Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Chapter 4: Family Reunion
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

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Rated: PG 13
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: The beginning of Anton's Ranger Games and we find out some of Mesogog's plan for Kimberly.

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When the door closed again, leaving Kimberly and the others alone, the former pink ranger had an idea. "Ok, I'm guessing that at some point or another, all of you were rangers. You guys want to tell me who you are?"

"That depends, who were you?" a voice shot back, this one a guy's voice, and it wasn't T.J.

"Kimberly Hart, Earth's first pink ranger," Kim growled, hearing the other's gasp.

"I can't believe you were one of the first rangers!" someone grumbled. Kim blinked as the voice carried to her.

"Excuse me, what's so hard to believe about me being a ranger, Mr.?"

"Carter, Carter Grayson," the voice started. Kim laughed. Jason had told her all about the Red Ranger mission to scrap Serpentara. He'd even filled her in on the other red rangers, nothing that several needed a good butt kicking.

"Oh, I've heard all about you," Kim quipped. "One of my best friends would just love to shove that attitude of yours down your throat."

There was a growl and the clanking of chains as Carter tried to move. "And which friend would that be?" This time, the voice was female, the tone icier than even Kim's own had been known to be.

"Jason Scott, original red ranger." The room went eerily silent.

There was a small amount of amused laughter coming from the opposite side of the room from where Kim was.

"Well, I vote if we get out of here," a distinctly amused male voice started. "We let Jason kick Carter's butt."

"SHUT UP DUSTIN!" the group raged.

Kim sighed. 'Amateurs!' she thought as she moved a hand slowly to the bridge of her nose, attempting to rub away the soreness there. "Ok, that's enough. Why don't we take a role call and you tell me who you are, which team you're from, and how the heck you got here."

"I'm Carlos Valerte, former Green Turbo and Black Space Rangers. Um, T.J. and I were sitting on the Astro Mega ship one minute and being thrown into this cell the next."

Kim felt herself frown. That didn't sound good. "Ok."

Chains rattled as whoever was to Kim's left spoke up. "Danny Delgado, Black Wild Force Ranger. Alyssa, the White Wild Force Ranger, and I were training in the forest on the outskirts of town when we were surrounded by these, things," he started. "Next thing we know, we're being tossed in here with the others."

"They're called Tyrano-drones," Kim filled them in.

"Well, Cam and I were at Ninja Ops and next thing we know, we're being surrounded by a bunch of goons," a younger male spoke. "By the way, I'm Dustin Brooks, Yellow Ranger, and my friend is Cam Wantanabe, Green Ranger, Ninja Storm."

'That explains it' Kim thought of the tone of Dustin's voice. The Ninja Storm rangers were the team just before Tommy's Dino Thunder team. "Well, since I already introduced you to Carter, I should introduce myself. I'm Dana Mitchell, Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger."

"Lucas Kendall and Wes Collins, Blue and Red Time Force Rangers," Lucas informed Kimberly as she turned her head in his general direction, even though she doubted he could see the movement. "We were on a scouting mission. We fell through a hole and the next thing we know, we wake up chained to the wall in here."

One of the girls sighed softly. "Guess that leaves me and Damon. I'm Maya. I was the yellow ranger for the Lost Galaxy Squadron, and my teammate is Damon Henderson, Green Ranger."

"I have no clue how Maya and I ended up here, but it couldn't have been good."

'Dang!' Kim thought, quickly tallying up the rangers and teams. "Well, it appears we've got people from every ranger team here. What the heck is Mesogog up to?" Kimberly muttered, unintentionally, out loud.

"What's with this guy?" Carlos questioned her.

Kim sighed. 'I hope I remember everything Tommy and Hayley told me last night' she thought. "His name is Mesogog," she started. "When Tommy Oliver, stepped down from being a Turbo ranger, and from racing, he started studying for his PhD. Well, he'd gone into what's called, Dino Research. A couple of years ago, the island he was working on exploded. Somehow, the technology that he'd helped Anton Mercer of Mercer Industries develop, fell into the wrong hands. A couple of months ago, Tommy had to activate the Dino Thunder Rangers, after he discovered the new bad guy and after the three rangers found these mysterious meteorite crystals that bonded with them, giving them super powers."

