Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Chapter 3: ranger-napped
By Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: March 28, 2004
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Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: The group now has one missing member, and we see a surprise on Mesogog's Island fortress for said missing member.

Disclaimer: Don't own Power Rangers, please don't sue me!

Author's Notes: Ok, yes, I know, in the prologue Jason says he couldn't get a hold of Tanya and Justin and then in Chapter 2 his part mentions that he talked to them, he did, just after the prologue and before Chapter 1.

My original thought for this chapter was to just show the rangers training for Ranger Games, but after outlining my plans for this chapter and the next, and after some of the reviews from FF.net, you're gonna get some more interaction between the younger and older rangers, and the couples I outlined in Chapter 2.

Also, for future reference, there are some Rangers from the other seasons who WILL be making an appearance, but for now I'm gonna warn ya, I haven't watched much passed Turbo: The Movie, and my knowledge before that back to when Kim leaves, and up till Dino Thunder, is still pretty sketchy. I've watched a few episodes of Ninja Storm and have obviously watched Dino Thunder, so if I screw up the rangers' attitudes, etc, forgive me.

Also, ABC Family is having a Dino Thunder Marathon on April 4, 2004 (next Sunday). Just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm pretty sure they will be showing every episode of Dino Thunder up until that week's new episode, so incase you're like me and missed the first few episodes you can tune in and watch...heck, I'm gonna go as far as request the day off :)

Originally, this chapter was going to be called Pink-napped, but by the end, hopefully, you'll understand why I changed that.


7:30 A.M.

The first sensation she had upon waking was that she was cold, and on closer inspection, alone in the bedroom. She blushed lightly, realizing that she and Tommy had made love merely hours before. Smiling, she sat up, hugging the sheets to her, and looked around the room. The door was ajar a bit, but other than that, it looked like he'd simply disappeared from the room. Leaning over, she ran her hand along the side of the bed where he'd slept. When her hand brushed over very cool sheets, she frowned. 'Where is that man of mine?' she thought, allowing the giddiness to overwhelm her for a moment. Sighing in frustration, she tossed the sheets aside and got out of bed.


"Where is everyone?" Kira asked tiredly as she stretched. She'd been sleeping on the floor, squished between Ethan and Conner, which while it hadn't been an entirely pleasant experience, didn't upset her like it would have a few months before.

A deep and familiar voice chuckled from above her head. Looking up, she saw that Jason lay on the couch, Katherine cuddle close to him, still obviously asleep on her boyfriend. "Kim's still sleeping, Aisha dragged Rocky and Adam out for breakfast supplies, Billy took Trini and Zack to the store for computer parts, Hayley's downstairs working already and Tommy just came down. As to where Ethan and Conner are, you're guess is as good as mine."

Kira laughed, rolling to her side, propping her head up on an upturned palm, and stared up at the former lead ranger. "So what's on your agenda for today?" she quipped.

"Me, I'm going to help Tommy whip you baby rangers' butts into shape for these Games," Jason chuckled at the incredulous look on Kira's face.

"Excuse me, Mr. Scott," she spoke icily. "We aren't as inexperienced as you've been led to believe."

"Knock it off, both of you, before you wake Kat up," Kim hissed as she stepped off the last stair. Both Kira and Jason looked at her in surprise. "Jason, where's Tommy?"

Blinking to recover from her surprise attack, he nodded to the front door. Taking his nod for what it was worth, Kim strode purposefully through the front room and out onto the front porch. A few yards away, beneath a tree, Tommy sat, meditating. She smiled and then quietly made her way towards him.

"Hey handsome," she whispered softly as she sat down in front of him. She noticed the grim smile on his face that clued her into his attention when he didn't open his eyes. "Is something wrong?"

This time, when Tommy sighed, his eyes opened and took in the woman in front of him. She was wearing his discarded shirt from the night before along with a pair of short shorts. Immediately, he could tell that Kim had picked up on his thoughts. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked, genuinely worried.

"No, it's me," he whispered, looked down at the grass before bringing his eyes back up to hers. "Kim, about last night..."

