Ranger Games: A Dino Thunder Reunion
Chapter 2: Explanations
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: March 25, 2004
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Rated: R
Ship: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Kat, Billy/Trini, Aisha/Rocky, Trent/Kira/Conner, Adam/Tanya
Category: Adventure/Romance
Summary: Tommy and Kim hash some things out, the new team trains and gets comfortable with the originals, and we find out exactly what Anton has in mind.

Disclaimer: I'm so happy!!! I've got reviews for this story faster than I expected. Ok, you're probably wondering, why I started with the R rating and changed it, huh?? There were going to be a couple scenes between some of the characters that were a bit...sexual...but they weren't nearly as graphic as I thought they'd be.

I don't own Power Rangers, please don't sue me. I'm a poor, soon-to-be college sophomore.


Tommy sat in the chair in the corner of his room, watching as the figure on the bed slept on in ignorance. He'd left Jason and Kat to their own devices an hour before, simply telling them he was going to check on Kimberly.

He understood now what Kat had meant by Kim was still going through changes. In the hour that he'd sat with her, he watched her levitate off the bed and back, had watched her hair change from caramel brown to blonde to red and back, and he heard her whimpering every so often when something in her dreams upset her.

To say he was having a hard time dealing with it was an understatement. All he really wanted to do was to go back in time and make things right. 'Gee, you've had that thought before, Oliver' he thought to himself, a mental image of the island he had worked on exploding coming to mind.

He was snapped from his thoughts by Kimberly sitting straight up in the bed and screaming, "TOMMY!"

He didn't stop to think, he just dove for her. In an instant, she was wrapped in his arms, head snuggled against his chest, her sobs quieting. He murmured soft words that would be forgotten later on, hoping to comfort her. "I'm right here Kim, it's alright," he whispered, stroking her hair and kissing her temple.

She gasped and struggled to breath. The nightmare had been so real, so terrifying, that waking up with Tommy's arms around her had confused her to the point of frustration. "Tommy?" she squeaked his name softly.

"Yes Beautiful?" he asked softly, watching her eyes widen at the use of her old nickname. The look in his eyes told her everything. He knew her secret.

She started crying then, heart wrenching sobs that stole Tommy's breath and helped reassert that over protectiveness of his where she was concerned. He crushed her closer to him, hoping to help her block out the thoughts that were swirling in her head. "Kim," he whispered, rubbing a hand along her back a few moments later as she calmed down.

"Jason told you, didn't he?" she asked, laying her head against his chest. Somehow, she wasn't all that surprised that Jason would tell him after what had happened that afternoon.

"Yes, and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Right now," Tommy spoke, easing her back onto the bed and tucking the covers around her. "You need to go back to sleep."


"I'm not going anywhere, lay down and sleep," he murmured, pecking a kiss to her forehead as she closed her eyes and drifted off.


"Morning sunshine!" Jason quipped as Kimberly walked into the kitchen. She still wore her clothes from the night before, so she looked a little rumpled as she stared at Jason, Kat, Tommy and the other woman in the room.

She had slept soundly after Tommy had tucked her in that last time, but she had still been plagued by bad dreams. Her reaction to Jason's happy mood - a low, guttural growl that had everyone's smiles fading. "Stuff it Jason," she mumbled as she advanced to the table. Tommy and Kat had left a chair open for her between them, so she went to sit, only to be grabbed by Tommy and pulled into his lap, which surprised her.

"You feel any better?" he asked as he hugged her to him. Giving up on trying to sit and get her head together, she shrugged and snuggled closer to him. "Kim?"


"Tommy, leave her be, she looks exhausted," the other woman, who Kim didn't know, reprimanded Tommy as she stood to get a cup of orange juice for Kim. "Here ya go."

Tommy watched Kim take the cup and shyly smile at Hayley, until a darkness crossed her features. Almost immediately Kim slipped off his lap and sat in her chair. She looked from Tommy, to Hayley and back, trying to figure out their relationship. All four of the others caught onto her train of thought. "I'm Hayley," the brownish red haired woman spoke softly.

Kim's eyes widened a bit as she nodded. 'Well duh! I'll bet this is his girlfriend' she thought, feeling her heart start to crack. "It's not what you think Kim."

"And just what do you think I'm thinking Dr. Oliver?" Kim asked, her voice harsh. Tommy winced at the sound.

