Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Chapter 5: Yellow And Blue To The Rescue
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

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Rated: PG 13
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: Tanya, Justin and the Rangers with them try to bust Kim free. The others gathered in RG Arena start in on their games.

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"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew" - From Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare


The alarm blaring was the Rangers' first indication that someone knew they were out of their cell. Their second was the shouting that could be heard just ahead of them as they all crept down the darkened hallway. "That's that ugly goon we faced earlier," Justin muttered as he and Tanya peered around the corner, spotting Zeltrax ahead commanding Tyrano-drones to search for the group.

"Yeah, and he's headed this way. How many of you guys still have your powers?" Tanya pointedly asked the other rangers, her mind moving a mile a minute to formulate a plan. 'This is more Billy's area of expertise, but hey, I can do this' she thought as several of the other Rangers raised their hands. Not all of them still had powers.

Tanya's thoughts were scattered the second the creepy voice infiltrated her head. "Well, well, what do we have here?" Zeltrax boomed as he watched the group of rangers start to inch their way back down the hall.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," the smooth voice hissed, causing the rangers to whirl around, only to come face to face with Mesogog.

Justin's eyes went wide, as did Alyssa's. Dustin and Cam merely stared, while Wes and Carter growled. Dana and Danny both gulped. T.J., Carlos, Lucas and Damon dropped into defensive stances. Maya's gaze immediately went to Tanya, who the group had informally dubbed the leader. "Where's Kimberly?" Tanya hissed at Mesogog.

Mesogog merely smiled at her. "Safe. Whether she remains that way is solely up to you." The group's shoulders suddenly dropped. He had them right where he wanted them. "If you'll follow me, you'll see exactly what I've been doing with your friend."

Reluctantly, the group resolved themselves to following him to find Kim.


Back at the arena, the group of friends reluctantly looked over the matchboard that Ms. Lola had with her. They would compete against everyone present in a best two of three set. All of the matches were fascinating to watch, but the competition of hand to hand took all day. However, there were a few memorable moments.

One of the biggest upsets of the competition came as Aisha and Rocky were facing one another. Rocky had won the first match, and Aisha had taken him in the second, but it was the third that surprised the others.

"Come on Rocky!" Zack cheered as Billy and Adam shot him glances. The pair had already finished their match, with Adam winning, so they'd been put in charge of scoring Rocky and Aisha's.

Tommy watched on with a sense of mirth as Aisha evaded Rocky's every attack. 'She still remembers all our training as Ninjetti' he thought as her movements took him back to when they'd first had that power. However, he could also see why Rocky was getting his butt kicked. The former red and blue Ranger kept taunting his yellow counterpart, so much so that Aisha, from the look Tommy saw on her face, was determined to beat Rocky at his own game.

"WHOA!" Adam gasped as he, Tommy, Billy and Zack winced when Aisha pinned Rocky's ass to the ground.

"Point for Aisha, who wins by the way," Billy tried to contain his laughter at the former red and blue Ranger, who was currently sitting under one hundred and ten pounds of solid, skilled Aisha, who couldn't keep a grin off her face. He failed. Billy bent over, laughing until he was red in the face. Adam and Zack both bit their lips as they watched Rocky looking up at his girlfriend.

Rocky felt like crawling in a deep, dark hole to hide from the smile Aisha was giving him. It had been a long time since she'd wiped the floor with him; in fact, the last time she'd actually done it had been right before Kimberly had left the team, when she and Kim had been trying to prove a point to him and the others. "Damn Sha, couldn't you leave the man a little more pride?" Jason quipped as Aisha turned to glare at him.

"That's what he gets for thinking his girlfriend is a wimp. He forgot I trained just like him before we joined the team," Aisha grinned as she sat on Rocky's stomach and looked down at him. Her glare was enough to have the former red Ranger wincing. "And that I continued with that training after joining said team. Just because I've spent the last seven years as a civilian, doesn't mean that I've lost what I learned."

Adam shook his head. "Man, Rocky, got your ass kicked by a girl, and not just any girl, your best friend and girlfriend to boot." With that, all of the girls turned to glare at the former black and green Ranger. "Not that that's a bad thing."

"Adam, stop while you're ahead," Conner sagely gave the older man advice. "Trust me, any more and you'll be eating your shoe for dinner." Adam nodded, and then the group broke off into more pairs to finish the matches.