"Wow," Alyssa started.

"Yeah. Since then, Tommy's joined them as the Black Ranger." Kim smiled, Alyssa's obvious awe over the story reminding her of her own when she'd seen Tommy morph.

Someone laughed. Turning her head, Kim caught it coming from where T.J. was sitting. "Trying to cover all the color bases, is he?"

Kim smiled. "Tell me about it. First green, then white, red and now black. I figure it's blue or yellow next," Kim quipped, drawing laughter from the guys and a round of giggles from the girls.

Maya's soft question sobered the group suddenly. "Do you think we'll ever get out of here?"

Kim sighed, her mind running over the events of her capture. "I was with Kat Hillard when I was taken, bets are the others know I'm missing by now."

"Others?" Alyssa questioned.

"Anton Mercer invited all the rangers up to Justin Stewart, Blue Turbo Ranger, to join him for a thing called Ranger Games. Tanya and Justin were supposed to be in here, and we were supposed to compete against Mercer's henchmen to get them back, but obviously that wasn't the truth."

A frustrated sigh was followed by Carter's soothing, low whisper. "So what exactly does that mean?" Dana questioned from her spot.

"What it means is that Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tanya, Justin, Tommy and the new rangers are still out there. It means we just may have a chance at being rescued."

"Well, when we do get rescued, it'll be a ranger family reunion!" Dustin quipped as the others groaned. The events of the day started wearing on the captive rangers, causing each of them to start to slip into an exhausted sleep.

'Tommy, where are you?' Kim thought, her eyes clenching closed in fear. She could only imagine what he was thinking or doing at the moment. 'He is probably freaking out!' her mind shouted at her. As she started to slip into sleep, her memories took her back to the night before. She'd fallen asleep on the couch and then had woken up in Tommy's bedroom, plastered to his side. She had lain there for nearly two hours, simply watching him and letting the fact that they were back together finally sink in. "Tommy," Kim murmured sleepily as her body went limp.


"You ok?" Hayley asked as she and Tommy sat in the lair. They were taking a five minute break in their search for Kimberly, and she thought now was a good time to bring up his guilt over the incident.

For a moment, Tommy said nothing, his attention focused on the computer screen before him. "No," he whispered, turning to face Hayley. "My mind keeps playing back Sunday morning."

Hayley nodded. She'd heard from Conner and Ethan about the talk Tommy and Kim had had under the tree. "Tommy, you can't keep beating yourself up over that. You were right, you two don't need to jump into something that deep as fast as you did, you've both been hurt and you both need time to come around."

Tommy simply stared at his friend. Sometimes she knew him as well as his high school best friends, and sometimes she knew him better. "I know, but she didn't even come to bed on her own," Tommy sighed. "I had to carry her upstairs when I found her sound asleep in the recliner when I came down to check on everything."

"And have you thought that maybe she just fell asleep watching the movie with the others?" Tommy glared at her.

Before either of them had a chance to retort, the alarm was blaring in warning. "Mercer's goons are here!" Jason hollered down the stairs.


"Mr. Mercer sent me to bring you to his compound," Alexi started as Tommy walked out onto the porch. He'd made Hayley, Tanya and Justin stay inside while he and the others went to see what Mercer's driver wanted.

Kat looked a bit confused. "I don't understand," she mumbled.

Tommy understood exactly what Alexi was talking about. Standing there, at the center of the ranger group, he spoke the words he'd used some years before when they'd had to face one of their biggest challenges. "It's time."


"Wakie, wakie!" a voice screeched as the room of captive rangers was startled awake. The first thing they noticed was that the lights were on, the second thing they noticed was that Elsa was towering over Kimberly, who was still slightly asleep and leaning against the wall behind her.

"Well, if it isn't Biker Chick," Wes commented. Kim choked on her laughter at his description of Elsa when said 'Chick' grabbed here limp brown hair tightly.