God knew she'd never wanted to hear those words come out of his mouth in that tone. Immediately, her eyes welled. He regretted what had happened between them, she could see it in his eyes before he even said it. "What about last night?" her voice cracked on the last couple of words.

"As much as I enjoyed being with you like that, I think we went too far too soon," he murmured, watching the shock and betrayal whip across her features. "We've only just gotten back together, I think we should slow down and take a look at what we're doing and how fast we're doing it."

She simply stared at him. She couldn't help it. Part of her was furious with him, and herself, for allowing the previous nights events to be tarnished, but she also understood where he was coming from. He was still scared for their future, still wondering about their past, that he wanted to approach their present as cautiously as possible.

"I see," she started, wishing to God she really didn't see where he was coming from.

"Kim, I didn't mean to make last night sound so..."

"Cheap?" she voiced, watching him wince. "Sorry, I know you didn't," she waved off her words. "I understand where you're coming from, but I wish to God you wouldn't deface what happened last night. What happened was something special, something that should have happened eight years ago," she finished, watching his eyes widen in shocked surprise. She had a point, last night was the culmination of the inevitable for them. He simply nodded and watched as she stood from her spot.

"Where are you going?" he asked as he stood with her a moment later.

She smiled up at him. "For a run. I need to clear my head and be alone for a few." With that, she leaned up, pecked a kiss to his cheek, and then started jogging away from him.

Tommy watched her go and wasn't sure why his heart felt like it had been ripped out of his chest again. "You know, after what the others told us yesterday, we would have thought you learned your lesson where she's concerned." Tommy slowly turned to face the two boys behind him.

When he glared that famous look their way, he watched in amazement as they didn't even flinch. "Mind your own business."

"It is our business," Conner spoke watching Tommy's gaze narrow on his face. "You're our teacher, our mentor, fellow ranger, and our friend."

"And Ms. Hart there happens to be our friend and fellow ranger as well, ex or not," Ethan simply stated, watching Tommy roll his eyes at them.

Tommy didn't say anything, he simply brushed past them to go back in the house. He had work to do and he knew if he stayed with Ethan and Conner any longer they'd have him running after Kimberly.


9:45 A.M.

"Alright Billy-man," Rocky started later that morning as everyone but Kim gathered with Tommy, Hayley, and the new rangers in the yard. "How are we going to do this?"

"Simple," Billy pointed out as he handed each of them a paper with what looked like a set of tournament brackets on it. "Hayley is going to referee each match. We wanted to get an idea of who our possible top four are, so we set up a mini competition. Best two out of three wins each match."

Kira, Conner and Ethan stared at the paper then looked up at the former Blue Ranger. "Yeah, um, someone want to explain something to me?"

All eyes turned toward the current Yellow Ranger when she held up the paper. "What do you mean by 'match'?"

The elder rangers smiled. Obviously, the new team didn't do much in the way of martial arts tournaments. "We're going to go three rounds with everyone, best two out of three wins," Zack informed her. "Your objective is to score as many points as you can to win."

"Remember one thing when we do this," Tommy said, gesturing to the whole team. "We do this as an exhibition, which means when you fight, you make it a point to not physically hurt the person you're with. Some of us aren't as good at this as others." His eyes pointedly turned toward the teens.

"Hey, don't get mushy on us," Ethan protested. "We can handle anything you can dish out."

Kira and Conner looked at him like he'd grown a second head. "Do you realize what you just said?" Conner asked. Ethan nodded and looked at his teammates in confusion. "We're talking former rangers, some of whom were the best of the best, and you just told them we could hold our own with them. ARE YOU NUTS?"

Kira shook her head at them. "We'll do our best, but somehow I don't see us being able to win very many of these."

"Self doubt is the number one threat to being the best ranger you can be," a soft voice lilted as all eyes turned to stare at the newly returned Kimberly. "You don't have the luxury to doubt your decisions, because sometimes they have to be split second ones. Go with your instincts, trust your abilities and your teammates. As long as you do your best, that's all we can ask of you, and all you can ask from yourselves."