As expected, Tommy and Jason's match was one the entire team stopped to watch. Conner, Kira and Ethan had never see anyone who could match Dr. O blow for blow, not until Jason. The pair moved in perfect sync, each able, even after being away from each other for so long, to counteract and predict the other's move. At the end of three matches, it was determined that the pair shared the only tie of the day.

By the end of the day, the standings were thus: Ethan 2 wins 9 losses; Kira 5 wins 6 losses; Conner 3 wins 8 losses; Tommy 10 wins, 0 losses, 1 tie; Jason 9 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie; Rocky 9 wins 2 loses; Adam 8 wins 3 losses; Aisha 7 wins 4 losses; Trini 5 wins 6 losses; Billy 4 wins 7 losses, Kat and Zack 2 wins and 9 losses a piece.

As Ms. Lola was going over the scores, both Tommy and Jason frowned as they got a look at the last two. They'd expected both Kat and Zack to better than that. Without really thinking, the two ex leaders went off to speak to their teammates, Jason choosing Zack and Tommy choosing Kat.

"Want to talk about it?" Tommy asked as he sat down on the bench next to Kat, who had her face buried in her hands. Her shoulders shook slightly. Tommy leaned over and ran a soothing hand down her back, knowing she needed time to compose herself.

"I did so great the other day," she started, turning to look at him. His face showed his surprise that she was crying, eyes red and water trails spanning her cheeks. "I just couldn't concentrate today. It's not like I didn't know what I was doing; I know how to fight, I know what I'm capable of. But all I kept seeing was one of my best friends getting kidnapped by an ugly goon."

Tommy's features softened as he pulled her to him, hugging her tightly. While they had parted many years before on amicable terms, he still cared deeply for her, and would even venture to say he loved her, as much as anyone could love someone who was just like a sister. 'Yeah, sister, right. This is coming from a guy who dated her' he thought. It was ironic he'd use that term with Kat, when so many years before something similar had been said of him in regards to Kimberly. However, his mind reasoned, he and Kat, while they had dated, had never been truly close. He'd been too wrapped up in his own problems with Kim and the team, and Kat herself had been just as reserved when they were together. "I'm going to get eliminated, aren't I?" she asked a few moments later as she watched Jason across the field talking to a pissed off Zack.

Tommy wanted to lie to her, but when she looked up at him with THAT look in her eyes, he knew he couldn't. "More than likely, it's gonna be you and Zack, who knows how many of the others. Anton isn't exactly playing by the rules anymore."

Kat nodded, settling back onto the shoulder of her 'brother'. 'That's a funny term to give him, since we did date' Kat thought ironically. 'But somehow, that term fits him better in regards to me then boyfriend ever did'. "That's alright. I just wish there was more I could do to help you guys get them, HER, back," she muttered as Tommy hugged her again.

"You're doing more than enough. Stop worrying." Suddenly, the pair was beckoned to where the others were gathering.

"Well?" Kat asked, wiping the tears from her eyes as she and Tommy joined the group circled around the newly arrived Anton.

"Mr. James and Mr. Taylor have been eliminated from the next competition. They will be allowed to stay, but they will not be allowed to interfere, is that understood?" The two nodded. Kat shot Tommy a look. They were both wondering how exactly Kat had managed to scrap by in not getting counted out. "Good, now, I've had a feast prepared for you in the common room, and then my staff shall show you to your rooms." With that, Anton turned and began walking out of the room, the Rangers reluctantly following. Trini and Billy slung their arms around a depressed Zack, while Conner did the same with Ethan who currently had Kira hanging off his arm, and Jason wrapped a protective arm around Kat's waist as she snuggled close to him, quietly asking what he thought of the situation. Aisha and Rocky were also sharing a private conversation as they followed the group, arms wrapped around each other's waists. Only Adam and Tommy remained a few moments later.

Adam titled his head to the side, watching Tommy, whose eyes were heavenward, staring up through the skylights in the arena to the stars beyond. "You ok?"

Tommy didn't answer. Truthfully, he didn't have an answer. Tearing his gaze from the sky, he looked over at Adam, hoping to convey what he was feeling. "I know how you feel Tommy. You're empty without her; I'm the same way when Tanya and I aren't together, which is most of the time. However, I can only imagine how tough it's been for you these last eight years. You've probably had that feeling that entire time."

Tommy nodded. Adam understood him more than he thought his friend would or could. "She's my other half, Adam, she has been since the moment I laid eyes on her," Tommy whispered. Adam had heard the story from Billy when he, Aisha and Rocky had first joined the team. They'd been talking about the adventures of the original team, while watching Tommy show Kim a meditation exercise in the Youth Center, and the story of how the pair had come to be a couple had come out. "I ache so much right now, not having her by my side when I spent the better part of the weekend having her there. And I'm afraid - afraid I'm not strong enough to save her, afraid I'm going to fail you guys, afraid of what Anton and Mesogog combined will do to those I hold dear."