"I'm his co-worker," Hayley started. "I helped him create the morphers that the new rangers are using, among other things." Now that was definitely not what Kim had been expecting. "It's nice to finally meet the girl who's got him wrapped around her little finger."

Kim looked from Hayley to Tommy in shock. Did that mean that they... she wasn't even going to hope for what she knew she'd never be able to have, it was pretty useless. "Beautiful?" Tommy asked softly, watching Kim's eyes well with tears as she looked away from him to Kat and Jason. Reaching over, Tommy's hand found her chin and gently forced her to face him. What he saw broke his heart. His Kim looked so defeated, so vulnerable. "Will you go with me later? I've got a couple of errands to run and then I was thinking of taking a walk along the beach. We need to have that talk."

Kim nodded.


"Where are Kim and Tommy and who's this?" Rocky asked as the group arrived at Tommy's house.

Hayley smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Rocky," she spoke, watching the former red ranger's face go from shock to confusion.

"Hayley helped Dr. O create our morphers," Conner spoke, watching Rocky stare at Hayley until Aisha whacked him in the stomach.

"Why don't you retract the tongue, Ape Boy," Aisha muttered as Rocky blushed and nodded, before leaning over to peck a kiss to her cheek.

Jason and Kat nodded and everyone settled in on the steps or the porch out front. "Where are they?" Adam asked softly.

"Getting food for all of us then they're going somewhere to talk, and hopefully make things right between them."

Kat's answer seemed to quiet the group until Zack stood in frustration. "Isn't there something we can do besides sit here?" Billy nodded his agreement, as did the others.

"We could train for a while," Trini suggested. Everyone looked around and immediately jumped up and went out into the yard to begin working out.


"Why didn't you just call and tell me what was going on Kim?" Tommy asked as they sat staring at the ocean before them. They'd been talking for nearly an hour and Kim had told him everything Jason and Kat had, and then some.

"Like Jason said to you last night," she started, bringing up what Tommy had told her. "What were you gonna do, drop everything? Tommy, you had more important things then a mentally unstable former ranger to worry about."

"DAMMIT KIM!" he very nearly yelled as threw the pebbles he'd been holding out into the water. "YOU WERE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME!"

Kim's eyes sparkled with love and sadness and the tears that were welling in their depths. "I know, which was another reason for the letter. All your focus, all your attention needed to be on the battle, not on me."

"But it was on you anyway, cause I spent the better part of year trying to figure out what the hell had happened between us," Tommy pointed out as he watched the tears cascade down her face. He knew he was being harsh and unyielding, but she had to know that what she did to him had been uncalled for.

"If I could go back and change it, I would, but what's done is done!" It was Kim's turn to yell at him, as she stood from her position and paced in front of him. "Tommy, I thought of you every day, every time I saw the news about Angel Grove, every time one of my teammates asked about my life back home. I thought I was dying, and I wanted you to remember me the way I had been instead of the way I was. It's still a miracle to me that I survived through the Pan Globals and then the Olympics, let alone what happened in Murianthas."

He wanted to throw something, to punch something, as he watched her fall apart. Kat had been right, whatever Kim had gone through, it had been ten times worse compared to whatever he'd gone through, losing his powers and losing her combined. He had been allowed to be naïve about what had happened between them, she had had to live with what happened between them every day, knowing that she'd sacrificed both their hearts because she thought she would leave this world permanently. "Where do we go from here?" he asked her, his voice low and strained with emotion. When she looked at him, he saw her answer before she even spoke.

"That's entirely up to you. If you want me to just leave when this is all done, I will," Kim spoke, watching the hurt flash across his face at the thought of her leaving. She had a feeling she already knew what his answer was going to be. "If you want to try and make a go of it again, I'm willing to work on that. I'm leaving the decision up to you this time."

Tommy scrambled to his feet at her final words, his arms immediately going around her. He could feel her shake when he pulled her to him, hugged her close. "I want what was taken from us," he whispered softly, pulling back just far enough to watch her smile. "I know it's not going to be the same this time."

"No, it's gonna be different, better," she whispered.

Tommy moved in closer to her and did what he'd been dying to do for nearly eight years - he kissed her. It wasn't an innocent kiss, it was a passionate one. It conveyed every suppressed emotion that either of them had had in eight years, it conveyed everything they wanted to say and couldn't, everything they felt and couldn't name. "Welcome home," Tommy whispered against her lips, smiling as she giggled, a sound that took him back to the first time he'd kissed her.