The three young rangers nodded and smiled at her. "So," Kira started, turning to look at Billy another moment. "Who's going first?"


12:00 P.M.

Kira gulped again as she faced the woman before her. Somehow, going through Kat and Aisha had seemed like a breeze, as she had beaten both of them. Trini had been slightly harder, and Kira sighed at the thought that they'd been tied until that last match and she'd missed Trini's swift leg sweep, which had resulted in her landing on her ass. Now she was facing Kimberly, and despite that next to Trini, the woman wearing a pair of white short shorts and one of Dr. O's black shirts over her sports bra, had been without powers the longest, Kira had to admit she was getting her ass kicked. The first round had gone to her, but the second and a good portion of the third were Kim's.

"How the hell are you doing this?" Kira muttered when the brown eyed woman grinned at her, tossed herself forward in a walk over and managed to distract Kira enough that the younger girl was now flat on her back, again.

"Oh how does 'I was doing this when you were in grade school' sound?" Kim grinned as she thrust her hand out and helped Kira to her feet. "You ok?"


Kim nodded, slung an arm around Kira's shoulders, and proceeded to go to the porch. Jason had finished all of his matches so he had started helping Hayley score the others, which meant he was currently watch Tommy and Conner face one another. "Damn it, if they don't look hot without their shirts on," Kim muttered when Kira looked to who she was talking about. There was Dr. O, exchanging friendly blows with Conner, both of whom were wearing shorts, no shirts, and bantering back and forth as they focused on what they were doing.

Kira stared, wide eyed at Conner. She'd never seen him without his shirt, and the funny feeling curling in the pit of her stomach had her sighing in frustration. "Tell me about it," Kim muttered when she heard Kira's sigh. "You should have seen me at your age, watching Tommy do this on a day to day basis. Talk about sexual tension."

Kira laughed at that. She couldn't help it. She had to admit, Dr. O was kinda sexy, but she'd never thought of Conner like that, much less as a human being. He'd always acted like a wild animal when he was around her. "Does he know you like him?" The question was completely from left field. Kira blinked and turned her gaze to Kim's smiling face.

"I don't like...that is to say I've never..."

"Oh yeah, the girl has got it bad," Aisha quipped when she joined them. Trini, Kat and Hayley weren't far behind. Only Tommy and Conner were left of the matches, so the girls were taking time to appreciate the view.

"Too bad I'm almost old enough to be his mother," Kat quipped as the group started laughing. Kira stared at her incredulously. Kat has Jason, why would she be thinking of Conner like that? Kira thought to herself before the sound of someone dying of laughter caught her attention.

Trini doubled over trying to catch her breath. "Not quite Kat!"

Meanwhile, the guys were focused on the two remaining fighters. "AH!" Conner yelled as Tommy performed a round house kick, knocking him back a few feet.

"Don't take your mind off the battle before you," Jason sagely informed the young red ranger, who did a summersault and got back to his feet.

"It's kind hard when six beautiful, sweaty women are over there staring at me like I'm a piece of meat!" Conner shot back as Zack, Rocky and Ethan began laughing. "What's so funny?"

Zack cleared his throat after a minute, attempting to calm himself. "That's the WORST thing to start thinking while you're facing Tommy of all people."

"Dr. O isn't that bad," Conner dodged a back hand, managing to grab Tommy and hip toss him to the ground.

Tommy grunted and shot back to his feet, his speed increasing with a bit of his anger. "Point for Conner," Adam spoke before continuing. "You don't get it, do you?" he asked Conner, who jumped over the leg sweep Tommy had intended to use on him. "Tommy and Jason and Rocky are the three best rangers here. Granted, we all have our strong points, but all around they are the strongest. One tiny distraction is all it's going to take for them to kick your ass."

With that said, the group watched as Tommy managed to flip Conner over his shoulder and have him laying on the ground with a solid THUD. "CONNER!" Kira screeched when she saw him on the ground, Dr. O's foot in the middle of his back.

"Point for Dr. O, who wins by the way," Ethan chuckled as Tommy helped Conner off the ground as Kira rushed forward to get a better look at him.