Elsa glared at Kim before glaring over at Wes. "Now, now, Red Ranger," she spoke, her voice sickeningly sweet. "I'd keep my mouth shut, if I were you."

"Yeah, but you're not me," Wes pointed out, a sarcastic smile taunting Elsa.

Elsa raised an eyebrow at him, teasing him with a, "You know, Red Ranger, I'd hate for Dr. Oliver to be mad at you for getting Kimberly hurt." Her smile was one of pure victory as all of Wes' color drained right out of his face. It wasn't just that fact that he'd be facing an angry Tommy, it was that they could really hurt Kimberly, and for some reason, the original pink ranger had grown on him in their hours together.

"That's what I thought." Turning, Elsa motioned for the Tyrano-drones that had come in with her to unchain Kimberly and take her from the room. "My master requests your presence." With that, the Drones hauled a struggling Kimberly out of the room, while the rest of the rangers protested.

When the door slammed shut, the room went dark again. "You know, if what Kim said was true, we're not going to have to face only Tommy," Carlos growled, trying to pull the chains he was in from the wall.

"Yeah, we really don't need to face a group of angry ex-rangers if something happens to their friend," Carter huffed as he tried vainly, yet again, to free himself. "This sucks ass. We're supposed to be members of one of the most elite fighting forces in the universe and we can't even break the chains holding us."

Dana rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. "You never learn, do you?" she asked suddenly, knowing she had everyone's, especially Carter's, attention. "Some of us have been without powers for a couple of years. If we stayed that strong afterward, do you think Kim of all people would be in this mess with us?"

"Dana has a point," Danny agreed.

T.J. sighed. "From what Cassie and I dug up a few years ago on the original rangers," he started, knowing everyone turned their attention to him. "They were probably the best team. They might not have been the strongest, and their technology wasn't as advanced as some of ours, but they had to start from scratch, where as the rest of us had other teams to look back on and learn from."

"If anyone can get us out of this," Cam spoke for the first time since the ordeal had started. "It will be the original rangers. My father told me about them. They had the most diverse team."

A round of hmm's was heard in agreement with Cam's statement.


"Welcome to Ranger Games Arena," Anton announced as the group emerged from the limos, finding themselves standing in front of what was a mini stadium. Warily, the group eyed the stadium, then Anton, then each other. "If you'll follow me, I'll show you the locker rooms and give you a run down of your competitions."


"Hayley?" Tanya asked as she and Justin bounded down the stairs into the lair.

A grunt was heard before Hayley replied. "Almost done!" Quickly, she typed in several commands into the computer. "It's a good thing Rocky still had access to his ZEO powers!" Hayley laughed.

Tanya smiled. "Did it work?" Justin asked in awe as he watched the computer do the calculations.

Hayley nodded enthusiastically. "Yep. I managed, with Billy's quick calculations, to align the Blue Zeo power Rocky gave you, and Tanya's Yellow Zeo power, with Kira and Ethan's Raptor cycles."

"That's awesome, Hayley!" Tanya managed. She was still in shock when Tommy had brought up the Zeo powers earlier in the morning. "So, we'll be able to get to this Island Fortress you and the others were talking about?"

Hayley looked up at Tanya, noticing that the light in the other girl's eyes seemed to go from carefree to battle ready in less than a second. "As long as you get the cycles to 536 miles per hour, yes. When the kids were saving Tommy from Mesogog, they had to do the same thing."

Justin and Tanya nodded in unison. They'd been warned about what would happen if they didn't get the bikes to the proper speed. Hayley refrained from chuckling when the two Rangers before her frowned at the same time. "How are we gonna get those goons to show back up and create a portal?"

"By going to where I found the original portal when the others went to rescue Tommy," Hayley said as she punched a few buttons and gestured toward the 'viewing globe' on the other side of the room. "The fact that they'll be seeing two Zeo Rangers instead of the Dino Thunder Rangers ought to give you enough of an advantage to get passed them."

"Let's hope so," Justin finished, Tanya nodding her head in agreement.


