaking his head.

"He's a traitor!" Mesogog hissed. "Just like you. But I know how to get you back, my dearest Pink Ranger. DIE DR. OLIVER!" Mesogog released another blast of power, this time directly at Tommy.

"TOMMY!" the group cried out, watching again as the miraculous happened. Kimberly leapt from her spot next to Trent's body and placed her own pink clad body between Tommy and the force blast. Unbelievably, Kimberly managed to deflect a large amount of the power back at Mesogog. However, she also absorbed a good portion of the impact, which threw her back into Tommy's arms, where she lay limp as a wet noodle.

Tommy's arms were wrapped around her, even as his brain worked to process what had just happened. First Trent, now Kim. "Oh God!" Tommy muttered as he sank to his knees, Kim's body cradled against his chest. "Kim, oh God, no!" Tommy rocked back and forth

Mesogog's laughter was all that could be heard in the room as the former Rangers looked at Tommy cradling Kim's lifeless body in his arms, rocking back and forth as he muttered and sobbed her name.


"YOU!" the black clad woman hissed as she stood before her white dressed counterpart.

The woman in white smirked. "Yes me, and in case you didn't notice, she also managed to get through to Trent."

"You bitch!" the woman in black hissed as she flew forward, only to be thrown back as the woman in white threw a hand up, let it glow pink, and forced the other back.

"You underestimated her, which is exactly what everyone who doesn't know her has a tendency to do. She's not weak, she's not feeble, and she's not incapable of defending herself. Which means I'm not weak, not unable to defend myself," the woman in the white smiled. "Love and Friendship are the two most powerful feelings in the entire universe, something that those of evil never understand. Now that you've had your fun, it's my turn, and this time, you aren't ever going to be able to come out again. THE CRANE!"


As the two Kim's warred against one another, the four Ninjas joined Tommy, who'd called upon his Ninjetti powers, in front of Mesogog. Kat sat on the floor behind them between the unconscious Kim and Trent. "This ends now," Tommy growled. Mesogog sneered.

"Right you are, Dr. Oliver, right you are."

"Let's do it guys!" Tommy called as the group and Mesogog started to glow.


"The Falcon!"

"The Ape!"

"The Frog!"

"The Wolf!"

"The Bear!"

Mesogog's own voice was drowned out by the five calls, by the roar of power that announced the arrival of the Ninjetti Animal Spirits.

As the battle raged on, Kat sat between the two fallen Rangers, her emotions a whirl of hurt, confusion, and anxiety. "Kat?" At the whispery sound of her name, Katherine looked down at the one who'd spoken.

There was Kimberly, moving slowly but surely to sit up. Automatically, Kat wrapped an arm around Kim and helped her to a sitting position. "KIM!"

"Kat, take my hand, and when I give the signal, we've got to give it everything we've got." Katherine looked at her friend in confusion, not really understanding what Kim was getting at. "One...two...THREE!"

At Kim's signal, both girls shouted, "THE CRANE!" They watched as the pink power that had been shared between them was released to soar toward the building power of the others. Katherine watched on in amazement as the pink power joined the others, then slammed into Mesogog, who turned back into Anton Mercer in a series of screams, screeches, and roars.

"Kim, we did it! That's exactly what was missing!" Giddy, Katherine turned to look over at Kim, but instead of seeing her friend smiling at her, Kimberly was once again laying on the ground, this time not breathing. "KIM!"


The private waiting room at Reefside General Hospital was filled with anxious Rangers. Each of them was antsy, waiting on news of Kimberly, Trent, Anton and Tommy's conditions. "I never thought we'd have to go through this again," Aisha muttered.

"No kidding. The first time through with Kim was bad enough, and then Rocky's accident," Adam muttered. "This is worse." For all the power the past and present Rangers had, there were still some times when real doctors, and a real hospital, were needed.

"Dana?" Jason called out as the blonde in pink scrubs walked into the room, shutting the door behind her.

All eyes turned to stare at the Pink Lightspeed Ranger. "Tommy's fine. He's dehydrated, bruised and has a concussion."

The group nodded. Of the group that had faced Mesogog, Tommy had taken the brunt of the backlash of power. Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Billy, and Kat had escaped with a few bruises and cuts. "What about Dr. Mercer, Trent and Kim?" Trini asked softly.

Dana swallowed hard. "Trent and Anton have got some minor things wrong. Broken ribs, Trent's got a separated shoulder and dislocated elbow while Anton's got a concussion, some memory loss, a broken arm, broken collarbone, and some broken fingers. On top of that, they've both got extensive bruises and some minor lacerations."

"And Kimberly?" Kat growled, instinctively knowing that Dana was withholding information.

Dana's eyes shot to Carter's face, begging for his help. "Dana, how bad is it?" Carter questioned as he walked toward her.

Again, Dana swallowed the lump in her throat. "It's bad. She's suffered severe blood loss, multiple fractures to her ribs, legs, arms. She's got two breaks in her collarbone and a concussion," Dana spoke, again withholding a bit of the information she knew would scare them.

Kira stepped forward, her eyes welling. "Dana, what else is wrong with her?" The Yellow Ranger saw the tears well in Dana's eyes and nearly lost her battle with her own.