Both rangers looked at her in surprise as she circled around Conner, checking for injuries. Tommy smiled while Conner looked at Kira like she'd grown a second head, or another pair of arms. "Kira, really, I'm fine, I just got my ass kicked by our teacher."

Realizing that she was showing what she wanted to hide, Kira's face immediately darkened as she looked up at him. "Too bad he didn't kick your ass more, you're still the same jerk you were when we started this." With that, she turned and fled to the sanctuary of the other girls.

"Smooth Romeo," Tommy muttered as he approached the porch, taking the towel that Kim offered him, grinning when Conner glared at him. "So what's the score Billy?"

Billy smiled, motioning for them to give him a minute. "For the girls, our best hopes are either Trini, Katherine, or Kim. As for us guys..." and with that he paused to look up at everyone giving him a 'hurry up' look. "It's between Tommy, Jason and Conner." Now that surprised the group a little. Conner had, according to today's showing, managed to beat all of the girls, and all the guys but Tommy and Jason.

"Dang man," Ethan laughed as he slapped Conner on the back. "Didn't know you had it in you."

"Shut up."


3:15 P.M.

"Ok, so someone explain what exactly it is that Billy and Hayley have been doing for the past three hours?" Rocky grumbled as he plopped down on the couch next to Aisha. He was bored, he was tired, but most of all, despite that he'd eaten lunch an hour and a half ago, he was starving.

Jason and Kat sat in Tommy's recliner, shaking their heads at him. Outside, Trini, Ethan, and Adam were helping Hayley and Billy set up whatever it was they had been working on. Tommy, Kira and Conner were down in the lair, monitoring the city, and Kim and Zack were both sprawled out on the floor, talking quietly. "From what I got when I took their lunches out to them," Zack started, catching the others' attention. "Was that it's a simulation machine, that somehow, is going to give us make believe Tyrano-drones to train against as soon as they get it running."

"Like we haven't been interrupted enough by those boneheads," Jason cracked, causing Aisha, Kat and Kim to glare at him for the bad pun while Rocky and Zack laughed.

"Jason, your witty comments haven't gotten much better since we were all together last," Kim commented as Jason glared back at her. Jason was about to retort when Hayley entered the house, her face lit with a smile.

All eyes turned toward her as she reached for the glass of water she'd left sitting on the end table near where Rocky sat and slugged it down. "We're done," she sighed, wiping her hand over her sweaty forehead. "Billy says you've got ten minutes to get ready."

"Guess that means I should go pry those three away from the computers, huh?" Kim murmured, pushing herself to her feet and heading down to the lair.

Slowly, the five ex rangers left in the room, pushed themselves to their feet and followed Hayley outside. When they stepped onto the porch they watched as Adam, Ethan and Trini fought against Billy and Hayley's machine. "Sweet!" Zack cried as they watched the three.

For the next two hours, the rangers trained with the help of Billy and Hayley's machine. At five thirty, Kat and Aisha headed inside to make dinner, saying that Kim and Trini had already done their fair share, and dragged Rocky, Adam and Hayley in with them. As the sun started to set, Trini, Jason, Zack, Kim and Billy went further out into the yard and began to stretch.

"What are they doing?" Ethan questioned as he, Kira, and Conner sat down under the tree to watch the first rangers as they went through what looked like karate maneuvers.

"It's called a kata," Tommy murmured as they watched five of his best friends work through a fluid and graceful kata.

Kira looked from the elder rangers to Tommy and back before asking, "How come you're not out there with them?"

Tommy looked over at her and smiled sadly. "They learned this, from what Jason told me, as a way to build their teamwork during the first few months as rangers. I never really learned it, I guess, because I always felt like I was intruding on something special between them. We did eventually all learn one together."

"The only way I think I can describe this is," Conner started as his fellow rangers looked over at him. "Its beautiful, the way they move in complete harmony."

Tommy nodded. "Before long, the four of us will be use to each other's movements and what not. Maybe I'll even teach you guys a kata you can work on to do together."

"That'd be kinda cool," Ethan murmured.