"It's good to be home," she poignantly whispered back.


"Dad, explain to me why you've invited my teacher, his friends, and three of my classmates to dinner?" Trent questioned as he watched his father get ready for this big shindig they were having in a couple of hours.

"It's none of your business Trent," Anton told him, quickly finishing the knot of his tie. "Besides, you won't be staying for dinner. You're to go to your room and stay there. I have some unfinished business to attend to with all of them."

Trent simply watched his father and wondered again how much he had changed since the incident with the exploding island.


"They're back," Adam called to the others as he, Aisha, Rocky, Zack and Hayley sat on the steps of Tommy's porch. When the jeep pulled up into the driveway, Kim and Tommy looked as their friends congregated on the small porch, watching and waiting for an answer. Tommy smiled at his better half when she giggled.

"They look a little nervous," Kim quipped as the two of them got out of the jeep and began carrying groceries into the house. Neither said a word to the others as they unloaded bags.

"Are you guys gonna stare at us or help?" Tommy rolled his eyes at the others, who immediately recovered and began to help him and Kim unload.

After the groceries were unpacked and put away, Kim started in on lunch. "What's Ms. Kimmie making for lunch, I'm starving!" Rocky's stomach growled in agreement with his question and statement.

The others laughed and simply shook their heads. "We're having Salad, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and steaks, as soon as Tommy, Jason, and you get that grill working," Kim informed him, watching as Rocky shot out of the kitchen to find his fellow former red rangers, who had gone outside to start the grill. Trini, Aisha, Kat, Hayley and Kira laughed and then joined Kim to make everything else while the rest of the guys all followed Rocky outside.

A half hour later, the girls emerged from the kitchen and found Tommy and Jason at the grill, talking about the best way to cook the steaks. Billy and Ethan sat in lawn chairs, discussing the importance of computers in science while they watched Zack, Adam, Rocky and Conner, who had had grouped together, play a game of touch football. "Just like old times." Kimberly's murmured statement had everyone's attention. There had been a time, some years before, when all of the older rangers could remember doing exactly this at one of their houses on any given Saturday.

Smiling, Kim shook off the déjà vu feeling and sat down on the steps. Kira went back in and then came back out, guitar in hand and sat next to her, immediately starting to sing something she'd been working on and asking Kim for her opinion. Hayley and Kat sat on the edge of the porch and talked about the dinner for later that night at Mercer's house. Trini and Aisha, seeing that the boys were having fun with the football, decided to join them, Trini joining Adam and Zack while Aisha grouped with Rocky and Conner. "You know Kira," Jason started as he and Tommy approached the porch. "You sound just like Kim did at your age."

Kira smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment." All eyes immediately went to where Tommy was pulling Kimberly off the porch and into his arms. Several sighs and 'You Go Man's' could be heard as Tommy swooped down and kissed the woman in his arms.

"I hate to interrupt the moment," Ethan spoke, watching as Tommy, Jason, and several of the others glared at him. "But what time are we supposed to be at Dr. Mercer's?"

"God Ethan!" Kira muttered as she swung a hand out and smacked him upside the head. He flinched when she did and then glared at her. "You know how to kill the moment, don't you?"


Four hours later, at exactly six thirty, two limos pulled up in front of the Mercer residence, as well as a jeep behind them. The group of old and new rangers piled out and stood staring in awe at the monstrosity that was Anton Mercer's home. Being careful to not let the two limo drivers see him, Tommy sat in his jeep a little longer and continued to speak with Hayley, who was back in the lair monitoring all of the elder rangers, as well as the four new ones. "You've got everything?" Tommy whispered.

"Yes. I've got visuals from you, Katherine, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Ethan. I've also got all of your vitals pulled up on the monitor. Are you ready for this?"

Tommy thought about that question for a minute. "Not really, but I'm going to have to deal with it the best I can, aren't I?"

"Just remember, you're better than he is and you've got your entire team to back you up, old and new, powers and without. Hayley out."