"Welcome to my home, Ms. Hart." The voice was so smooth and chilling that it sent shivers down Kim's spine. She'd never heard a voice sound quite like that before.

"You must be big, bad Mesogog." Kim trembled as the man, correction, Dinosaur, walked into the light.

With an infuriating tone, he replied. "I've been called many names." Just by his stance, the way he spoke to her, Kim knew immediately that she'd met this person before.

Mesogog watched her, saw the startled surprise on her face and in her eyes, and smiled. "Yes Ms. Hart, I am he, and he is me." Kim simply growled. "You aren't as stupid as that pink spandex makes you appear."

"Yeah, well, it's been eight years since I wore pink spandex in the capacity you're talking about," Kim fired back. She had the sick feeling this was turning into a twisted game of cat and mouse.

He smiled, or did something as near that as he could. "What if I could offer you a chance at putting your beloved color on again?" Mesogog asked as Kim's brow furrowed in confusion.

"And just why would I want to do that? But more importantly," Kim snapped at him. He watched her, and was reminded of the way Dr. Oliver had acted the last time he'd been in this same room. "Why would you offer me that chance?"

"Come now, Ms. Hart," he started as he circled the table she was tied down to. "You are but the heart of the team." At the use of the bad pun of her name, Kim tried to wrench free of the restraints that were holding her. "Don't you want to save your friends?"

Her eyebrow shot up in suspicion. "Of course, but what do you get out of this?"

"The Dino Thunder Rangers' powers."

Kim blinked. 'DUH!' her mind screamed. 'If he really is you know who, he wants you for his champion. "Sorry, but I don't think my thighs will look too good in pink spandex again," Kim retorted after recovering from her shock. "It was a completely different story when I was seventeen."

"It does not matter to me, Ms. Hart," Mesogog hissed. "One way or another, your friends will fail and your love and his new charges will forfeit their powers, and their lives." With that, he swept from the room in a flurry of Tyrano-drones and black leather.

Kim tried to swallow the lump of fear in her throat. She really didn't like the sound of that. 'Somebody help!' she meekly thought.


The group was sitting in chairs waiting for Mercer to come back. He'd shown them to the locker rooms and told them to get ready before he'd disappeared. Of course, that had been nearly two hours before. "Tommy, I don't like this," Zack complained as Tommy nodded.

"Neither do I, Bro, but we've got to deal with it."

Trini sighed and stood up from her place next to Billy, walking towards Tommy like a woman with a great weight on her mind. "Do we even know who has Kim? And do we even know if this guy, or guys, has more of our friends? No, we don't," Trini started, whirling around to face the others. Tommy watched her. Trini tended to get really pissy when she was scared. "We don't know if anything they say is true."

"Are you willing to risk your beloved Crane's life on that, my dear Griffin?" All eyes turned toward where Anton stood in the doorway to the locker room. "If you'll follow me, we'll go into the arena and you can begin your competition."

Reluctantly, the group followed him through the maze of corridors to the open field. In the center, what looked like a maze was set up. "Your first test is that of hand to hand combat versus your fellow Rangers."

The group looked shell-shocked. They had expected that to be the only competition, then the best of them would face Mercer's champion. "Things like this are never that simple," Conner sighed as the others nodded in agreement.

"Right you are, Mr. McKnight. Two of you will be eliminated from this round and the rest will proceed." As one, the group nodded.

"Good, then my assistant, Ms. Lola, will watch over you," Anton spoke as the woman, who looked like the old saying 'Built Like A House' come true, stepped onto the field. "I wouldn't give her any problem, she's more than capable of snapping your necks." With that, Anton exited the field, leaving the rangers gaping at his retreating figure.

"Chop Chop, boys and girls!"


Elsa glared at the monitor as she and Zeltrax watched the two Raptor Cycles speed toward one of their former portal locations. "Get going, Zeltrax," Elsa whined as they watched the two Rangers.

"Why me?"

"Because, I'm supposed to be babysitting the pink brat until the master returns," was the saucy reply.

Zeltrax growled at her. "I thought the blue and yellow Rangers were with the master?"