Kira had been silent for a while now, simply electing to watch her new friends as they moved as one. Her mind immediately picked up on why they worked so well as a team, and it wasn't just because they'd spent so much time as rangers.

They followed Jason, whose leadership skills were beyond anything. Even quiet as a mouse, Jason's presence screamed 'I am the leader'. Trini's calm and serenity helped them focus on the task at hand. Zack's upbeat attitude helped distill their fears, while Billy's intelligence afforded them the reassurance that no problem was too great or too small. And then there was Kimberly. Kira had the feeling that the group had looked to her for her ability to help the others meld. She was like a magnet, drawing everyone to her, lavishing each person with the right attention to help them feel better about themselves.

'No wonder they all sort of group around her' Kira thought. Any other person would think automatically that Kim was the weakest of them, with her feminine attitude and girlish tendencies, and that the others saw it best to protect her but Kira knew better, just by watching them now. Kimberly was literally the heart of the team. 'Now I know why Aisha said Dr. O lost all his will to keep going after they split' she thought, turning her eyes to her teacher, who was currently allowing his gaze to linger over the woman he was so obviously in love with.

"Dr. Oliver," Conner spoke, catching Tommy, Kira and Ethan's attention. The two younger rangers knew what he was about to say so they nodded their approval to him. Tommy's eyebrow shot up at the seriousness of Conner's tone, as well as the fact that the younger male had used his full last name.

"Yes Conner?"

"We're going to protect them, no matter what," Conner told his teacher and fellow ranger. "We promise, we'll take care of them."

Tommy looked at his three charges and felt a smile start to tilt his lips. If his friends only knew what these three teenagers had just promised, he knew they'd protest being able to take care of themselves, but truth be told, he was happy that his charges and fellow rangers were going to help him protect their friends. "Thank you."


10:45 A.M.

"Good morning!" Kat smiled as Kimberly walked into the kitchen. The brown haired girl grimaced at Kat's chipper attitude as she sunk into one of the chairs around the table. The house, Kim decided, was way too quiet for it to be good.

When Kat sat a cup of coffee in front of Kim, the former ranger smiled her thanks. After taking a tentative swallow, Kim sighed. "Where is everyone? It's so quiet this morning?"

"Let's see," Kat said, mentally trying to tally up the rangers and where they were. "Jason, Rocky, Adam and Zack went into town to work out for a couple of hours and possibly catch a movie. Aisha and Trini went with Billy to get some parts that Hayley said she'd need for the Rangers' Raptor Cycles, and Tommy left for work around seven fifteen."

Kim nodded. "So, whatcha want to do today?" Kim asked as she took another swallow of her coffee.

"I want to rest, lounge, but I've got an errand to run." When Kim's eyebrows shot up in question, Kat continued. "Aisha packed Tommy lunch this morning, and the big defuss forgot it and some important papers. He called twenty minutes ago and I told him I'd bring them to him. Cab should be here soon."

"Mind if I come with?"

Kat smiled. "By all means, I'd enjoy the company."

Twenty minutes later, the cab pulled up in front of Reefside High School. Kat paid the driver and then she and Kimberly looked at the looming building. "Reminds me of Angel Grove High." Kat shook her head and laughed, threading an arm through Kimberly's as the pair made their way through the set of double doors and into the school.

"Can I help you?" the secretary behind the main counter in the office asked as Kim and Kat approached.

"Yes, we're here to deliver some important papers to Dr. Tommy Oliver," Kat smiled at the woman.

Nodding, the secretary handed the girls a clipboard and a pen. "I just need you to sign in, and I have to go get you permission from Principal Randall." With that, the woman scurried off to the back of the office while Kat and Kim signed in.

A few minutes later, the woman returned, and another woman, dressed in a dark gray suit approached behind her. "Welcome to Reefside High School," the new woman spoke. "I'm Principal Randall."

"Kat Hilliard and Kimberly Hart," Kim introduced the two of them. She couldn't help but stare at the principal. For some odd reason, the woman looked strikingly familiar. 'Well, it isn't Scorpina, we took care of her a long time ago' Kim thought to herself as she continued to stare. Kat had taken the reigns and was animatedly speaking with the woman.