"Tommy," Adam started, as the pair turned and walked into the bowels of the arena. "As Rangers, we dealt with those fears on a daily basis. As a current Ranger, you still do. You can't honestly tell me it's a new feeling for you."

Tommy shook his head as the two followed the voices of their friends. As they walked through the doors of the locker room to start showering and changing, he answered. "No, but this time it's more powerful, more urgent, then it's ever been."


The group entered the semi lit room single file. There was a table set up in the middle where Tyrano-drones hovered over whatever was on it. Near the control panel, was Elsa, aka Biker Chick, typing in some sort of command into the keyboard. Mesogog let Zeltrax watch over the Rangers as he moved toward the table. "Ms. Hart, I believe you have some guests." At the sound of his voice, the Tyrano-drones immediately moved away from the table, revealing a tied down Kimberly, who struggled to get free.

"Guys!" she cried out. The others weren't sure if she was surprised or happy that they were in the room. "LET ME GO!" she yelled as she attempted to free herself.

Mesogog smiled. "Now, now, Ms. Hart, your friends are here to watch the show," he informed her, watching as she glared at him. For a moment, he hesitated, a feeling of relief that she was tied to the table flashing through him. 'If she was able, she would try to tear you apart' he thought, and then smiled. 'Not that that wouldn't be interesting, but she has no clue how fast I could kill her if I wanted'.

"Kim," Tanya and Justin called to their struggling friend, hoping their voices would calm Kimberly down.

The former Pink Ranger looked up at the morphed Rangers and blinked. "Tanya? Justin?" she asked, her hope soaring a bit.

"Just calm down Kim, struggling isn't going to do any good right now," Justin murmured. It had been a long time since he'd seen the woman who held his friend's heart. "The others are still out there, they'll get us out."

Mesogog, Elsa and Zeltrax's laughter made the Rangers wince. "You think you're pathetic friends can save you from my master?" Zeltrax asked, amusement clearly evident.

"Elsa, is it ready?" Mesogog asked as the woman nodded, a dark smile playing across her features. "Good, then begin."

The Rangers watched in shock as the laser that was pointed at the table where Kim lay began to glow. "NO!" the group cried out, shaking off the restraining hands of the Tyrano-drones. Justin and Tanya dove for Kimberly, while the others engaged the Tyrano-drones. Zeltrax and Elsa jumped forward, blocking the two Rangers from getting far.

"Get out of my way!" Tanya growled as she parried and threw punches at Zeltrax.

Zeltrax merely laughed. "Not until my master's plan is set into motion. You will join your friend when this is all over."

Justin had a strict rule about hitting girls, he didn't. You never, ever hit a girl. Heck, even sparing with Kat and Tanya all those years ago he'd not wanted to do so. However, there were times, like now, when he made an exception to the rules. Instead of firing back his own punches at Elsa, he merely deflected hers and attempted to subdue her by more peaceful means. Elsa had other plans, as she tried to kill Justin's honor and get him to hit her back. "You're too much like that pathetic Tommy for your own good," Elsa spat at Justin.

"You know what, I don't have time for this, my friend needs me." With that, Justin did a super leap over Elsa, his hands on her shoulders, and landed behind her. He then gave her a slight push, knocking her off balance and into Zeltrax, causing the two to tumble to the floor in a pile of arms and legs.

"KIM!" Tanya called as she and Justin surged forward. Even with the speed they drew from the powers they held, they were too late to stop Mesogog.

The laser's energy beam had engulfed Kimberly's entire body, causing her to glow a dull pink. "Let her go, Dino-trash!" Justin growled. He and Tanya watched as Mesogog stood off to the side, smirking at them.

"And now, the final preparations of my plan have been completed!" Mesogog called as the group, having defeated the Tyrano-drones, watched the restraints that had held Kim to the table snap, the former Pink Ranger's body levitating.

"Oh my god," T.J. muttered as the group watched Kim's body go vertical. The look on her face, as the pink glow stopped, was one of pure serenity. "Kimberly?"

When Kim's eyes snapped open, both Tanya and Justin shuttered. They'd only seen that look on her face once before, and that had been the first time they'd met her as Turbo Rangers. "Dear God, not again," Tanya prayed as Justin shook his head.