Tommy smiled at that and got out of the jeep. Once he joined the assembled group, the doors to the Mercer home opened and Anton stepped out, his butler and several bodyguards following. Tommy watched the man he thought he'd known as he surveyed the group of rangers. When Anton's eyes landed on Kat, Tommy watched Jason wrap his arm around her shoulders. When they landed on Aisha and Trini, both Rocky and Billy suddenly stepped up and slipped their arms through the girls', hands holding and fingers locking. When Anton's eyes went to Kira, Tommy watched in slight surprise as both Ethan and Conner stepped closer to her, shushing her protest. And when his eyes finally landed on Kimberly, Tommy made his move. Striding forward, he watched Anton's eyes narrow when he was within inches of Kim, then those hard eyes became slits when Tommy wrapped his arm possessively around Kim's waist, her head snuggling into the crook of his shoulder. "I'm not a tug-o-war rope," Kimberly whispered to Tommy, who looked down at her and smiled boyishly.

"I'm a little territorial, so sue me," he whispered back as she rolled her eyes at him. Tommy took a quick look around at the others and noted they were waiting for HIM to step toward Mercer.

"Welcome to my humble abode," Mercer greeted them. "Dinner will be served in exactly a half hour, why don't you follow me and we'll have appetizers in the library." With that, Anton turned and strode into the house. When the security guards, who looked more like thugs than anything, stepped forward, guns in hand, the group became unsure.

Kat leaned forward to whispered to Kim and Tommy. "I don't like this."

Kim nodded, as did Tommy. "We don't have much of choice now, let's go," Tommy spoke as he and Kimberly stepped up the walk and into the house, the others following close behind.


"I'm sure you're all probably wondering why I've summoned you all here," Anton started as the group settled in the library. Somehow, the new rangers had ended up sitting on the couch, or the floor, with Tommy and Kim in the middle, with the older rangers spread out around the moderately sized two room library. "It's funny really, but you're here for a competition."

"What kind of competition?" Zack questioned as he narrowed his gaze to just Mercer.

"We'll call them the Ranger Games," Anton spoke, watching as the group's collective expression was that of suspicion. 'Good, let them worry and wonder' he thought darkly.

Billy was the first to step up to the plate and try to get some info on these 'Ranger Games' as Anton had put it. "What exactly do you mean by Ranger Games?"

"Ah yes, as you've probably noticed, you're missing two of your teammates, are you not?" Those who had instantly caught on to who he was talking about felt a sick feeling in their stomachs, those who didn't watched their fellow rangers in worry. "I am holding them, and a few others, until the games are over."

"Are we supposed to win our friends?" Kat demanded as Jason held her tightly to his side.

Anton smiled. "Yes and no, my dear kitty," he mocked Kat, who's blue eyes glared back at him. "You get to compete, against one another, then against a champion of my choosing. If your champion wins, you and your friends live. If they lose, you still live, but the new rangers must give me their powers."

Suddenly, everyone was protesting. "If you decline the challenge, your friends forfeit their lives, and so will you."

Tommy held Kim's hand to the point that she felt as if the bones were breaking. "Tommy, we don't have a choice," Kim whispered. She knew very well who two of the people he was talking about having were - Tanya and Justin - but she couldn't be sure who the others were.

"How do we know you're not lying?" Jason asked suddenly. He'd talked to Tanya and Justin before the trip, both had been busy with school and career so they had told him they wouldn't be attending.

"Simple, you don't. It's your decision, if you'd like to chance your friends." The mutual feeling for the entire group was a sickening dread that was curling in their stomachs. How could they not save their friends.

"What do we have to do?" Tommy asked, once the general consensus of the entire group was to rescue their friends.


Tommy sat back in his chair in the lair and rubbed a hand over the back of his neck. He and Hayley had been going over the audio and video recordings since the rangers had returned to his house four hours before at nine o'clock. Sighing, he looked over to where Hayley was falling asleep against her console. When the door to the lair opened, Tommy swiveled his chair around to see who was coming in. The sight of Kimberly carrying two steaming mugs made him smile. "Hey Beautiful," he whispered as she sat one down in front of him and took the other to Hayley's sleeping form. Carefully, she shook Hayley awake and murmured to her to go get some sleep.

Once they were alone, Kim went over to stand next to where Tommy was sitting, staring at the computer before him. "Figure anything out?" she whispered.

"Not a damn thing," he told her watching her nod. "What's wrong? I thought you'd be asleep by now."