"Please don't forget to sign out on your way out," Principal Randall spoke as she turned from the two girls, who were then given visitor's passes and instructions to Dr. Oliver's room.

Five minutes later, the two girls turned the last corner toward Tommy's room and were stopped short by what they found. Standing there was a group of Tyrano-drones and Zeltrax. "Who in the heck is that?" Kat questioned as she and Kim took battle ready stances.

"Don't know, but he's as ugly as Goldar and smells ten times worse," Kim wrinkled her nose at the minion in front of her.

"GET THEM!" Zeltrax commanded as the drones rushed forward. Kat immediately side stepped as three of them came at her while Kimberly went into the splits to avoid getting nailed.

The girls finally recovered from the first onslaught of drones as their shock wore off, but both of them noticed something. The drones were targeting just Kat. "Kim!" Kat called as she watched her friend slip past the drones to face the THING that had been in command of them. "We meet at last, Pink Ranger!" Zeltrax hissed as Kimberly let an eyebrow rise in interest.

"And just who told you I was the Pink Ranger, hmm?" Kim taunted as she and Zeltrax circled one another.

"My master."

Kim smirked. How many times before had she heard THAT line? 'Too many to count, I'm afraid' she thought wryly to herself as Zeltrax made his move, lunging at her. Immediately, she flipped over him, thanking god for the high ceilings in the hallway. As she twisted and landed, she saw Zeltrax come at her again. Instincts and training a decade old kicked in as she parried each punch throne by her adversary.

"You are well trained, Pink Ranger, but not well enough!" With that, Zeltrax fired an energy beam at Kat, causing Kim to cry out for her friend.

As the battle progressed, more and more students and teachers entered the hallway to see what was happening, including Tommy, Kira, Ethan and Conner. "Guys!" Kira cried as she saw the blast knock Kat back into the arms of the drones. Tommy sprang forward, his mind numbing at the thought that one of his best friends was hurt. Conner and Ethan, who had been in another room closer to Kat, jumped into the fray to check on her. "I'm fine, help Kim!" Kat yelled as she backhanded and roundhouse kicked three drones.

As Kat's comment registered, Tommy's gaze hit the combatants at the far end of the hallway from his room. There was Kim, and Zeltrax. "Say goodbye to your precious pink friend!" Zeltrax's voice and gaze was aimed at Tommy, who watched as the hulking thing grabbed Kim's arm and disappeared through an invisi-portal.

"KIM!" Tommy and Kat screamed as they watched her disappear.


"My lord, the deed is done. Zeltrax is bringing the former pink ranger to you now," the gray suited woman spoke through the communication device sitting on the desk before her.

"A job well done, Elsa. You've finally managed to do something right. Return immediately."

"Of course." The communication went silent, the device disappearing, as a knock of the door was heard. "ENTER!"

In filed Tommy, Kat, Kira, Ethan and Conner. "Dr. Oliver, to what do I owe this visit?"

"Principal Randall, I have to take a leave of absence, effective immediately."


Jason and Rocky both looked ready to punch something. Trini and Aisha sat with Kat, nursing her bruises and some minor cuts from her battle with the Tyrano-drones. Both Zack and Adam sat on the steps leading down from the upper part of the house in a state of numbed shock. Billy sat at the computers with Hayley, attempting to figure out what had happened. Amidst all of the small conversations, Tommy sat in his chair, his face giving away every emotion he felt. Conner, Kira and Ethan were still stuck in class for another hour, which meant they'd arrive to help as soon as they could get away. 'Mesogog has Kimberly' he thought to himself, his heart shattering every time it tried to accept that fact.

"Shouldn't we be doing something more than standing here waiting for a ransom note?" Jason growled as he whirled around. His eyes instantly caught Tommy's face, his mouth shutting just as quickly. He knew the current black ranger was feeling guilty for what had happened at the High School, and Jason more than knew exactly how Tommy was feeling.