"Obviously not, you idiot."


"Tanya, think this is gonna work?" Justin called as their pair slid the bikes to a dead stop.

"It has to," Tanya muttered, her mind replaying the look on Tommy's face as he and the others related the events of the passed weekend to her and Justin upon their arrival.

Justin gasped. "Show time," he mumbled as Tanya blinked away the memories. Tanya took a good look at her younger teammate and smiled under her helmet. In eight years, Justin had grown up a lot, but one thing had remained the same - his positive attitude in battle.

Both Rangers revved their bikes as they saw Zeltrax and a group of Tyrano-drones appear from an invisi-portal. Taking a deep breath, the two surged forward. "Justin, don't engage them unless we have to! Our priority is getting to that portal!"

"Gotcha!" Justin hollered back as he and Tanya split up, her going to the right around the group and him going left. They managed to get passed the drones and only had Zeltrax to contend with to get to the portal.

Their time together as Turbo Rangers afforded them the split second knowledge of what the other was thinking. Blue and Yellow blaster beams were fired at Zeltrax's feet, knocking him back, as the two Rangers raced passed him and into the portal, which promptly closed behind them.


"Carter, sit down!" Dana hissed at her boyfriend as his futile attempts to free himself got on her nerves.

Sighing, Carter dropped into a heap on the floor, panting. "Dustin?" Cam questioned a moment later.

"Almost...got it!" Dustin cried out as he felt the shackles around his wrists come off. "Boy, am I glad Tori showed me how to do that!" Dustin quipped as he scooted over to Cam and began picking the locks of the shackles around his friend's hands.

"Dustin, did you just free yourself?" Maya asked cautiously.

Dustin grinned. "Yes ma'am I did."

"Then hurry up and get the rest of us free!" Wes yelled at him.


"Well, where do we go from here?" the Blue Ranger asked as he and his partner crept along the hallways of the Island Fortress.

"Follow me," the Yellow Ranger whispered. "Tommy told me where the holding cells are around here." Carefully, they made their way further and further into the fortress. When Yellow stopped, Blue asked what was up. "Don't you hear the voices?"

Blue strained his ears, listening as two recognizable voices were heard. "Carlos, T.J.," Blue whispered as Yellow nodded. The pair made their way to the door where the voices were coming from. There were no bars to see inside, and from the small slip between the door and the floor, it appeared no light was on in the room.


"Should we warn them first?" Blue asked as Yellow shook her head. "T.J.! Carlos!" Blue called out.

Inside the room, both men froze. "That couldn't be, could it?" Carlos asked as T.J. laughed. Kim had been right; the others had come for them.

"JUSTIN!" T.J. hollered, listening as his young friend laughed on the other side of the door.

"Just stand back guys, while Tanya and I bust you out." Seconds later, the door was flung open by the blasts of the ZEO lasers. The lights flipped on as soon as the two Rangers stepped in, gasping when they saw the room's occupants.

The Yellow Ranger immediately searched for her missing Pink friend, only to see she was nowhere to be found. "Justin, Kim's not here," Tanya whispered.

"The Biker Chick took her off somewhere," Wes started as he stood. "I'm guessing to meet that Mesogog guy Kim told us about."

Justin proceeded to help the others stand up and shake off the effect the bright light was having on them. "Tanya, we have to get them out of here."

"We aren't leaving without Kim, Tommy and Jason would kill us," Carter mumbled as Dana helped support his unstable position.

Wes nodded, as did the others. "Carter's right," Alyssa spoke softly, eyes imploring Justin and Tanya to listen. "She's a friend, a fellow Ranger, we can't leave her here. Besides, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to escape the wrath of the original Rangers unless I absolutely have to face it."

No further words were spoken as the group scurried out the door in search of their friend.


"Is the machine all set up?" Mesogog hissed at Elsa, who was finishing putting wires together on the laser that was pointed at a still struggling Kimberly.

Elsa smiled at her master and nodded. "Almost complete my lord."

"Good. When it's done, use it on her. I want the transfer complete before the Rangers finish their Games."