"Too much running through my head for me to sleep," she whispered as she crouched down next to his chair. He turned to face her, smiling as she placed her palms lightly on the tops of his thighs to steady herself. "You ok?"

He didn't answer, he simply looked at her. Whatever had been going on with her last night, he hadn't seen much more than a flicker of an eye color all day. 'That should be a good sign' he thought as he reached up and ran his fingers over her cheek and into her hair. "You're worried about what's gonna happen, I can see it in your eyes," Kim spoke as he nodded.

"Yes, because once again the fate of the world, and our friends' lives, rests on the shoulders of a bunch of teenagers," he retorted as she laughed.

"Not quite. Last time I checked, the only teenagers around here were Kira, Ethan and Conner. We haven't been teenagers for a while."

"Things were so much simpler then."

"Simpler? Tommy are you nuts? We were doing this on a damn near daily basis as teenagers, when were things ever simple for us?" she incredulously asked as he laughed at her, shrugging at her question.

He watched the grin slowly appear on her face, and felt his heart all but burst at the fact that they, despite what was going on right this instant, were happy again, and would be happy in the future, because he knew that they were meant to be. Time and distance may have taken them down different paths but they had found their way back to one another. "You know, I could have used your help earlier," Tommy started as Kim looked up at him in confusion. "When they were down here with me, between them and Jason, all I heard was how you and I were the longest ever ranger couple and how things seem to be going back to that."

Kim laughed, but inside she could feel her heart break a little. 'If I had just asked for his help, we would have never had to be apart for this long' she thought to herself. It was true though, from what she knew, that they had indeed been the longest running ranger couple, and that in itself was every bit as miraculous as them being together again. When one is charged with saving the planet, it is nearly a proven fact that romance has no part in the equation. Somehow though, they had been able to manage it all those years ago, and God willing, they were gonna do it again. "Come on, you've been down here long enough. You need sleep," Kim pulled on his arms as she stood before him, tugging him out of his chair and toward her. She yelped in surprise when he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him.

They clung to one another, minds racing. How something so right could have gone so wrong, they never would understand, but they both knew in that instant that they had been given a second chance most never got even close to. "Stay with me tonight," Tommy whispered in her ear, grinning foolishly when she shivered and nodded her head. Together, they turned for the stairs, making their way quietly through the house of sleeping rangers and up to Tommy's room.


Kim froze as they crossed the threshold of his bedroom, watching nervously as Tommy shut and locked his door. So much was going through her mind that she spaced out, so when Tommy gently touched her hands, she flinched. She saw the worried expression on his face and smiled, hoping to ease it. "Tommy," she whispered softly, looking up at him, praying that he had retained that unique ability to tell how she was feeling without her speaking the words.

She needn't have worried. He saw what she was thinking as clearly as he would have had he been reading a book. They had been close, as close as possible considering the circumstances of their teenage years, but they had never moved beyond the simple intimacy of kissing and holding one another. And if Tommy had read her eyes correctly, she had never made it further with anyone else than that. His mind argued that they should just go to bed, sleep off the exhaustion of the day, but his heart, his heart had other plans. They had never been together like that, and from the look in her eyes, he knew she needed the closeness. "Are you sure you're ok with this, Beautiful?" he whispered as he pulled her to him. He went slow, not wanting to scare her. After everything she'd been through...tonight had to be special.

"I've never been as sure as when I'm with you," she whispered, watching that grin she loved so much cross his features.

Tommy nodded, then leaned down and kissed her. It started out innocently enough, but the years of their separation, the fact that they were alone in his locked bedroom, and the uncertainty of the coming days were enough to have the passion that had been held at bay lash out of them both.

Kim let out a tiny moan of pleasure when Tommy wrapped his arms around her, cupping her bottom and pulling her upwards, bringing her closer to him. Somewhere in her love/lust induced mind, she thought that if this was what had been simmering under the surface all those years before, then it's a wonder he hadn't exploded every time they had stopped before going too far too soon.

Tommy wrenched his mouth away from hers a few minutes later, burying his head in the crook of her shoulder as he held on and fought to catch his breath. He could feel Kim's harsh breath on his own neck, could feel her body shudder at his touch; it made him smile. Once he regained some control, he stepped back, bent down, hoisted her into his arms much to her surprise, and moved toward the bed.