"Right now, the only thing to do is wait, and let Billy and Hayley do what they can. The rest of us are pretty useless in that area," Aisha muttered as she finished placing a band-aid on Kat's arm. The blonde smiled her thanks before moving over to stand next to Tommy. She crouched down next to the chair where he sat, touching his arm to get his attention.

She felt her lips tremble when she saw the tears in his eyes. "I am so sorry," she whispered softly through her own tears. All of the other rangers immediately turned their attention to the pair. When Tommy turned a quizzical look in her direction, Kat continued. "I wasn't strong enough to get to her in time."

Tommy looked as though he'd been smacked by a Mac Truck as the meaning of her words washed over him. "You're sorry? Kat, you have nothing to be sorry about," Tommy's shocked voice spoke. "If anything, I should have reacted quicker when I heard the commotion in the hallway."

"Enough blaming yourselves, both of you," Trini scowled. "This is that THING'S fault, not yours."

"I think I can shed a little light on him for the rest of you, seeing as Tommy probably won't," Hayley interrupted. The entire group focused their attention on her as she swiveled her chair to face them. "All we know about him is that his name is Zeltrax, and for some odd reason, since the new rangers came into existence, he's been gunning for Tommy, purposely. We don't know his motives, or anything about him beyond the fact that he's Mesogog's second in command, he's a skilled warrior, and he's hell bent on revenge."

Zack started nodding his head, as though he was starting to understand something. "Which would explain, partially, why he took Kimberly. If he and this Mesogog have done their homework, they know other than Hayley and the new rangers, the best way to get to Tommy is through Kim."

"I'm going to kill him, when I get my hands on him, I'm going to wring his scrawny neck," Tommy finally muttered, rage filling his entire being.

Adam jumped up from his seat then, and moved toward Tommy, who had stood and was about to start for the stairs. "Hang on Bro," Adam started, watching Tommy glare at him. "Remember what Zordon told us. Don't ever escalate a battle."

"He's got Kimberly, therefore I'm not escalating anything. I'm going to finish this once and for all." With that, Tommy pushed passed Adam and made for the stairs, until the two people standing at the top of the staircase ceased his movement. "Tanya? Justin?"


When she opened her eyes, she knew she wasn't anywhere near Reefside anymore. The darkness of the room she was in scared her. When she tried to move, she found that her arms were chained to the walls. "Don't move so much, you'll hurt yourself," a soft, female voice whispered from somewhere to her left.

"Who's there?" she whispered through parched lips. Her head was starting to ache, a slow, dull throbbing that started at the base of her skull and behind her eyes.

"My name's Alyssa." As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she noted that there was a dim light showing from under the door that allowed her to make out that she was not alone in the room. In fact, other than the woman who had just spoken, there were at least ten other people in the room. "What's your name?"

"Kimberly Hart," she spoke, closing her eyes and trying to use some of Trini's breathing techniques to calm herself down enough to get the headache to disappear.

"Kimberly? As in, Tommy Oliver's Kimberly?" a voice, this time decidedly male, questioned. Kim winced at the sound, but prepared to reply none-the-less.

Now that startled her. How would they know about her and Tommy unless they knew about... "Who are you?"

"T.J. Johnson," the man spoke. Kim racked her brain for a face to go with the name. "I was the Red Turbo Ranger, when Tommy stepped down, and the Blue Space Ranger."

'My God!' Kim thought to herself. 'I am in a room full of ex-rangers!'

"I see you're all getting acquainted," a new voice boomed as the door flew open. Kim squinted as she took her first look at the newcomer.


"Yes me, Ms. Hart. Are your accommodations to your liking?" the figure asked, watching Kim glare at him while he smirked.

She glared. "No, actually, I could use a long hot bubble bath, some Swiss chocolates and possibly that nice king-size bed in Tommy's bedroom, but I don't think you're gonna be giving it to me."

"Such a sense of humor you have, my dearest ex Pink Ranger."

"Yeah, you know me, funniest thing on two legs," Kim sarcastically muttered to the figure.

"Be sure to watch that mouth of yours Ms. Hart, I'd hate to have to let Zeltrax shut it for you, permanently."