Taking a deep breath, Dana closed her eyes and told them. "She's in a coma. Her heart stopped several times. We almost couldn't save her." Dana finally dissolved into tears and quiet sobs, automatically seeking comfort in Carter's arms.

The linkage of power and comfort among the original Rangers was instantaneous. Kat's hand shot out, joining with Jason's, who's other hand had a firm grip on Trini's. Billy had a hold of Trini's other hand while Zack's own hand was clasped onto Billy's shoulder. Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tanya and Justin surged forward, each touching one of the others in a comforting way, linking them all.

The younger Rangers watched on in quiet awe. Each pair of Rangers from the other teams gathered together on one side of the room, while Hayley, Kira, Conner and Ethan sat together, digesting the news about their teammates.

"Does Tommy know?" Jason's question was asked with a carefully controlled voice. His best friend and little sister were both injured, one of them fighting for their life, he had to know if Tommy knew about Kim.

Dana shook her head. "No. I didn't want to upset him. The doctors are going to release him in a few minutes."

"What about Trent and Dr. Mercer?" Carter asked.

"Tomorrow at the earliest. With the Ranger powers Trent had, he should be good as new soon, Tommy too. Anton's going to be slow moving for a while."

Alyssa's voice brought the others' attention back to the problem at hand. "There's nothing we can do for Kimberly, is there?"

Dana nearly started crying again. "No. It's just a waiting game now."

"THIS SUCKS!" Justin hissed angrily, causing both Tanya and Kat to move to wrap him in their arms. "It's not fair! After everything they've been though, she might not even make it! Haven't they suffered enough already?"

Both Kat and Tanya were at a loss as to how to sooth Justin. Jason automatically moved to pull Justin into his arms for a crushing hug. "Justin," Jason's voice was rough with emotion. When the nineteen year old looked up at him, Jason continued. "Kim and Tommy have been through a lot, this is just another bump in the road. She's a fighter, she's going to make it through this."

All of the side conversations stopped when Tommy was wheeled into the room in a wheelchair. "All right, one of you had better tell me what's up with Anton, Trent and Kim," Tommy growled.

Kat and Jason slowly moved to kneel next to Tommy's chair. "Trent and Anton are gonna be laid up for a while yet. Dana said Trent was pretty lucky; his Ranger powers will help him recover. Anton isn't so lucky, but he's none the worse for wear," Kat spoke, knowing Jason should be the one to break the news to Tommy about Kim.

Tommy nodded. "What about Kim?" The Room went eerily silent. "Jason?"

Jason took a deep breath. "It's bad, Tommy," he started.

The look on Tommy's face made each of the others pale. "How bad?"

"She's pretty banged up," Jason started again. "Her heart stopped..."

"NO!" Tommy hollered.

Jason motioned for him to calm down. "They managed to restart it. She's alive, but she's in a coma, and Dana said they don't know when...or if...she'll come out of it."

The group of gathered Power Rangers watched as Jason's words sunk in to Tommy's mind and heart. "Oh God." Tommy's eyes closed as tears trickled down his face. "I want to see her."

Dana moved from Carter's side to kneel with the others in front of Tommy. "She's still in surgery. They were finishing up with the stitches when I came out," Dana told him, watching his face crumble. Slowly, Dana moved to step back as Tommy's friends and students rallied around him.


"You still haven't left yet, have you?" T.J.'s voice pulled Tommy from his near exhausted sleep.

"I'm not leaving until she wakes up," Tommy stubbornly replied as T.J. sighed.

"What happens if she never wakes up?" T.J. asked, receiving a death glare from his Red predecessor. "Tommy, you have to face the possibility that she may never get out of this bed."

A sudden familiar beeping noise interrupted the conversation. "Go ahead Hayley."

"We've found it. Kira, Conner and Ethan are on their way with it."

"Good. Tommy out."


Conner, Kira and Ethan trudged their way from the hospital entrance, through the new and improved security checkpoints that had been created by Kim's stay in the hospital - it's not everyday a America's Gymnastics Sweetheart landed in the hospital beat to hell - and up to the room where Kim had been moved after she was released from intensive care. When the trio walked in, T.J. and Tommy were talking quietly next to Kim's bed. "Well?" Tommy asked them.

"We felt weird going through her things," Ethan muttered as Kira purposefully strode forward, thrusting the bag she held at her teacher and fellow Ranger.

"They sent me in. Both items requested are in there," Kira murmured as Tommy nodded.

"Thanks guys," Tommy spoke, taking the silver and pink communicator from the bad and placing it around Kim's wrist before pulling out the small, white Teddy Bear - the same he'd given her the last time she'd been stuck in the hospital - and tucked it in her arms.

After nearly a week in the hospital, Kimberly still hadn't woken up. Both of the breaks to her collarbone hadn't been as bad as originally thought - the fractures were hairline ones that had healed rather quickly. Most of the cuts and bruises were gone as well. Tommy sighed. She'd been damn lucky to have the power backing her up during the fight and for her recovery; otherwise she'd have probably died.

"Did you find the other thing I asked you to look for?" Tommy asked the trio.

"Trent left this morning with Alyssa, Danny, Lucas, Wes and Carter to search for it," Conner informed the two older Rangers, who nodded.

"Then all we can do now, is wait," T.J. spoke as all eyes went to Kimberly's still form.