He sat her gently on the edge, bending down when she was secure so he could remove her socks. Once her feet were bare, he moved up, his hands sliding along the outside of her legs and up to her waist. She was wearing a pair of black jeans, a tank top, and one of his old white and black flannel shirts that she had borrowed earlier in the evening in favor of a jacket when she and the girls had gone outside to sit and watch the stars. His hands slipped under the flannel as they journeyed up her sides, and he quickly had the shirt off of her.

As soon as Tommy had her shirt off, Kim growled slightly, taking the initiative, and grasped the bottom of her tank top, yanking it off as quickly as she could. She smiled when Tommy gulped in surprise. 'Good, let him expect the unexpected with me' she giggled to herself as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her. They held on, savoring what they were feeling, doing. This was definitely a milestone for the two of them.

Sitting back, Tommy pulled his tight black shirt off and tossed it on the floor with Kim's tank top. He smiled when her eyes popped open in surprise. 'That's right Kim, I've filled out a little bit more since the last time you saw me' he thought with humor as he watched her soft hand reach out and tentatively touch the muscles of his chest.

Deciding that while the feel of Kim's small hands on his skin was nice, he still wanted more. Leaning forward, he reached around her and undid the clasp of her bra, sliding the material from her shoulders as he leaned back. He hadn't fully uncovered her when he leaned back, as he wanted to see her approval of this before did. What he saw was her eyes clenched closed and her teeth gnawing on her bottom lip. She was scared. Knowing that he needed to calm her fears, Tommy leaned forward again, his lips seeking out the spot where her shoulder and neck met. He could feel her shiver at the contact, which made him smile. Slowly, as he peeled the bra from her, he placed tiny kisses on her skin, following its path.

When he finally sat back, satin pink bra in hand, his eyes feasted on the most incredible sight he'd ever been privileged to see - Kim bare to the waist, hands trembling as she held the blankets tightly. "Absolutely gorgeous," he whispered as he leaned forward, the bra forgotten in his lap and touched her with his fingertips. Her eyes flew open and locked with his, her surprise at his wanting to touch her evident.

"Tommy," she whispered seconds later, the raw need in her voice enough to have him shivering. He nodded, stood up, pulled her to him, and hugged her. Slowly, they finished undressing and then crawled into his bed.

Their explorations of each other's skin seemed to go on forever. A touch here, a kiss there, until they both knew they were tired of waiting. Tommy took the proper precaution, and then rejoined her on the bed.

Before long, they were both so lost in each other that nothing short of an atomic explosion would have disturbed them. When they both peaked, they were staring into one another's eyes, hands clasped together, faces centimeters apart. The love that had appeared out of nowhere with one glance a decade before, that had evolved slowly for nearly three years into something solid and heartwarming before it had crumbled, burst into passionate flames with the same, miniscule act that had brought them together.

In the aftermath of their coupling, Kim was nestled into Tommy's warm embrace, her head on his shoulder, body pressed against him as tightly as she could manage, and her right hand splayed across his chest, palm directly above where his heart steadily beat. Tommy had his arm wrapped around her waist, face turned toward the top of her head where he pecked an occasional kiss.


Downstairs, Jason and Kat lay on the couch, snuggled together, smiling. They had something neither of them could really name, and for the moment that was fine, but that wasn't why they were so happy all of a sudden. "Jas?" Kat whispered, raising her head off his chest.

"Hmm?" He could hear his two best friends, besides Kat, upstairs. You had to strain to really hear what was going on, but in his heart of hearts he'd known what was gonna happen when he'd heard them moving through the living room to the stairs.

"Did I just hear what I think I did?" Kat giggled softly when Jason nodded. "I'm happy for them."

Now that startled him a bit. Even though he and Kat had been together as a couple for a few months now, knowing how happy she was about that, every now and then, he knew she wondered what things would have been like if she and Tommy had stayed together. He also knew, even though Kat didn't, that tonight had been a milestone for the 'Longest Ever Ranger Couple'; neither Kim nor Tommy had ever BEEN with anyone else, despite what others thought, and he was the only person either of them had confided that in. "Me too. It's about time they got it right," he whispered, watching the laughter spark in Kat's eyes before it died down to something more along the lines of desire as he leaned closer and sealed his lips over hers.

"Think we'll be happy too?" she asked, hope in her voice, as she rested her head back on his chest.