"Look what we have here?" Kim's voice was laced with every emotion that she'd fought against as a Power Ranger - hate, anger, rage. "Pesky power brats."

"Allow me to introduce to you, my champion," Mesogog murmured delightfully as Kimberly's feet touched the ground. Her civilian clothes were gone, in their place a black and pink replica of the Dino Thunder Rangers' uniforms.


After dinner, the group of competing Rangers had been shown to what looked like dorm rooms. "He can't honestly think we're going to sleep here," Kira asked as she, Kat, Aisha and Trini started to settle down in their room.

"Kira, face it, we're stuck until this is over with," Aisha yawned, slipping under the covers of her bunk, which was over Kat's.

Kat yawned along with her. "Aisha's got a point. However, I think we should all take turns keeping watch, incase someone gets it into their head to mess with us." All eyes turned toward the now silent Trini, who sat on her bunk, just under Kira's, eyes closed, breathing even.

"I'll take first watch," Trini's voice slurred slightly, causing both Aisha and Kat to raise eyebrows in question. "I'm alright, you guys just pulled me from some meditation. Go to sleep, I'll wake the next person up in two hours."

While the girls were drifting off to sleep, the guys were holding conversations of their own as they attempted to doze off. "Can I ask you three something?" Rocky questioned Conner, Ethan and Tommy, all of whom he was sharing a room with.

"What is it Rocko?" Tommy yawned as he attempted to get comfortable. He was missing his bed, he was missing his room, but most of all, he was missing having a certain someone asleep next to him. 'Got to shake this melancholy attitude, Oliver' he chided himself. 'She only spent a few nights with you, who knows what is going to happen after this is all over'.

"You've all met the big baddie, right?" Rocky asked, receiving three yawns and head nods in reply. "What's his deal?"

Conner and Ethan laughed as Tommy rolled his eyes. "Dude, I wish we could tell you..." Ethan half yawned half explained.

"What do you mean, you wish you could tell me? I thought..."

"Rocky," Conner started. "If we knew anymore then what we've already filled you in on, we would tell you, but we don't know his motives, we don't know his plans, and we've got no indication to why he's here."

"You know, I was just thinking," Ethan started, sitting up as his thoughts came to a screeching halt. "Is it just me or does Mr. Mercer remind you guys of Mesogog a little?"

Both Tommy and Conner's interest was peaked, as they both instantly sat up at Ethan's comment. "Now that you mention it," Conner started to say, only to be cut off by Tommy.

"Mesogog showed up on the island all those years ago about the time Anton disappeared," Tommy replied, his mind working in over drive. "It couldn't be possible, could it?"

Rocky gulped. If his thoughts were the same ones Tommy was having, they were in some serious trouble. "Tommy, you're a Power Ranger, anything's possible," Rocky reminded his friend once the shock of the implications of Tommy's train of thought wore off.

Tommy laughed bitterly. "Don't remind me."


"Oh no, Kim," Maya whispered as the group watched their friend and fellow former Ranger stand with Mesogog in front of them.

The dark Ranger sneered at them. While her body was not under her control, her mind was clear of what was happening. 'Not again!' she whined to herself. The last time she'd been turned to the dark side had been on the mission that had led the Zeo Rangers to their Turbo powers. 'What is it with you jumping ship Kim' she scolded herself, wrestling with the spell she was under to get control of her body, to no avail. 'Zordon chose you all those years ago for the heart of goodness you had, how the hell did this happen AGAIN?' she mentally screamed at herself. Her physical body, however, was paying no mind to the inner turmoil. "Oh yes, Yellow Ranger," she muttered to the younger girl, watching as a mask fell over Maya's serene face. The former Yellow Ranger closed herself off.

'Best not to let her know her words hurt' Maya thought to herself. As she took a mental step back from the goings on, her eyes and her thoughts immediately turned to Justin and Tanya. Both of them stood with their shoulders slumped, showing their disbelief at what had happened to their friend. Maya wanted nothing more than to comfort her friends, but knew now was not the time to do so.

Maya watched on in shock as Mesogog stepped forward, touched Tanya and Justin who were protesting his actions, and watched as the Yellow and Blue Zeo Rangers de-morphed. Mesogog then reached down and wrenched off their morphers. "I'll keep these for the time being," he told them as Zeltrax, Elsa and the Tyrano-drones made swift work of shackling the Rangers again, this time Tanya and Justin with them. "We wouldn't want my team to get away, now would we?"

"Team? You think we're gonna work for you?" Carlos questioned as Zeltrax grabbed him by his shirt collar, holding him still as Mesogog flew forward, getting in the former Green and Black Ranger's face.

"If you don't want to watch your friends die, you will cooperate."

"Like hell we will," Tanya suddenly roared, elbowing Elsa in the stomach and wrenching herself free of the shackles. The others followed her lead, causing yet again havoc in the room. Knowing that she and Justin needed to get the others to safety, both of them jumped forward, snatching their morphers away from a shocked and confused Mesogog. While the others caused a distraction, they morphed. Turning to help their friends, the pair noticed as both Maya and Damon had morphed, as had Wes and Lucas. With six rangers, the Tyrano-drones, Zeltrax and Elsa were soon running from the room, leaving Mesogog and Kimberly to face the group.

"We have to get back to the others," Justin spoke as Tanya nodded. She really didn't want to leave without Kimberly, but staying any longer was endangering those Rangers without powers. "Tanya?"

Shaking her head, Tanya started to back away from Mesogog and Kim. "Retreat," she whispered through the oncoming tears as Kimberly and Mesogog smiled, then lunged at the back pedaling Rangers.

As soon as Tanya and Justin had backed out of the room, T.J. hit the switch next to the door that he'd found. The doors instantly closed and locked. The group stood there for a moment, then followed as Tanya and Justin led them back toward where the cycles were waiting. "Hayley, this is Tanya, do you read?"

"Go ahead Tanya."

"We've got some problems, I'll explain later, but right now, I need you to help me and Justin open a portal back." Tanya rounded a series of corners following Justin, all the while trying to figure out just how the group was about to get out of the den of evil that was the Island Fortress.

Hayley was silent. She could only imagine what kind of trouble had come up, but decided not to question Tanya on it until she and Justin and whoever was with them were safe and sound back at the lair. "There's one open near the cycles. All you have to do is go through."

"Thanks. See you in a few, I hope," Tanya finished as the group rounded the last corner, seeing the two cycles ahead in front of the invisi-portal. "You guys go through, we'll follow you," Tanya commanded as the group jumped through. She and Justin hopped on the Raptor cycles and then went through, seconds before Mesogog and Kimberly burst around the corner.


"Go ahead Hayley," Tommy spoke when the beeping of his communicator interrupted the conversation he was having with Conner. Both Ethan and Rocky had fallen asleep some time before.

"Tommy, we've got some problems, big problems," Hayley started. The tone of her voice set off Tommy's internal warning bells.

Shooting a glance over at Conner, he wet his lips before replying, "What kind of problems?"

"Mesogog's got Kimberly still," a new voice, distinctively Tanya's, spoke. Conner watched as Tommy went pale.

"What else?"

There was a long pause as Tanya, Hayley, and whoever else was there tried to think of a way to tell Tommy what had happened. "Tommy," Justin spoke, his voice broken. "He's turned her against us."


The group of ex and current Rangers filed out onto the field, silent and apprehensive. Tommy had shared the news he and Conner had received the night before with them. If Mesogog had managed to turn Kimberly against them, and had given her powers like the Dino Thunder Rangers, the group knew their battle had just gotten one problem larger. "Long night, my friends?" Anton asked as he walked onto the field, his voice light and cheery. The Rangers stared at him like he'd grown another head.

"Look, let's just get this over with," Jason growled; only retreating when Kat gently placed her hand on his forearm. When he turned to stare at her, she shook her head, her face telling him not to start in on their host.

"Testy this morning, are we? Well, shall we?" Anton motioned for the group to follow him. They walked across the expanse of the field to where the maze was set up. "Your next test is the maze. Inside, you will face a bevy of challenges. In order to pass, you must reach the middle in two hours. You'll be going in groups of two, at different entrances."

The group looked up at the massive structure that was the maze. It was nearly a story tall, smooth, and made of black stone. "The teams are thus," Anton spoke, catching the rangers' attentions. "Mr. DeSantos and Mr. Park, Dr. Oliver and Ms. Hilliard, Ms. Campbell and Dr. Cranston, Ms. Kwan and Ms. Ford, and Mr. Scott and Mr. McKnight."

Ten minutes later, each pair was set up at a different entrance to the maze, with Zack and Ethan watching on. As Anton gave the signal, the doors opened. Just as the teams started to step inside, he announced, "Oh, and if you're captured, you're automatically eliminated." With that the doors closed behind them with a resounding thud. "Two hours, and the time begins now," with that, Anton turned and walked away, leaving Zack and Ethan hopelessly waiting for their friends.